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Retailers and Retailer Ordering

Buy Wholesale Directly in Thailand

Retail shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés, and event organizers belong to some of our most long-term customers since we established our business in 2003.

You are welcome to order directly from us in Thailand when there is no importer or distributor of our product in your area. Simply contact us with your enquiry. Within 24 hours we either inform you of an existing importer/distributor in your area or, if not available, send you a direct quote for the items you are interested in.

With very low minimum order quantities we're quite sure we can meet your needs. After your purchase, if you have a brick and mortar or online shop, we can also refer end-customers to you.

How to place a retail enquiry and order:

  1. Send us your enquiry through our "Contact" page:
       - include model numbers and quantity, sizes, colors of the items you are interested in,
       - include your destination address and arrival deadline.
  2. We reply with our product quotation, our shipping cost quotation and the expected delivery date.
  3. Review our quotation, clarify any questions and make any needed changes.
  4. When you confirm our final quotation we send you a secure payment link. Pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.
  5. After your payment we manufacture and ship your order. We send you the shipping details.
  6. You receive the order by specified shipping method.
  7. We strive for your appreciation of our products and service and look forward to your re-order when its time to stock up again.

Wholesale Banana Tree Boxes, Thailand
Banana Boxes
Wholesale Floating Candles, Thailand
Floating Candles
Wholesale Mango Wood Candle Holders, Thailand
Mango Wood Candles
Wholesale Hand Fans, Thailand
Paper Folding Fans
Wholesale Soap Flowers, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Soap Flowers
Wholesale Hats and Folding Hats
Sisal Hats
Wholesale Jade Necklaces from Thailand
Jade Necklaces
Wholesale Parasols from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wholesale Artisan Silver Bracelets
Artisan Silver
Wholesale Mango Wood Vases from Thailand
Mango Wood Vases
Wholesale Twig Pencils and Dragons
Twig Pencils
Wholesale Motorcycle Wire Art
Wire Art

Language Abstracts

EN: Retailers Wholesale Buying Source in Thailand - JediCreations

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafés and event organizers can contact us for Thai artisan products that are not stocked by importers or distributors in your vicinity. Buy wholesale Thai artisan crafts directly from the source in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This page was last updated on 22 January 2020.