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Our Service Terms

Your Privacy

JEDI International takes your privacy seriously. We will never divulge contact, payment or other information to anyone.

An exception to the non-disclosure of personal information is the abuse of our contact page, email and secure financial transactions for apparently fraudulent purposes, which will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Our JediCreations web site does not place cookies. "Add This" service and cookies are in process of being removed.


We do not collect personal information and do not process on-line payments ourselves. Payments for our products are done through professional third party services shown below. The security standards of these professional payment services providers apply.

Country of Origin

Our products are handmade in the Thailand countryside according to order. They originate and ship directly ex-workshop from Thailand.

Price List

For wholesale price indications we may refer you to our online price list. Please contact us with appropriate details and we'll send you a price link. Opening our price lists requires Acrobat Reader, if you do not have it installed we can send prices to you in another format, just let us know if you experience a problem.


Prices on our web site are shown ex workshop Thailand in US Dollars, unless otherwise noted. These prices are shown as price indications. Actual product and shipping prices may differ, as currencies, fuel costs and shipping charges fluctuate constantly.

For a firm price quote, please contact us with product details, delivery location and deadline, and preferred payment method. We quote product cost, our suggested shipping option and its costs and transaction cost separately.

Please note: the more specific your request, the better and quicker we can reply to you with the information you need.

Ordering Goods - Minimum Order - Customizations

You can order goods by email. Most items are made to order and require a manufacturing period, which starts after your payment is received. Currently most of our products ship directly from Thailand. We do not have a general "minimum order" quantity. For orders below 150.00 USD we do charge a standard 25.00 USD handling fee per order, with the exception of our "Specials".

We can apply an array of customizations to our products, such as hand painted, silk screened, semi/printed designs & patterns, custom logos, colors and color schemes. For low to mid-volume quantities we apply standard one-time processing fees for these customizations; processing custom logos or hand painted designs according to your emailed example is 20.00 USD while custom color scheme selection and color matching is 30.00-45.00 USD. These fees do include the manufacture of one or two product samples or a number of color samples, excluding shipping costs of samples. Details are available in the customization sections of the individual product lines.

We reserve the right to adjust prices according to actual number of items ordered. That is, if a customer initially requests a quote for 300 items and subsequently orders 30 items, we reserve the right to adjust our price to the 30 items price. Likewise if our customer initially enquires for about 30 items and subsequently orders 300, we will accordingly reduce the price.

Shipping Costs

Our products ship ex-workshop directly from northern Thailand. Shipping costs cannot be neglected. The more time you have, the cheaper shipping will be. For sea freight by partial container load, higher quantities enjoy significant per-item shipping cost savings when compared with smaller shipments. For more details please see our "Shipping" section.

Shipping Duration

Our quotes to customers include a firm date for finishing the manufacture of items and the date of shipping. We also prepare indications for shipping time. These indications are based on details supplied by the various shipping agencies (post, courier services, freight forwarders, shipping lines), augmented with our general experience on shipping times for the various shipping methods. While these indications are generally accurate, the actual shipping time remains the responsibility of the shipping agency. Shipping time may also be affected country customs or security agency spot checks, which may occur on random basis.

Purchase Authorization

As a security precaution, all orders settled by credit card are shipped exclusively to the card holder's registered billing address. Laws regarding the sale of certain items from our portfolio may vary from country to country. It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to be aware of and to conform to your country and state laws. The person placing an order from our portfolio warrants that he or she is a legal adult and is under no legal disabilities which would prohibit such a person from ordering, importing, owning, or possessing these items under country, federal, state, province, or local laws and regulations.

Payment Terms

Generally all orders are pre-paid and we start manufacture upon receipt of invoice amount.

Pre-Payment/Partial Pre-Payment: Smaller orders up to 900.00 USD should be fully pre-paid before manufacture/shipping: Upon your order we will send you an invoice which can be settled by one of the payment options below. We consider your payment confirmed when we receive confirmation of receipt from our bank or payment processor. Unless otherwise agreed upon, we begin manufacture immediately upon confirmation.

Sea freight less-than-container-load orders can be prepaid 70% upon ordering with balance payment due before shipping or upon presentation of original bill of lading copies. Full container load orders are usually arranged by "irrevocable letter of credit on sight". Feel free to contact us in case of any questions regarding payment terms and payment methods.

Invoice Validity: Invoices are due for payment within five days of the invoice date. We reserve the right not to accept, or cancel orders where the invoice amount is not fully received or is not received within the time frame of the recommended payment options (below).

Payment Options

Please inform us which payment option you prefer to use when you place your order.

