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Your Enquiry

We highly appreciate all enquiries, for small or large quantities.

We Reply to all Enquiries in Person

As a wholesale supplier, exporter and manufacturer we do not use an automated shopping cart and prefer to handle each information request personally. This way, you understand better who we are, and we get to know you and your needs better. We believe this is more important than automating things.

Concise Specifications

Still, it is worthwhile to fashion communications effectively and efficiently. A clear and sufficiently detailed information request will give us the chance to give you a fast response, with clear and concise information on products, shipping and other relevant details. To be sure, this fully includes less standard matters concerning customizations, modifications to products and requests for products that are currently not in our web site catalogs. We highly appreciate concise requests, also if they concern non-standard specifications and items.

What to Include in your Enquiry

Your enquiry is an initial request for information and we understand that your requirements may change as we reply with detailed information. Still, for your first enquiry, please be sure to include the following:

  • the type of items and the model numbers
  • the number of pieces per model and size
  • the preferred delivery date
  • the delivery country and address

if applicable:

  • a description or photo in case the item is not in our online display
  • a description or photo of your preferred customisation

As per your preference we quote:

  1. Ex Workshop (EW), the packaged cost of items on workshop location in northern Thailand. This does not include shipping and transaction costs.
  2. Cost & Freight (C&F), which includes the items cost and takes care of all shipping costs to your nearest harbour, airport or your preferred delivery address. This when insurance is either included, not available or not needed.
  3. Cost, Insurance, Freight (CIF), which also includes separate insurance.
  4. Free on Board (FOB) ship or airplane, which includes the items cost plus local shipping to one of the two main harbours in Thailand or the airport. International shipping is arranged by your preferred freight forwarder, on your account.

No Reply from us?

In all cases, if you have not received a reply from us within 48 hours, it is safe to assume that we have replied, but that our reply did not reach you. The reason may be found in spam filters that tend to globally overreact from time to time, for both free and paid email addresses. If you do not receive our reply, you might consider sending us a follow-up using a different email address for us to reply to, or reach us by phone, Line, Whatsapp or Skype. Please do inform us that we did not reply to an earlier request, so that we can look into the matter.

Additional Information for our Valued Retail Customers:

  1. Purchase directly from us - or a sales outlet near you.
    Please contact us with complete details of your enquiry. When we have a sales partner near you, we refer your enquiry to our sales partner. In case we do not have a sales partner near you, we inform you on the possibility to purchase directly from us. Often, single items can be attached to current manufacturing runs, but this is not always the case.

  2. Most of our items are manufactured according to order.
    Why? We can be flexible and produce what you need. We keep costs down by not keeping stocks. Production time for our products is between 3 to 21 days, although this may vary according to season.

  3. Some items may require a minimum order quantity.
    While we try to avoid it, some product lines require a minimum order quanitity. This is mainly due to materials purchasing requirements and assuring efficient work flow at the artisans' workshops. If an MOQ applies, it is specified in the product description.

  4. We do not require a general minimum order size.
    We understand the need to be in a position to make a smaller order, so we do not carry a general minimum order requirement. Clearly, planning and preparing manufacturing and administration for smaller quantities is relatively costlier. This is why for orders below 150.00 usd we do require an administrative charge of 25.00 usd. Specials and pre-configured sample packages are excluded from this charge.

  5. All items ship directly from Santonhaen village, Doi Saket, northern Thailand.
    This means that you are purchasing at low cost directly from our and our artisans whorkshops in Thailand. It also means that there are international shipping costs. Some companies do not ship internationally because it gets too complicated. We ship world wide, high volume or low volume, sea freight, air freight, courier and all postal mail options. This does require some calculations.

  6. The Ex Workshop price is meaningless without shipping costs.
    Why? Because items need to be delivered and international shipping costs cannot be neglected. This is why we urge our customers to include estimated item quantities and any delivery deadlines. Both of these factors determine the delivered cost. If you do not have a delivery deadline, the cheapest shipping methods will take about 6-12 weeks, while the quantity of items will determine the cheapest choice among shipping methods.

