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Jade Necklaces, Wholesale Direct

Collares del Jade de Tailandia Norteña
Jade Halsketten und Jade Kolliers aus Nord Thailand
Jade Halskettingen en Colliers uit Noord Thailand

Our wholesale jade necklaces in twelve models with real beaded, unpolished, yet highly attractive jade. Economical nickel-silver alloy fittings and pendants. The combination makes for highly attractive yet low cost fashion jewelery. With designs from modern to golden triangle hill tribe origins, we believe these jade necklaces and colliers have the potential to stop your customers in their tracks for a look-see and opportunity for a quick purchase. Contact us for details on direct export or wholesale purchase of our northern Thai jade necklaces.

Practical Applications for our Jade Necklaces from Northern Thailand

Jade is the ancient Asian symbol representing health, prosperity and long life. Our unique jade necklaces originate from northern Thailand with design features originating from modern to golden triangle hill tribe motifs. The necklaces are hand strung with mostly tubular shaped jade beads while fittings and pendants are artfully made of economical nickel-silver alloy (locally also known as "Laos silver") giving them a classic silver look. These jade necklaces and colliers exude a fashionably ethnic aura while their green color combines very well with all skin colors and many dress colors. Our handmade jade necklaces and colliers make for excellent personal fashion accessories or jewelery items for women of all ages and that can be worn on practically any occasion.

Order Information

Product and Manufacture Details Jade Necklaces


Unpolished and partially polished jade in mostly tubular shaped beads, strings, nickel silver alloy fittings, beads and pendants, also known as "Laos silver". Note that fittings, silvery beads and pendants are not made of real silver.


Natural middle green jade colors, which can vary between darker and lighter green within one necklace and from one necklace to the other.


From longer necklace size to choker size. Please see the images for details on approximate individual lengths. Lengths are indicated as from tassels ends to closure (when tassels are present) or from one closure end to the other (when tassels are not present). Contact us for further details.

Production Time:

Items are made to order. We require about 10-14 days production time for small to medium quantities.


Jade is a natural gemstone and these necklaces are handmade. The shade of the jade's green may intentionally or unintentionally vary within necklaces and from one necklace to the other. Similarly the fittings and pendants may show some variations from those shown here in our showcase; lengths and weights may vary from one item to the other.

Packaging, Price & Shipping Details Jade Necklaces

Item Packaging:

Necklaces are individually packaged in clear plastic bags.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications.

Minimum Order:

This item has a minimum order quantity. Total MOQ is 48 pieces with 6 or more pieces per product code.

Ships From:

Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.


Ships Ex Workshop from Northern Thailand, country of origin: Thailand. We recommend courier shipping for these items with world-wide shipping time approximately 3-5 business days. Please contact us with your desired number of items so that we can prepare a specific shipping quote.


Please contact us for a price quote. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs, prices are subject to change.

Our Jade necklaces can also be cross packed with most of our other items.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples and volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation including shipping costs.

Jade Necklaces. Health, Prosperity and Long Life.

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Jade Necklaces from Northern Thailand

wholesale jade necklaces from northern Thailand artisans in 100% jade with low cost nickel-silver alloy fittings and pendants. These jade necklaces are hand crafted by northern Thai village artisans from natural local materials. JediCreations, wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor.

ES: Collares del Jade de Tailandia Norteña

La oferta de la exportaci*oacute;n y la oferta al por mayor de collares del jade de Tailandia norteña en el jade 100% con guarniciones y colgantes de la aleación de la níquel-plata del bajo costo. Hechas por los artesanos tailandeses norteños de la aldea de los materiales naturales reanudables. JediCreations, venta al por mayor, exportador, fabricante de la mano hizo artes de la aldea y la decoración casera.

DE: Jade Halsketten und Kolliers aus Nord Thailand

Export- und Großhandelsangebot Jade Halsketten und Kolliers aus nord Thailand. Hergestellt durch Handwerker in nord thailändischen Dörfern aus natürlichen Rohstoffen und Materialien. JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur

NL: Jade Halskettingen en Colliers uit Noord Thailand

Export- en groothandelsaanbieding voor jade halskettingen en colliers uit noord Thailand, geproduceert door ambachtslui in noord Thailandse dorpen. JediCreations, groothandel, exporteur, producent van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur.

Photography of Jade Necklaces by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 1 May 2015.