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Wholesale Banana Paper Boxes

Handmade boxes of banana paper, made from the fibers of the banana tree. From tissue paper boxes to name card holders and paper roll holders. Practical, decorative and environmentally responsible using the paper of the locally abundant banana tree. The boxes are sturdy and pleasing to the eye in light brown color.

Banana paper boxes can be customized to fit your product packaging needs. Your customers will appreciate your use of a natural, environmentally friendly product package. Our rural artisans will appreciate the opportunity to manufacture them for the POS packaging of your specific product.

Prices of banana paper boxes are listed for a purchase of 20 pieces total number of varied items.

Wholesale Banana Paper Boxes - Retail Sales and Gift Applications

Not everything must be glossy to look good. If you like the natural look and appreciate handmade items made of quickly renewable, natural materials, these banana paper boxes are ideal. Banana trees, as agricultural fruit trees, are fast growing and abundant. The paper made of banana fiber is a quickly renewable resource and is considered an environmentally friendly material. Our banana paper boxes make attractive storage boxes for small articles around the house and in the room, they help as desk organizers, bookshelf organizers and cupboard organizers. They are also very good as decorative boxes for wedding gifts and favors, as well as gift boxes for valentines gifts, that can be given a new useful purpose once they have been given to contain a gift. We also use them for organizing and keeping things from flying around in the car.

Customized to your specifications, these boxes can be ideal for product packaging, especially if you wish to highlight naturalness and environmental thinking for your product together with your product packaging.

Shown items: tissue paper holders, elephant boxes in three sizes, folding hideaway boxes, round tissue paper holders, square tissue paper holders, grid top gift boxes (medium size shown), canvas top gift boxes (medium size shown), woven top gift boxes (medium size shown), flat boxes with oval decoration, flat valentine gift boxes with heart shaped decoration, name card holder boxes. Quite a number of items are not shown, such as desk organizers and larger, embellished round boxes and hat boxes. We also customise these banana paper boxes according to your specific needs.

Order Information

Wholesale Banana Paper Boxes and Holders - Product and Manufacture Details


Paper form banana tree fiber, carton board, hemp strings, coconut decorations, wooden beads.


Natural banana tree fiber color. Color can be used according to request.


As shown above for tissue boxes, gift boxes and name card boxes. General decorative boxes are available in standard three sizes large, medium, small. We make custom sizes according to request.


These items are handmade. There may be slight variations from specifications for individual items. The natural color may also vary somewhat.


We can customise boxes to suit your needs in terms of sizes, box construction and design, including clear windows for box cover, siding designs, etc. The banana tree fiber can also be dyed or colored.

Minimum Order:

Our banana fiber boxes do not have a minimum order quantity. Quantities up to 19 pieces are available at sample prices.

Production Time:

These items are made to order. We require about 10-14 days manufacturing time for 200 pieces. Current capacity is about 500-1,000 pieces per month. Increase is possible with sufficient lead time.

Wholesale Banana Paper Boxes and Holders - Packaging & Shipping Details

Item Packaging:

Items are individually packaged in a clear plastic wrapper.

Item Label:

If required for your country: Handmade in Thailand.

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton box. Carton box dimensions may vary from specifications. Banana paper boxes can be cross-packed among different models. They can also be cross packed with most of our other items.

Ships From:

Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Freight Volume:

1 cubic meter holds approximately 210 pieces BNBX-101 and/or BNBX-102 with approximate gross weight 103 kg, dimensional weight 167 kg, packaged for export.


Depending on shipping method, shipping cost efficiency can be raised by packing unused spaces with other, usually smaller products. In the above volume/weight example for BNBX-101/BNBX-102, for sea freight all unused spaces can be filled without additional shipping cost, for air freight/courier another 63 kg of items can be packed inside boxes without additional shipping costs. Please let us know if you like us to make a recommendation on cross-packing items.

Shipping Time:

Fastest shipping time is 3-5 business days, slowest shipping time is about 42-84 days. Sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter volume with transit time approximately 28-42 days. Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices.

Wholesale Banana Paper Boxes and Holders - Price

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organizers:

Please contact us for a manufacturer export, wholesale price quote. Export wholesale price quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Prices are subject to change.

Perfect Holders and Packaging. Banana Paper Boxes.

Language Abstracts

EN: Manufacturer's Wholesale Banana a Paper Boxes, Made with Banana Fiber Paper

Wholesale made to your order. Environmentally responsible, artisan-made product packaging. Banana Paper Boxes, Banana Paper Product Boxes, Banana Paper Packaging Containers made with fiber of the banana tree.

ES: Venta al por Mayor del Fabricante de Cajas de Papel de Plátano, Hecho con Papel de Fibra de Plátano

Comercio al por mayor hecha a su pedido. El embalaje del producto que sea ambientalmente responsable y artesanal a medida. Cajas de Papel del plátano, cajas de productos de papel de plátano, envases & embalajes hechos con fibra de hojas de plátano.

DE: Hersteller Hersteller von Bananen-Papier-Boxen, Hergestellt mit Papier von Banana Fiber

Großhandel auf Ihre Bestellung. Umweltverträgliche und handgemachte Produkt Verpackungen. Boxen von Bananen-Papier, Produkt-Boxen von Bananen-Papier, Verpackungsbehälter hergestelt aus Bananenbaum Faser.

FR: Fabricant de Boîtes de Papier Banane, Fabriqué en Papier de Fibre de Banane

Vente en gros faite à votre commande. L'emballage du produit qui est responsable de l'environnement, et fabriquée à la main par des artisans. Les boîtes de banane papier, boîtes de papier produit Banana, récipients d'emballage fabriqués avec de la fibre de bananier.

IT: Produttore di Scatole di Banana Carta, Fatta con la Carta di Fibra di Albero Banano

Commercio all'ingrosso fatto per il vostro ordine. Confezione del prodotto che è responsabile nei confronti dell'ambiente, e fatti a mano realizzati da artigiani. Scatole di carta banana, scatole di prodotti di carta di banana, contenitori per imballaggio realizzati con fibra di banano.

NL: Producent Fabrikant van Bananen Papier Dozen, Gemaakt met Papier van Bananenboom Fiber

Groothandel, gemaakt op bestelling. Fabrikant van milieuvriendelijke verpakking uit banaanvezel papier. Banaan papier dozen, produkt cartons banaan papier, verpakkingen gemaakt met vezels van de bananenboom.

PT: Fabricante de Caixas de Papel Banana, Feito com Papel de Fibra de Árvore Bananeira

Atacado feito para o seu fim. A embalagem do produto que é ambientalmente responsável e artesanais feitos por artes˜os. Caixas de papel de banana, caixas de produtos de papel de banana, embalagens feitas com a fibra da bananeira.

Photos Banana Paper Boxes by the JediCreations team.
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