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Personalized Hand Fans and Name & Date Wedding Fans

Options for Personalizing and Customizing your Hand Fans and Wedding Fans

We are often asked "Can you customize your fans?" and the answer is: yes, we can. And we are happy to do so. There are quite a number of ways for you to customize our handmade fans according to your specific needs. The following customizations apply to standard sample and event packages from 50 to 2000 pieces. Please contact us for customizing other quantities.

Customizing Standard Packages of Saa Paper Fans and Rayon Fans

Our Saa paper and rayon standard sample packages are available in any color with any painted design from our showroom. Standard price applies for any one color and any one hand painted design per order. Of course colors and designs can be varied, there are small or no additional costs involved. Our fans are also available in plain color without painted design.

Names and Dates

For weddings we personalize our hand fans by adding names and dates in several fashions: hand painted on the bamboo frame, by sticker on the bamboo frame, hand painted on the fan body and silk screened on the fan body. There is a one time processing and prototyping fee as shown for each option and individual option prices per fan:

Names & Dates:

Hand painted on bamboo frame:

0.30 usd per fan

prototyping FREE
(1 Janary 2023 - 30 June 2023)

Sticker on bamboo frame:

0.30 usd per fan

prototyping FREE
(1 Janary 2023 - 30 June 2023)

Laser printing/engraving on bamboo frame:

0.30 usd per fan

prototyping FREE
(1 Janary 2023 - 30 June 2023)

Hand painted on fan body:

0.90 usd per fan

prototyping FREE
(1 Janary 2023 - 30 June 2023)

Silk screened/
Digital print on fan body:

0.90-2.00 usd depend on colors and size of design

prototyping 20.00 usd (we make a printing block)

For hand painting on the fan body and bamboo frame, you can specify text color. For the sticker you can specify the background color, the font type and the text color. Often customers choose for a clear sticker background. For silk screen on fan body you can specify font type, font color, approximate font size.


We can supply a multitude of solid colors for Saa paper, rayon and lace fans.

Sample Packs: Multiple Colors:

While for Sample Packs one color per order is standard, you can add further colors. For mixed color orders, there is a small additional cost. For various colors from our showroom:

Multiple Colors:

Mix 4+ colors per order:

additional cost 0.15 usd per hand fan

For multiple colors with the same number of multiple designs, only the design charge applies. All Saa paper fans and rayon hand fans are also available in plain (solid) colors without design motif.

New Colors for Pressed Flowers Fans:

Saa paper with dried pressed flowers and greenery is available in standard off-white background with a relatively fine surface. It is also available in pastel-like colors yellow, light pink, liht purple, light blue, green as shown on the pressed flowers fans page. Also in a rougher paper surface. Some options are not always available on short notice. Of course, if colors cannot be sourced, they can be manufactured, for details please contact us.

Custom Colors:

We can also manufacture our fans in colors not shown in our showroom. For smaller orders we will source your preferred color (usually successfully). Depending on current availability of colors not shown in our showroom, there may be a sourcing fee of 30.00 or manufacturing run fee. For information on current colors availability, please contact us.

Batik Colors and Shapes Fans:

Our batik shaped fans are available in batik combination colors as show in our showroom or in custom color cobinations. Standard shapes shown shapes are Dolphin, Tulip, Moon, Seal, Kitten, Sunflower. A number of other shapes are available without additional cost. In case we need to newly design a custom shape we require a one-time 90.00 usd for processing and prototyping the custom shape.

Design Patterns

Hand painted design motifs and shapes shown for any of our fans are interchangeable with the background color of other fans within the same section. Our standard hand painted Saa paper sample and event packages can consist of any shown design.

Interchanging Design Patterns:

You can request us to apply any hand painted design pattern shown in our showroom to any specific type of fan, meaning you can choose the design pattern of Saa paper fan FANHA-206-10 with, for example, rayon fan FANHA-302-10. Or for standard batik shapes sample packages, you can choose any one shape combined with any batik color combination shown for these batik fans. There is no additional charge.

Additional Standard Design Patterns:

We also apply standard hand painted design patterns that are not shown in our showroom such as dragons, tigers, herons, bamboo trees.... We can send you a sample photo for your approval. There is no additional charge.

In case there is no standard design pattern for your request, we will inform you. A logo/design customization charge may apply to fulfill your request of a non standard design pattern.

Sample Packs: Multiple Design Patterns:

Only for sample packs a small charge applies for adding more design patterns per order of 50-200 pieces. For example, for an order of 200 pieces with 50 pieces FANHA-203, 50 pieces FANHA-205 and 100 Pieces FANHA-206 amounts to three designs:

Multiple Design Patterns:

Mix 4+ designs per order:

0.20 usd per hand fan

Your preferred multiple design patterns can be from any of the showroom fans or other standard designs that are not shown (contact us for these). For multiple design patterns with the same number of multiple colors there is no further charge.