Payment by Paypal: Payment by Paypal is now available. Upon your specific order we issue you an invoice with details for your payment by Paypal.

Payment by Credit Card: Please do not send us credit card details by email! Email is never secure for such information.

As a security measure, orders settled by credit card payment are shipped to the credit card billing address, only.

Credit Card payment is through Paypal. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Cirrus, JCB, Maestro, Mondex, and their associated debit cards.

According to our experience, amounts over 200.00 USD are usually checked with additional scrutiny and it is entirely possible that the payment service will request additional verification. Taking into account time spent on further verifications, you might consider payment by bank transfer for amounts over 200.00 USD.

Payment by SWIFT Bank Transfer: For orders above 200.00 USD we recommend, and above 550.00 USD we require payment by direct bank transfer. Bank transfers should be arranged by the international SWIFT transfer method with bank fees on behalf of the sender. In case the bank transfer fees are charged to recipient, we need to invoice and additional standard 45.00 USD for bank transfer expense.

SWIFT is an international transfer method that can be processed by your bank using standard SWIFT transfer forms. It is crucial that you correctly enter our SWIFT code. We send you our bank details and SWIFT code together with the invoice for your order. For SWIFT transfers, plan about 1-5 work days for funds to be transferred.

SWIFT transfers should not be confused with other transfer methods, such as standard "telegraphic transfer", which may spend much longer in transit.

While generally we quote prices in US Dollars, in coordination with customer we may convert invoice amounts to customer home currency when this reduces total currency exchange and bank transfer costs.

Payment by Western Union Money Transfer: We accept payment by Western Union and similar transfer services, according to customer preference. After you receive our invoice, you instruct Western Union (on-line or at one of their locations) to transfer the invoice amount. The transfer is immediate. After you send us the transfer details, we collect the transfer amount at one of the local Western Union partners. Do note that the other payment methods shown above are likely to be more economical.

Payment by "Irrevocable Letter of Credit on Sight": For larger, usually full container size orders we generally use the "Irrevocable L/C on Sight". The L/C is a payment alternative that grants both the purchaser and manufacturer a high degree of certainty of both delivery of the goods and payment for the goods. Your own bank acts as an intermediary receiving payment when you order and releases payment after our bank has received and forwarded to your bank the official "proof of shipping" documentation. Letters of credit are usually reserved for larger orders, since they carry relatively high fixed costs. Depending on sales arrangement, we may need to invoice 200.00 USD for our side of letter of credit costs. In case you are not familiar with this payment method but like to explore it, your regular bank can furnish detailed information.

Permits, Duties and Sales Tax

We currently collect sales tax for orders placed in Thailand only. Any certificates, markings, permits relevant to the destination country, import duties, value-added (sales) taxes or other types of levies and fees, are the responsibility of the purchaser. We can assist customers by locally obtaining needed certificates, labels, forms, and other documentation to facilitate any importation requirements. Please let us know, while we can also advise based on our experience.

Export Documentation

Export documentation may be required for your shipment to clear your local customs. We supply standard export documentation free of charge.

Small shipments: Depending on your country's specific ceilings for tax-free small shipments imports, small mailed shipments generally require our transaction invoice stating product prices and country of origin, plus the carton packing list. Both are supplied standard with all small consignments. Whenever needed, we furnish additional documentation upon request.

For all other shipments: Depending on your country and the shipped items, you may additionally need a standard official Certificate of Origin, or a GSP Form A or a form EUR1 in order to qualify for low or zero import duties. We furnish the required form free of charge, yet we require you to inform us exactly which type of form is needed, as it very difficult for us to know specifically which form is required in every country. Generally, and in the absence of specific instructions, we provide the conventional official Certificate of Origin as the most commonly required form.

Changing the type of documentation after it has been prepared and the consignment has arrived is generally possible. Customers need to send the original documentation back to us for replacement by the new set of documentation. Aside from two-way courier/mailing costs the change of documentation incurs an administrative charge of 45.00-90.00 USD.

Why these complications? They are brought to us courtesy of the failed 2006 WTO Trade Talks in DOHA and thereafter. As a consequence there is no organized global trade system. Instead, every country now works out its own trade agreement with every other country resulting in a chaotic mess of hundreds of foreign trade agreements (FTA's). Many of these FTAs are deemed unfair to developing countries and are often subject to petty political interests. The original WTO DOHA talks in 2006 failed mainly due to both Europe and US dumping of highly subsidized agricultural produce on developing nations, stifling food self-sufficiency there. Africa appears to be worst affected. We understand this is a controversial topic. Feel free to drop us a line if you disagree or agree with these views.