  7. We will always quote Ex Wokshop price and shipping costs separately.
    Why? So that you can safely choose the appropriate delivery method and the economic quantity of items.

Your Enquiry:

Language Abstracts

EN: Your Enquiry

A few suggestions to make your enquiry to us - and our reply to you - as effective as possible. To order or to request information, please place your enquiry through our contact page. A detailed enquiry can receive a fast and concise response. A detailed Enquiry helps us and you to estimate manufacturing time and decide on the most economic shipping cost for your location and delivery deadline.

ES: Su Consulta

Algunas sugerencias para hacer su consulta a nosotros, y nuestra respuesta para usted, lo más eficaz posible. Para hacer un pedido o para solicitar información, por favor, coloque su consulta a través de nuestra página de contacto. A solicitud detallada puede recibir una respuesta rápida y concisa. A solicitud detallada nos ayuda a estimar el tiempo de fabricación. Nos, y usted mismo ayuda, para decidir sobre el costo más económico del envío para su ubicación, y la fecha límite de entrega.

DE: Ihre Anfrage

Ein paar Ratschläge um Ihre Anfrage an uns - und unsere Antwort an Sie - so wirksam wie möglich zu gestalten. Für Ihre Bestellung oder um weitere Information abzufragen bitten wir Sie Ihre Anfrage über unsere Kontaktseite zu stellen. Eine ausführliche Anfrage können wir schnell und präzise beantworten. Detaillierte Angaben helfen uns - und Ihnen - die Herstellungszeit zu veranschlagen und über die günstigste Versandart für Ihren Bestimmungsort und den Anlieferungstermin zu entscheiden.

FR: Votre Demande d'Information

Quelques suggestions pour faire votre demande à nous, et notre réponse à vous, aussi efficace que possible. Pour commander ou pour demander des informations, se il vous plaît placer votre demande via notre page de contact. Une demande détaillée peut recevoir une réponse rapide et concise. Une demande détaillée nous aide à estimer le temps de fabrication. Elle nous, et vous aide, à se prononcer sur le plus les coûts de transport économique pour votre emplacement, et le délai de livraison.

IT: Il Tuo Richiesta Informazioni

Alcuni suggerimenti per rendere la vostra richiesta a noi, e la nostra risposta a voi, il più efficace possibile. Per ordinare o per richiedere informazioni, si prega di inserire la tua richiesta tramite la pagina contatti. Una richiesta dettagliata può ricevere una risposta veloce e concisa. Una richiesta dettagliata aiuta di stimare il tempo di produzione. E noi, e voi stessi aiuta, a decidere sul costo più economico di trasporto per la vostra posizione, e il termine di consegna.

JP: あなたの情報リクエスト


NL: Uw Aanvraag

Een paar tips om uw aanvraag aan ons - en ons antwoord aan u - so effectief als mogelijk te maken. Om te bestellen of informatie aan te vragen, verzoeken wij u uw aanvraag via onze contact pagina te plaatsen. Een detailleerde aanvraag kunnen wij snel en precies beantwoorden. Dit helpt ons - en u - de productietijd te bepalen en over de gunstigste transportwijze voor uw bestemming en aanleveringstermijn te beslissen.

PT: Seu Pedido de Informações

Algumas sugestões para fazer sua pergunta para nós, e nossa resposta para você, tão eficaz quanto possível. Para encomendar ou para solicitar informações, por favor, coloque sua pergunta por meio de nossa p´gina de contato. A pedido detalhado pode receber uma resposta r´pida e concisa. A pedido detalhado nos ajuda a estimar o tempo de fabricação. Ela nos, e você mesmo ajuda, para decidir sobre o custo mais econômica de transporte para o seu local, e o prazo de entrega.

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