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Promotional Hand Fans, Advertising Hand Fans with Logo

Advertise your Product, Promote your Social Message with a JediCreations Hand Fan

Have you got a new product or service that needs promoting? Do you have an important message to get across to just about everyone around?

Our hand fans are a socially and environmentally responsible method to get a broad message across in the real-life world. Handmade with natural, renewable materials they are your tactic of choice to promote your product, your service, or your opinion.

Our relatively small fans can carry a big message. At the same time they serve a very useful practical purpose. They are well-suited as promotional give-aways at product or service promotions, supporting a social cause, and at political campaigns showing support to a political candidate - did we say politcial candidate? In fact, they will clearly help people remember you and your special advertising message.

Logo and Design Choices

We print and silk-screen up to four colors, on any color textured Saa paper, flat Saa paper and a wide array of rayon artificial silk colors. Printed fans and silk-screened fans can also be made in combination with a hand painted motif. We also make hand painted logos or custom paintings for promotinoal fans and wall fans.


Our most popular size for promotional hand fans is open diameter 41.5 cm (16.25 inch). One smaller size is available and an array of larger sizes up to the large promotional wall fan with open diameter 152 cm (60 inch).


Prices depend on type and number of printed fans, the size, number of colors of your logo and other design elements. Generally we charge a 45.00 usd prototyping fee, which includes two to three fans with prototype logo (not including shipping cost). This one-time processing charge applies after you approve our final quotation with photo of actual sample. We can determine the final cost of printed fans after seeing the logo and any other design elements.

How to Send

You can email us your intended design pattern. We assure your copyright and confidentiality for logo's and design elements that you send to us. The best way to send us a custom design pattern or logo for printed fans is by a Photoshop© .psd file, with your logo on a transparent background (your logo designer will be very familiar with this). Alternatively, a regular image format such as .jpg is also possible. Other formats may incur additional processing time.

Communicating Fan Colors

For standard fan colors and design patterns you can refer to our showroom fans, for example color of FANHA 301-10. For custom colors you can name us the color or specify by Pantone Coated/Uncoated Color Guide (not the textile color guide), rgb, hex or any other color standard, or a specific website color with a good large sample of the color; while we do not guarantee a "computer" exact match - we can get a close match to the color you are looking for.

Handmade + Environmentally Responsible

Our promotional and advertising hand fans are hand crafted by village artisans in northern Thailand, where these hand fans have a very long tradition. That does not necessarily make them more expensive than many machine made hand fans. Our fans earn income for individual artisans, not machine owners and lending institutions. Our hand fans are made with local, strong, yet quick growing bamboo and our paper is made of local mulberry paper, repsonsibly made from the regenerating bark and wood of the quick growing mulberry tree.

After its useful life - and at times give-aways are given a shorter life than self-bought items - these hand fans quickly bio-degrade in either aerobic or anaerobic landfill conditions.

Wouldn't your group or company - given the option - rather follow socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship and support hand crafting artisans and the use of quickly renewable, natural materials, instead of going for machinery and plastics?

Have a look at our secondary website ChiangMaiFans.com for further ideas on customized fans for your business.

We welcome you to » contact us for further details!

Wholesale Hand Fans and Paper Fans. Prmotional and Advertising Hand Fans with Logos. Always Cool.

Language Abstracts

EN: Promotional Hand Fans, Advertising Hand Fans with Logo with Logo

ES: Abanicos Promocionales, Abanicos Publicidad con Logo

DE: Werbehandfächer, Werbung Handfächer mit Logo

FR: Éventails Publicitaires, Publicité Éventails avec Logo

IT: Ventagli Promozionali, Vetagli Pubblicità con Logo

NL: Promotionele Hand Waaiers, Reklamewaaiers met Logo

PT: Leques Promocionais, Leques Publicidade com Logotipos

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