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Wholesale Saa Paper Hand Fans

Fabricante Abanicos de Papel Pintado - Handbemalte Handfächer in Saa Papier - Fabricant Éventails de Papier Peint - Produttore di Ventagli Carta Dipinta - Producent Beschilderde Vouw Waaiers - Fabricante de Leques de Papel Pintadas

Selection of our painted Saa paper hand fans in various colors, available wholesale. These hand fans feature specific, hand painted design motifs. butterflies, birds, flowers and much more. Custom motifs are also available. Made with a bamboo frame in two standard sizes, an approximate diameter of 41.5 cm o(16.25 inch) and 33 cm (13.00 inch).

Similar to our other hand fans, these wholesale paper fans are also ideal as wedding fans and wedding favors. With a custom logo, they also make unique promotional items. We also make matching hand held paper parasols. Contact us if you are interested in these hand fans and wish to receive more information:

Hand Painted Saa Paper Hand Fans

Practical Applications for Hand Painted Saa Paper Hand Fans:

Our Saa paper fans are ideal give-aways, or sales items in your store, for effective, stylish yet inexpensive heat relief.

Order a Sample Pack of these Saa paper fans wholesale for your special personal or commercial product event.

Aside from decorative and purely individual use, these Saa paper fans are traditionally used as gifts and favors for guests at social gatherings such as private parties, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, pick-nicks, meetings, workshops, seminars, training courses, speeches, shows, concerts, conventions, sports events, sales campaigns, political campaigns, especially during warm or hot climate, sunny or warm outdoor events or at theme events representing sunny or hot weather. These hand fans are for indoor use during hot weather as well as outdoor use in the garden, at the beach, and any sunny or hot outdoor activity. The Saa paper fans are especially popular for weddings, also in wedding theme color combinations. Aside from the natural cool breeze its good looks, secondary applications include fanning away unwanted dragonflies and mosquitoes.

Order Information

Sizes - Wholesale Saa Paper Hand Fans

This wedding fan is available in two standard sizes, small FANHA-20X-08 and large FANHA-20X-10.


Item Sizes and weights are approximates. Diameter shows the widest width while open, height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top.


folded: 20 x 3 x 4.5 cm, open Ø 33 cm
60 gram

folded: 8 x 1 x 1.75 inch, open Ø 13 inch
2.0 ounce


folded: 25 x 3 x 5 cm, open Ø 41.5 cm
65 gram

folded: 10 x 1 x 2 inch, open Ø 16.25 inch
2.3 ounce

Materials - Wholesale Saa Paper Hand Fans


Bamboo, Saa paper, paint, metal bolt-type fastener. Saa paper is Thai for Mulberry paper. The spoken term also comes close to Chinese language. Many international buyers and local sellers actually use Thai/English term "Saa paper" instead of the proper English translation. The paper is made from Saa tree bark, usually leaving the tree intact. The tree also grows back quite quickly with multiple trunks should it be cut.


Wide array of colors, custom colors. These Saa paper fans are also available in plain colors, without hand painted design.


Choose a paper fan with your preferred painted design, or devise your own painted design or logo. Also choose your background fan color. We personalize and customize these paper fans according to your preference. These fans are also popular as wedding fans and can be matched with our paper parasols, with or without painted designs.

Packaging Details - Wholesale Saa Paper Hand Fans

Item Packaging:

10 items packed flat in clear plastic.

Item Label:

If required for your country: Handmade in Thailand.

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications.

Ships From:

Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Freight Volume:

FANHA-20X-08 is approx. 3,700 pieces per cubic meter, FANHA-20X-10 is about 3,000 pieces per cubic meter.

Shipping Time:

We usually ship samples by courier or postal mail with fastest shipping time 3-5 business days, slowest shipping time is about 42-84 days. Sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter (CBM) volume with transit time approximately 28-42 days.

