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JediCreations is your reliable, direct partner for handmade products in northern Thailand for over fifteen years. Together with our partner artisans and small manufacturing workshops, we hope you'll like our items and could consider their sales potential.

We pay attention to our environment. We practice fair trade. All our items are handmade, and with a few exceptions, we use materials from quickly renewable, natural, local resources.

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JediCreations is operated by JEDI International, Ltd. with its main office in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. We are an international exporter and wholesaler and cater to local and international importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and event planners in sales, service and manufacturing sectors.

We offer creative home decor, garden decor, fashion accessories, wedding favors and gift items, toys and games, handmade by artisans of rural northern Thailand using local renewable materials, directly from the manufacturer. That is our own workshop and our partner manufacturer artisans. We are in a position to custom manufacture practically all items to your specifications, including personalizing, color matching various products or otherwise customizing our items according to your requirements.

manufacturer exports, wholesale Mango Wood Candle Holders: Highly eco-friendly. May we invite you to have look at our new designs, handmade, wholesale mango wood arched candles sets from northern Thailand. Useful, stylish and inexpensive - just what your customers need. If these mango wood candle holders with tea lights delight you, there's a good chance your customers will like them, too.

CAMA (tm) Mango Wood Candle Holders, Wholesale, Manufacturer Exports
Wholesale Mango Wood Candle Holders and Vases, Manufacturer Exports Directly from Northern Thailand

Purchasing items made of mango tree plantation wood may help save natural forests.

wholesale bamboo plates, manufacturer Bamboo Plates, Trays and Tableware: Available in our preview section for regular clients is our special selection of handmade bamboo plates, trays, fruit bowls, coasters and other tableware items that you'll instantly recognize as a unique customer attraction. Its the combination of highly attractive tropical design, product quality and low price that will convince your customers. Even on a rainy day.

wholesale wind chimes, manufacturer Wind Chimes and Wind Mobiles: We are preparing a full section of hand crafted wind chimes and wind mobiles for our standard portfolio. Regular customers can already make their choice and order from product Preview. We will add the full section as soon as all showroom details are completed.

wholesale hand fans, manufacturer Bamboo Hand Fans, Wedding Fans: Hand held fans, hand fans, paper fans, party fans, wedding favors, handmade with bamboo frame, hand painted, plain colors batik colors, rayon colors, custom designs. Advertising hand fans with promotional logo.

wholesale wall fans, manufacturer Asian Wall Fans: Hand painted folding wall fans, asian wall fans in traditional scenic paintings and modern designs.

wholesale coconut shell handbags, manufacturer Coconut Shell Handbags: Handbags in nine designs from small purses to larger bags. Handmade wholesale coconut shell handbags. Manufactured by highly skilled home-working craftswomen and men, handmade from renewable and natural cocount shell. Items to appreciate.

manufacturer, export, wholesale Thailand Banana Tree Fiber Products, Boxes and Containers: Handmade containers of banana fiber and banana tree fiber boxes, tissue paper holders, wc roll holders, desk organisers, gift boxes, product packaging boxes.

wholesale candles and candle holders, manufacturer Handmade Candles: Decorative bamboo candles, floating candles and wholesale mango wood candle holders.

wholesale incense, manufacturer Incense Sticks, Incense Cones and Sets: A decorative scented selection of aromatic olfactory delights in unique gift-sized packages of wholesale incense sticks, cones and sets that include decorative and practical ceramic holders. Packaged as attractive gifts.

wholesale jade necklaces, manufacturer Jade Necklaces and Colliers: Handmade jade necklaces in modern and ethnic hill tribe styles, symbolizing good health, prosperity and long life for all ages and all occasions.

wholesale soap flowers, manufacturer Decorative Soap Flowers: Finely hand crafted decorative soap flowers, wholesale, flower blossoms made of soap, in various colors and flower types, displayed in round wooden mango-wood boxes with removable lid, featuring Lanna style ethnic design elephant embossing or artful lacquering.

wholesale wire art, manufacturer High Quality Wire Art: Wire art motorcycles and aliens, handmade from steel wire with colored and clear plastic linings. A selection of more than 30 models motorcycles and aliens. Also vehicle models, bicycle models and other fine wire art items.

wholesale paper umbrellas, manufacturer Paper Parasols and Cotton Parasols: Hand parasols, paper parasols, cotton parasols, cotton waterproofed parasols, rayon parasols from small to large size in plain colors or hand painted designs.

wholesale garden umbrellas, manufacturer Garden Parasols and Garden Umbrellas: Garden parasols, bistro parasols, garden umbrellas and bistro umbrellas, waterproof sun umbrellas and market umbrellas, in design motifs and in plain colors.

wholesale sisal hats, manufacturer Sisal Hats, Folding Bamboo Hats: Fashionable sun hats, ladies hats, gents hats, unisex hats made of sisal fiber, and folding hats made with bamboo frames.

wholesale silver jewelry, manufacturer Lanna Ethnic Silver Jewelry: Handmade silver bracelets with enamel and without enamel motif, in Thailand also called longya or longyaa, ethnic northern Thai wholesale silver jewelry.

wholesale artist paintings, artisans Artist Paintings: Paintings by original Thai artists in Asian motifs from traditional countryside, to modern and Buddhist.

wholesale mango wood vases, manufacturer Wholesale Mango Wood Vases: A wide selection of handmade vases hand crafted of fruit plantation mango wood. Your customers will appreciate our wholesale mango wood vases in artful shapes, carvings and plain and elaborate painted designs.

manufacturer, export, wholesale Thailand, Chiang Mai Wholesale Clearance Specials: Ready to go items - current wholesale special: special clearance items.

Most of our products are manufactured in northern Thailand including Chiang Mai and surrounding provinces, as well as northeastern and southern provinces, in small scale family enterprises, home workshops or village crafts industries, where local renewable and environmentally friendly materials are used. Larger scale orders are produced through effective networking of various local manufacturing workshops. Umbrellas and hand fans are produced in our sister workshop, located on the JediCreations premises.

For selected groups we also offer tailor-made economic development tours, visiting rural villages, traditional crafts entrepreneurs and village crafts workshops, their families and related local and international economic development organizations.

JEDI International Ltd. is also engaged in private sector development and business and market development advice to mostly family-operated small and medium-sized rural businesses, JediConsult - Assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises in northern Thailand and Southeast Asia, on our own initiative as well as on behalf of third-party economic development organizations.

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