Personalize with Custom Design Patterns and Logos

The processes used for making the design patterns are either hand painting or silk-screening (also referred to as "printed"), or a combination of both (also referred to as "semi-printed" or "semi"). We have a standard one-time processing fee of 20.00 usd for preparing custom designs, while there may or may not be additional costs per fan for painting /printing the design on the fans; to correctly assess the printing price per fan, we really need to see the design pattern, or a design pattern that has very similar characteristics.

The one-time processing charge applies after you approve the actual photo sample we send you (not when you send us the image of your design).

You can email us your intended design pattern. We assure your copyright and confidentiality for logos and design patterns that your send to us. The best way to send us a custom design pattern or logo is by a Photoshop " .psd" file, with your logo on a transparent background (your logo designer will be very familiar with this). Alternatively a regular image format such as .jpg is also possible. Other formats might incur additional processing time. Generally, we can handle sent-in file sizes of up to about 2MB.

Our customization charge for preparing hand painted or silk-screened custom design patterns is based on a finished design that we receive from you. In case a particular design we are working on is changed in mid-process we may need to start anew, which may result in additional customization cost. For example, changing a color may not lead to additional customization cost, but changing a shape like wider or thinner borders) within a design pattern may require us replace and redo a complete silk-screen mould.

Fan Sizes

We have many fan sizes available. We specify hand fan sizes either in diameter (across when opened) or in radius (total length of the bamboo rib when closed). Note that the last two digits of our model numbers show the approximate radius size. Dimensions range from the handheld and wedding fan sizes to the very large and decorative wall fans.

We are often asked about "standard" size, the actual standard size for our standard Saa paper and rayon hand fans is 33 cm (13 inch), 41.4 cm (16.25 inch), 50 cm (19.75 inch), 60 cm (23.75 inch) diameter, and for our Batik shapes hand fans it is 38 cm (15 inch) open diameter. That is measured from the left end to the right end when the fan is fully open. These are also the most popular sizes. The other smaller sizes are often used to save a degree of shipping weight and cost (if shipped by air), while at times they may fit a smaller ladies handbag better.

Please understand that all hand fans are completely hand crafted and that actual sizes may at times vary somewhat from specifications. Also the diameter for batik shaped fans varies from one shape to the other.

Cover Materials and Frames

All fan frames are made of bamboo and the cover material is either Saa paper, "Chinese" paper or rayon fabric (often referred to as artificial silk). Our new line of exclusive lace fans is not yet shown. The "batik shapes" series (FANHA-10X) is usually not varnished. For all other Saa paper and rayon fans the visible first and last bamboo ribs are usually varnished with a clear semi-gloss varnish. The number of ribs of the fan varies according to size but may also vary from one production run to the other.


The fan ribs are joined by standard light quality metal standard machine screw and square nut type fasteners. Some customers prefer our fastener upgrades with stainless steel machine screw and hexagonal nut, please contact us for details. At our discretion we may utilise this high grade fastener option for any order without additional cost.

Communicating Customization

For standard fan colors and design patterns you can refer to our showroom fans, for example design of FANHA-302-10 and color of FANHA 301-10. For non-standard design patterns you can tell us the main motif you are looking for. For "Name & Date" wedding personalization please send us the exact text and preferred location of the text. For colors not shown in our showroom you can name us the color or specify the Pantone coated/uncoated code number, or code numbers referring to RGB, HEX or other color standard. You can also send us the address of a web page that has the color your are looking for. While we do not guarantee a "computer" exact match - we can get a close match to the color you are looking for. For logo's, ideally email us a Photoshop .psd file with the logo design on a transparent background.

Prices above refer to orders of 50-2000 pieces. For other quantities, or any questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Have a look at our secondary website ChiangMaiFans.com for further ideas on personalized fans.

Wholesale Hand Fans and Paper Fans. Personalized and Customized. Naturally Cool.

Language Abstracts

EN: Personalized Hand Fans, Customized, Name &and Date Wedding Fans

ES: Abanicos de Mano Personalizados, Abanicos de la Boda con Nombre y Fecha

DE: Personalisierte Handfächer, Hochzeitsfächer mit Name und Datum

FR: Éventails Personnalisés, Éventails de Mariage avec Nom et Date

IT: Ventagli Personalizzati, Vetagli Matrimonio con il Nome e la Data

NL: Gepersonaliseerde Hand Waaiers, Bruiloft Waaiers met Naam en Datum

PT: Leques Personalizados, Leques para Casamento com Nome e Data

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