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About us

Our Customers

Our customer base ranges from family-run retail stores to event planners, hotels, restaurants, country and regional wholesalers, retail chains, distributors and importers, worldwide.

We serve our customers through consistent quality, timely delivery, low pricing and the flexibility to serve your needs at all times. Our customers often share an interest in socially responsible entrepreneurship and products that are made from local renewable materials under conditions of fair trade and a very short supply chain.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the development of small and medium, mostly family-owned businesses. We aim to bring local artisans, craftspeople, farmers and villages closer to the global community and to you. This, while upholding fair trade practices as well as the competitive standards of the global market place.

Our Goals

In doing so, we wish to bring a positive contribution to both you, our customer, and local small manufacturers. We strive to

  • provide you, our import and wholesale customer, with products that are interesting, innovative, and profitable
  • connect international wholesale customers and local Asian small manufacturers through facilitating international sales of local goods and services
  • support local manufacturers in improving product design, quality control, labeling, packaging and cataloging according to international standards
  • contribute to the development and sales of environmentally friendly products utilizing local renewable materials
  • contribute to improving the living standard of rural manufacturers, farmers and service providers
  • widen our activities to other areas where increased inter-cultural understanding and economic growth are desired

Our Partner Artisans

The artisans whose products we present operate small family workshops within rural village areas in our direct vicinity, and in the rural home village areas of JediCreations team members. We share close professional and personal relationships with our artisans as we work together in developing products, ensuring quality and timeliness of product manufacturing, and growing the sales levels that help maintain and grow artisan family income.

While our manufacturing artisans are small scale, this does not prevent us from competing for larger volume manufacturing. Together with our partner artisans we are in a position to network the manufacture of large volumes throughout many villages - while upholding quality standards to the highest level. And together with our partner artisans we take pride in fulfilling this job.


In February 2009 our Research & Development workshop - which had progressed into steady manufacturing - spun off as Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, with regular production of umbrellas and hand fans. It is operated by Ms Sunisa, she is assisted by Ms Saipin, Ms La and other highly skilled craftspeople. The workshop also continues its original task of product research & development. In 2015 Sunisa Umbrella Workshop moved from its rented premises, Santonhaen village's "old school" to JEDI's Sansaket Farm, a five minute easygoing bicycle ride from the village.

We work together with Sunisa Umbrella Workshop in providing international customer service, sales, management and technical support. We also provide similar support to other artisan workshops.

Fair Trade

We follow and promote the principles of fair trade, in which artisans and craftspeople receive a fair and decent price for goods produced under fair and decent conditions. It also means that goods are never received on credit or "on consignment" and artisans are paid both in advance and immediately upon completion of manufacture. Further criteria include adherence to minimum wage and social security laws, work-place safety, gender equality, child protection, environmental awareness and protection.

See our » Fair Trade Principles and Policy for full details. Contact us if you wish to know more about our fair trade activities.

Our Name

JediCreations™ Village Crafts and Home Décor is owned and operated by JEDI International. Ltd. Our company and web site name prefix JEDI stands for Joint Economic Development Initiative. We are not connected to potential namesakes, and it is perfectly fine (legal) to use this name since our activities, products and services are very different from our namesake characters. We may share some characteristics but we are not planning to engage in galactic wars. We are a small, private limited company focusing more on sustainability than profit, with a business philosophy of active, socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship.

The Team

With only small changes over the years, our export team counts seven persons. Ms Supaporn Pochuay manages operations and handles all customer relations since 2004. She is also responsible for final quality control and shipping. Ms Sunisa handles artisan relations, in-process quality assurance and packaging since 2005. Both manage Sunisa Umbrella Workshop. They are supported by Ms Fong, Ms Noi, Ms La and Mr Ving. Mr Jan Willem Roeloffs handles business and technical development, trains team members, and supports artisans in product and business development since JEDI's inception. At normal operating levels, our independent partner artisans and craftspeople comprise approximately 70 persons. Many of these are women business owners and craftswomen.

Our Location

JediCreations operates from within the village community. Our office, workshop and farm are located in between two small farming villages in rice fields on the border between Doi Saket and San Kamphaeng districts, 4.8 km from Bo Sang Village, 20 km (25 minutes) from Chiang Mai airport and Chiang Mai city, Thailand. You are welcome to visit us. Please see "Contact us" for details.

Products and Services

In addition to the product ranges that we present on our web site, we supply a full range of handmade products from northern and north-eastern Thailand artisan manufacturing, and canvas most items that our customers require. For clients who visit locally, we are happy to introduce you to our artisans at work.

We welcome any suggestion to further improve our product range and services!

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EN: About us - JediCreations® Handmade Village Crafts and Home Décor

JediCreations is specialized in manufacturer direct wholesale. We bring you the best of handmade village crafts and home décor from northern Thailand, with the principles of environmental responsibility and fair trade.

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