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Wholesalers, Distributors

Supplier in Your Area

Consider the opportunity to supply retail stores, hotels, restaurants and event organizers with any of our handmade home and garden décor products from Thailand.

Be a supplier or act as drop ship supplier for your country - or both.

Fifteen Years

With fifteen years of experience and growth in wholesale exports of environmentally responsible, handmade home and garden décor from Thailand, and the economic ups and downs of these years, we at JediCreations remain true in offering quality products, reasonable prices, very low minimum order requirements, and on-time manufacture and shipping.

We continue to expand our network of customers who supply our handmade home and garden décor products throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas by creating and maintaining reliable, long-term relationships with our retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Both, Well-Established and Start-Up Customers

While most of our clients are well-established firms, quite a few our clients were initially start-up entrepreneurs in retailing, wholesaling or importing. Both, established businesses and starters have come to appreciate our continuing support in making their initiative and business growth successful.

New Market Segments and Growth

Some of our items can now be drop shipped in the United States and Europe. Other items are not yet available for drop shipping - it's an opportunity for you to take this on in your country.

Your market will be the many web sites who do not keep their own stock and want their customers to receive their purchases from within their own country. Of course, we can't serve this demand from Thailand. But you can. And don't forget about the many brick and mortar retailers.

In Your Country

When you become our representative for one or more product lines in your country, it is our standard practice to refer customers from your area directly to you.

From the Source

All our products originate directly from countryside artisan manufacturing in Thailand. We have close relationships with our artisans. For example, our soap flowers are made by artisans who have appointed us to exclusively handle their international sales and shipping. This also goes for our umbrella artisans, whose workshop we helped establish in 2005, and who have now moved to our premises right next to our office.

We invite you to have a look through our product lines, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Wholesale Banana Tree Boxes, Thailand
Banana Boxes
Wholesale Floating Candles, Thailand
Floating Candles
Wholesale Mango Wood Candle Holders, Thailand
Mango Wood Candles
Wholesale Hand Fans, Thailand
Paper Folding Fans
Wholesale Soap Flowers, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Soap Flowers
Wholesale Hats and Folding Hats
Sisal Hats
Wholesale Jade Necklaces from Thailand
Jade Necklaces
Wholesale Parasols from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wholesale Artisan Silver Bracelets
Artisan Silver
Wholesale Mango Wood Vases from Thailand
Mango Wood Vases
Wholesale Twig Pencils and Dragons
Twig Pencils
Wholesale Motorcycle Wire Art
Wire Art

Language Abstracts

DE: Großhändler, Händler und Importeure - Verkauf und Drop Shipping

Erwägen Sie die Möglichkeit, Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, Hotels, Restaurants und Veranstalter mit handgefertigten Haus und Garten Dekor aus Thailand zu liefern. Fügen Sie möglicherweise Drop-Shipping Lieferant an Ihre aktuelle Geschäftstätigkeit hinzu.

EN: Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers - Sales and Drop Shipping

Consider the opportunity to supply retail stores, hotels, restaurants and event organizers with handmade home and garden décor products from Thailand. Consider to add drop shipping supplier to your current business activities.

ES: Mayoristas, Distribuidores e Importadores - Ventas y Envío de la Gota

Considere la posibilidad de suministrar tiendas, hoteles, restaurantes y organizadores de eventos con el hogar hechos a mano y productos de decoración de jardín de Tailandia. Considere agregar proveedor caída de envío para sus actividades de negocios actuales.

FR: Grossistes, Distributeurs et Importateurs - Vente et Expédition de Baisse

Envisager la possibilité de fournir les magasins de détail, hôtels, restaurants et organisateurs d'événements avec des produits décoratifs faits à la main pour la maison et le jardin, en provenance de Thaïlande. Pensez à ajouter fournisseur d'expédition de baisse à vos activities.

PT: Atacadistas, Distribuidores e Importadores - Vendas e Drop Shipping

Considere a oportunidade de abastecimento de lojas de varejo, hotéis, restaurantes e organizadores do evento com produtos de decoração artesanais para casa e jardim da Tailândia. Considere adicionar queda fornecedor de transporte para suas atividades de negócios atuais.

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