Non-standard export documentation: A number of FTA's require export documentation beyond the above Certificates of Origin, GSP Form A and EUR1 in order to qualify for reduced or zero import duties. They typically require a detailed break-down of all cost components for each product, basically laying bare the cost structure of all shipped items. These detailed documentations may incur administrative charges.

We recommend: For air freight, sea freight and other larger orders please check with your local customs representative or commercial customs broker on which export form(s) is required for importation with low or no import duties.

Our Quality Control

We meticulously inspect and double-check our outgoing shipments for product correctness, manufacturing quality and appropriate packaging. On our own initiative we may at times include a slightly higher number of goods to off-set any potential shipping breakage or other risks.

Shipment Arrival Control - Breakage or Damages

Any incurred shipping breakage is principally the responsibility of the freight forwarder /shipping agency and we highly urge you to carefully inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival - while the representative of the freight forwarder /shipping agency is present - and immediately fill out an exception report with the forwarder if you notice any damage to outside packaging or shipment contents! Without such a report there is no restitution for damages whatsoever.

Return Policy

Retail merchandise returns will be accepted within 7 days of delivery. Original shipping charges are non refundable and customer is responsible for cost of return shipping charges. Returns will only be accepted if pre-authorized. This means you must inform us prior to a return. Merchandise must be in original packaging and be in new unused condition. Refunds will be credited in the form of the original payment only. Please allow 2-3 weeks for proper credit processing. There is a restocking fee on all returned merchandise. This fee varies by product, ranging from 15-20%.

Fair Trade Policy

Our products are manufactured to fair trade guidelines. In a nutshell, Fair Trade ensures that our artisans get a decent price for goods produced under fair and decent conditions. It also means that goods are never received on credit or "on consignment" and suppliers and artisans are paid both in advance and immediately upon completion of manufacture. Further criteria include forced labor prohibition, child protection, gender equality, work-place safety and health provisions, environmental awareness and protection, attention to local community income generation.

Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Trademarks and Brand Names

The designs of our product lines are principally copyrighted to the manufacturing artisans/designers of these items and are used with explicit permission. Due to long traditional use, some designs may not always be attributable to individual artisans /designers, in which case the designs/items are inherent on the specific area or villages of northern Thailand and the golden triangle where the items/designs are produced. All designs clients send to us for estimates or manufacture remain the sole property or our clients.

All content of this web site including, but not limited to photography, images, slogans, text descriptions, product codes, product details, packaging and shipping configurations, web site coding is Copyright © 2003-2014 JEDI International, Ltd., all rights reserved. .

For full details please see the two sections on » Copyrights and » Trademarks and Brand Names. For anyone contemplating an infringement of these rights, may we invite you to have a look there before deciding to do so.

Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification

While we at JEDI Internationaltake all efforts to supply high quality products and error free services to our customers, our legal adviser has recommended a number of disclaimers and limitations regarding our products and services, including the use of this and related websites:

Disclaimer of Warranties. JEDI International, ., our vendors and our suppliers make no express warranties or guarantees about our Products and Services. We provide Products and Services as is, with all faults and as available. To the extent permitted by law, we, our vendors and our suppliers disclaim implied warranties that the Products and Services are merchantable, of satisfactory quality, accurate, fit for a particular purpose or need, or non-infringing. We do not guarantee that the results that may be obtained from procuring, transporting, vending and/or using our products and services, including any support materials and services, will be effective, reliable, accurate or meet your requirements. We, our vendors and our suppliers, do not guarantee that you will be able to procure, transport, receive, vend and/or use the Products and Services (either directly or through third parties) at times or locations of your choosing. No oral or written information or device given by a JEDI International, Ltd., vendor or supplier representative shall create a warranty. You may have additional rights under you local laws that these terms and contract cannot change. You procure, transport, vend and/or use the Products and Service at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability. JEDI International, Ltd.'s entire liability and your exclusive remedy regarding Products and Services provided by us is to discontinue your use of our Products and Services. Any replacement of Products or Services is exclusively at JEDI International, Ltd.'s sole discretion. JEDI International, Ltd., or its vendors and its suppliers shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising from procuring, transporting, vending and/or using our Products and Services. These exclusions apply to any claims for lost profits, incurred costs, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, related product failure or mistake, or any other commercial damages and losses, even if we knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages. Because some countries, states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such countries, states or jurisdictions, our liability, and the liability of our vendors and suppliers, shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.

Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless JEDI International, Ltd., its vendors, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising out of procuring, transporting, vending and/or using JEDI International, Ltd.'s, its vendors' and suppliers' Products and Services. JEDI International, Ltd. reserves the right, at its own expense and in its sole discretion, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. In that event, and only in such event, shall you have no further obligation to provide indemnification for JEDI International, Ltd. in that matter.

Links to External Web Sites

We try to carefully select all external links on appropriateness, family-friendly content and compliance with ethical and legal provisions. Nevertheless we explicitly declare that links to external web sites do not represent endorsements of these web sites or their contents, that we have no influence on web pages contained in these links and are not responsible for opinions, contents, design or any other information contained therein.

Changes to Service Terms

We reserve the right to modify our service terms at any time without prior notice.

Comments and Suggestions

If you have any suggestion for us to further improve our service, we highly appreciate your comment. Contact us!

Our Service Terms, Copyrights and Trademarks:

Language Abstracts

EN: Service Terms

Privacy, security, country of origin, prices, ordering goods, minimum order quantity, customizations, shipping costs and delivery times, purchase authorization, payment terms and payment methods, permits, import duties and sales tax, export documentation, quality control, product returns policy, fair trade policy, intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks and brand names, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, indemnification, links to external web sites.

ES: Términos de Servicio

Privacidad, seguridad, país de origen, los precios, pedidos de productos, cantidad mínima de pedido, personalizaciones, gastos de envío y plazos de entrega, la autorización de compra, condiciones de pago y formas de pago, permisos, derechos de importación y del impuesto a las ventas, la documentación de exportación, control de calidad, las devoluciones de productos, comercio justo, la propiedad intelectual, derechos de autor, marcas comerciales y nombres de marca, renuncia de garantías, limitación de responsabilidad, indemnización, enlaces a sitios web externos.

DE: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Datenschutz, Sicherheit, Herkunftsland, Preise, Bestellung von Waren, Mindestbestellmenge, Anpassungen, Versandkosten und Lieferzeiten, Erwerbsermächtigung, Zahlungsbedingungen und Zahlungsmethoden, Genehmigungen, Einfuhrabgaben und Umsatzsteuer, Exportdokumentation, Qualitätskontrolle, Produktrückführung, Fairer Handel, geistiges Eigentum, Urheberrechte, Marken und Markennamen, Haftungsausschluss, Haftungsbeschränkung, Freistellung, Links zu externen Webseiten .

FR: Conditions de Service

Confidentialité, sécurité, pays d'origine, les prix, la commande de produits, quantité minimum de commande, personnalisations, les coûts d'expédition et les délais de livraison, l'autorisation d'achat, conditions de paiement et les méthodes de paiement, permis, droits de douane et la taxe de vente, les documents d'exportation, contrôle de la qualité, les retours de produits, commerce équitable, la propréé intellectuelle, les droits d'auteur, marques et noms de marque, exclusion de garantie, limitation de responsabilité, l'indemnisation, des liens vers des sites Web externes.

IT: Termini di Servizio

Privacy, sicurezza, paese di origine, i prezzi, ordinare merci, quantità di ordine minimo, personalizzazioni, costi di spedizione e tempi di consegna, l'autorizzazione all'acquisto, termini di pagamento e modalità di pagamento, i permessi, i dazi doganali e le imposte sulle vendite, documentazione di esportazione, il controllo di qualità, la restituzione dei prodotti, la fieristica, la proprietà intellettuale, i diritti d'autore, marchi e nomi di marchi, di assenza di garanzie, limitazione di responsabilità, indennizzo, collegamenti a siti web esterni.

JP: サービス利用規約


NL: Algemene Handelsvoorwaarden

Privacy, veiligheid, land van herkomst, prijzen, bestellen van goederen, minimale afname, aanpassingen, verzendkosten en levertijden, aankoop machtiging, betalingsvoorwaarden en betalingsmethoden, vergunningen, invoerrechten en omzetbelasting, export documentatie, kwaliteitscontrole, product retourbeleid, fair handelsbeleid, intellectueel eigendom, auteursrechten, handelsmerken en merknamen, afwijzing van garanties, beperking van de aansprakelijkheid, schadeloosstelling, links naar externe websites.

PT: Termos do Serviço

Privacidade, segurança, país de origem, os preços, encomendar bens, quantidade mínima de encomenda, personalizações, os custos de envio e prazos de entrega, autorização de compra, condições de pagamento e métodos de pagamento, autorizações, direitos de importação e impostos sobre as vendas, documentação de exportação, controle de qualidade, devolução de produtos, comércio justo, a propriedade intelectual, direitos autorais, marcas registradas e nomes de marcas, a exclusão de garantias, limitação de responsabilidade, indenização, links para sites externos.

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