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JEDI International, Ltd., Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Trusted source since 2003.
Handmade Village Crafts and Home Décor
Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesale
Saturday, 25 May 2024
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Contact us

We highly appreciate your enquiry. Please place your enquiry by any of the ways shown below.

Filling out our enquiry form may be the most economic way to contact us. We reply to all enquiries within about 24 hours, with an reply to your question, additional technical details, product prices and shipping costs. When you decide to purchase our products, we send you a secure payment link or bank transfer details. Please do not send us credit card details by email.

In all cases, please specify your intended model numbers, sizes, colors, the destination and your preferred arrival date. With these details we can make a suggestion for economic shipping methods (without these details, we can't).

Email Enquiry Form

Please fill the » enquiry form with the details of the products that interest you. Our website emails us your enquiry. We reply to your email address within a few hours - allowing for time difference and office hours.

In case you do not receive an email reply from us within 48 hours, our email reply to you has gone astray. Do feel free to call us.

Office Hours

Generally, we can be reached 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM our local time Monday through Saturday. Our time zone is UTC +7 hours. Our current local time is Saturday, 25 May - 12:09 PM. Timezone: Asia/Bangkok.

By Phone

To call, dial +66 81961 0600 (UTC +7 and your provider's rates to Thailand apply).

Note: You won't be calling a call center! We may be out of the office in our own workshop or our partners' workshops, and these may be noisy. At our office we maintain a play area where our employees' children can play after school time. This may make kids audible to callers when we answer the phone.


WHATSAPP: +66 81 961 0600

Apparently Skype is having some difficulty with our Android mobile devices, so we generally use it less now.

Electronic Mail

Please decipher: Alfa Delta Mike India November [ a t] Juliet Echo Delta India Charlie Romeo Echo Alfa Tango India Oscar November Sierra [do t ] Charlie Oscar Mike. May we apologise for this spam fighting measure - alternatively please use our enquiry form. Note: our geemail adress has been discontinued.

Postal Mail

To send postal mail to our office please see the address shown below. Add: Attention: Ms. Supaporn Pochuay, Director

Visiting us

You are very welcome to visit us at our office, our workshop or at one of our partner workshops. Our office is located in a set of wooden Lanna style farm houses amidst the rice fields. Here we receive all customers personally.

Please note:
  • we focus on manufacture, manufacturer exports and wholesale
  • we are a real world, wood, "brick and mortar", family+ business
  • we do not operate a showroom, our workshops are our showrooms
  • we do not operate a retail shop and do not engage in local retail sales
  • any and all specific samples are available on location by your announced request.
We kindly ask you to:
  • announce your visit a few days in advance and
  • specify in advance the product lines that you are interested in.

This way we can ensure our availability for your visit, the availability of specific products and samples, possibly prepare a visit to one or more particular artisan workshops. We like your visit to be efficient and effective, so that, in addition to enjoying the countryside, you achieve a meaningful result for the time you spend to visit us.


We are about 25 minutes by vehicle from Chiang Mai city center, from Tapae Gate straight east in direction San Kamphaeng. Similarly from the airport. While taxi or hired car drivers will be able to find the village, it is difficult to independently find our specific address. (It does not help that house numbers are not related to streets.)

You can follow the road map or we can give you directions on the phone.

Please contact us for an appointment before planning your visit.
A map is available at JEDI's company site jedi.asia.

Office Location

JEDI International, Ltd.
113 Moo 3, Baan Santonhaen
Tambon Maekhu, Amphoe Doi Saket
Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand

Business Registration Number: 0105546143541
Export License Number: 480000160002470-01
Business Tax Number: 3031242210


We highly respect your privacy. We do not share or otherwise divulge your contact information, email or personal information to anyone. We do not send newsletters, we do not send bulk emails and we do not send spam. We do reply to specific customer enquiries. Our replies use two mail authentication systems to help protect you and us from spam. See also our » Service Terms.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Language Abstracts

EN: Contact Details JediCreations Wholesale, Exporter, Manufacturer

Contact and address data of JediCreations Handmade Village Crafts and Home Decor. Please make an appointment in advance of your visit.

العربية: تفاصيل الاتصال JediCreations - بالجملة، مصدر، الصانع

الاتصال والبيانات عنوان JediCreations اليدوية قرية الحرف وديكور المنزل. يرجى تحديد موعد مسبقا لزيارتك.

DE: Kontaktdaten JediCreations Großhandel, Exporteur, Hersteller

Kontakteinzelheiten und Adressen für JediCreations handgemachte Handwerksartikel, Hauseinrichtung, Dekor und Wohnkultur. Bitte vereinbaren Sie einen Termin falls Sie einen Besuch planen.

FR: Les Coordonnées de JediCreations En Gros, Exportateur, Fabricant

Contact et adresse pour JediCreations Artisanat des Villages et Décoration Intérieur et Extérieur. Se il vous plaît prendre rendez-vous à l'avance de votre visite.

עברית: פרטי JediCreations סיטונאי, יצואן, יצרן

לתקשר ונתוני כתובת של אמנות JediCreations עבודת יד כפר ועיצוב הבית. יש לקבוע תור מראש הביקור שלך.

IT: Dettagli di Contatto JediCreations All'Ingrosso, Esportatore, Produttore

Indirizzo e dati per contattare JediCreations Artigianato Villaggio e l'Arredamento Interni ed Esterni di Casa. Si prega di fissare un appuntamento in anticipo della vostra visita.

JP:連絡先の詳細JediCreations 卸売、輸出業者、製造業者


NL: Contact Data voor JediCreations Groothandel, Exporteur, Producent

Contact en adressen voor JediCreations handgemaakte ambachtsartikel, huisinrichting en woon cultuur. Wij verzoeken u een een afspraak te maken als U van plan bent ons te bezoeken.

PT: Contacto JediCreations Atacado, Exportador, Fabricante

Endereço e dados para contato com JediCreations Aldeia Artesanato e Decoração. Por favor, faça uma consulta com antecedência de sua visita.

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