Wholesale Saa Paper Hand Fans - Price

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm m3 kg kg kg
FANHA-20X-08 50 2.20 USD 22x35x14 0.010700 3.000 4.000 1.790
100 2.10 USD 36x31x26 0.029016 5.500 6.500 4.900
200 2.00 USD 45x40x35 0.063000 11.000 12.000 10.500
FANHA-20X-10 50 2.30 USD 22x35x14 0.010700 3.250 4.250 1.790
100 2.20 USD 38x31x26 0.029016 6.500 7.500 4.900
200 2.10 USD 45x40x35 0.063000 13.000 14.000 10.500

Samples prices for these wholesale hand painted Saa paper hand fans are in US Dollars, ex workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Prices are subject to change.

Please contact us for volume prices.

Our Saa paper hand fans are manufactured to order. We currently need up to about 7 days production time for sample quantities and about 14 days plus for standard wholesale/export quantities. When inquiring for samples or quantity orders, please mention your intended destination and intended arrival date, so that we can send you a price quotation with the cheapest delivery method.

Wholesale Hand Fans, Paper Fans and Custom Folding Fans. Naturally Cool.

Fun Trivia!

Did you know that the term "Saa paper" was virtually unknown before 2004? Where did it come from?

Short answer: JediCreations, true to form, created it.

Long answer: Shortly before the emergence of the Thai government's OTOP scheme, the Tinglish term "Sa paper" emerged round the turn of the millenium, used mainly by English speakers in Thailand. So the term "Sa paper" was not really new. Yet our product manager, being somewhat of a language buff, wasn't very happy with the term when he compared it to its actual pronunciation in Thai. He revised the term to better fit its true pronunciation, creating the term "Saa paper" to signify the protracted, open ɑ: as would be pronounced in aalpha vis-à-vis alpha. Ten years ago, on 1 September 2004, JediCreations' product manager published the page you are now looking at on our website, the first to place Saa Paper Hand Fans on the worldwide web. On 14 October 2004 we published Saa Paper Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, and on 25 October 2004 we added Saa Paper Greeting Cards with Pressed Flowers.

Just a small reminder on where to get your true, original Saa paper hand fans, wholesale, manufacturer direct from Thailand!    :)

Language Abstracts

EN: Manufacturer Saa Paper Hand Fans - Hand Painted

Manufacturer wholesale paper hand fans made of hand painted Saa paper. Handmade by our skilled artisans in northern Thailand from locally sourced natural, renewable material.

ES: Fabricante Abanicos de Papel Pintado

Venta al por mayor del fabricante Abanicos de Papel Pintado, abanicos de papel de la boda. Hechas a mano por los artesanos tailandeses norteños de los materiales naturales reanudables locales.

DE: Hersteller Handbemalte Handfächer aus Papier

Großhandle und Hersteller handbemalte fächer aus Saa Papier. Hergestellt durch Handwerker im Norden Thailands aus lokalen, natürlichen, erneuerbaren Rohstoffen.

FR: Fabricant Éventails de Papier Peint

Le gros du fabricant Éventails de Papier Peint. Faites par les artisans thaïs nordiques des matériaux renouvelables naturels.

IT: Produttore di Ventagli Carta Dipinta

All'Ingrosso del Produttore di Ventagli Carta Dipinta. Ventilatori di carta, fatte dagli artigianale tailandesi nordici dei materiali naturali rinnovabili.

NL: Producent Beschilderde Papier Waaiers

Groothandel en Producent Papier Waaiers Beschilderd met diverse motieven. Ook een eigen motief, handgemaakt door ambachtslui in noord Thailand met vernieuwbaar natuurlijk materiaal.

PT: Fabricante de Leques de Papel Pintadas

Atacado do Fabricante de Leques de Papel Pintadas. Leques de papel feitas produzido por artesãos tailandeses do norte, de materiais renováveis naturais.

Photos of Painted Saa Paper Fans by the JediCreations team.
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