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The Brelli - Transparent Umbrellas with UV Protection

Factory Direct Wholesale

The Brelli Umbrella - Design for Chique, Functionality and EnvironmentThe Brelli® is a transparent umbrella with a strong, yet lightweight natural frame. You'll appreciate its simplicity, designer looks and light weight - and your customers will love and appreciate it, too.

The Brelli is made in three models - the original Clear Brelli® with a clear transparent canopy, the Pink Brelli® with a light pink canopy, and the Sun Brelli® with a grey canopy.

All Brellis protect their owners with a 99% UV A/B/C shield. Its special strong Bamboo construction allows it to withstand winds of up to 65 km/hour (45 mph). It is made under fair trade conditions, with high attention to environmental factors. After its full useful life-span, it is fully biodegradable.

Practical Applications

All Brelli models are practical in both sun and rain. The Brelli is great in the city. And a good seller for shops in the outdoors, at the boardwalk, and the beach.

UV Protection and Shade

All Brelli umbrellas, Clear Brelli, Pink Brelli and Grey Brelli, provide permanent 99.9% UV A/B/C sun protection. The UV shield is built into the transparent cover, it cannot ever fade.

The transparent Clear Brelli sports chique designer looks with clean clear lines, see through it and be seen through it. Enjoy the light and sunlight with full UV protection.

The transparent Pink Brelli radiates a subtle friendly aura that also reflects on its wearer. With full UV protection, it provides limited shade.

The transparent grey Sun Brelli provides full UV protection and a considerable amount of shade in sunshine.

Sun and Sunburn Protection

The Brelli umbrella is a perfect shield against sunburn, while its designer looks do not advertise its formidable protection qualities.

For retail customers who require UV protection for medical reasons the JediCreations team provides the Brelli at discount. Please contact us here.


The Brelli uses environmentally responsible materials and is fully biodegradable. The frame is made of strong, fast growing bamboo. The transparent film cover, the frame and all other parts biodegrade quickly in aerobic and anaerobic land fill conditions.

Brelli Inventor, Origin and Design

The Brelli's unique design using transparent cover with UV protection was created by New York designer Pam Zonsius. JediCreations and Sunisa Umbrella Factory are proud of our long-standing relationship with Pam and her team in Brelli production and sales.

Brelli Manufacturer

The Brelli is manufactured at Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, under direct management by JEDI International, our joint parent company. The workshop operates under fair trade conditions, and full social security protection, including medical insurance for all personnel. All purchases are manufactured to order.

Brelli Retail Sales

The Brelli is easily sold in brick and mortar retail shops. Especially where it rains and where it is sunny. Beach, boardwalk and places related to outdoor activities also make excellent sales locations.

In the US, the Brelli is available for retail customers on its website at https://www.thebrelli.com.

If you cannot purchase a Brelli in your area, contact us here.

Brelli Wholesale, Factory Direct

Starting 1 June 2019 , distributors, wholesalers and retail establishments can purchase the Brelli factory direct in wholesale quantities directly from JediCreations and Sunisa Umbrella Factory. We manufacture the Brelli and have over 15 years experience in serving our international customers, arranging documentation and favourably priced shipping to the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Should you not yet feel experienced in purchasing factory direct, we inform you on the details.

The Brelli® Types

Personalized Brelli - with Logo

The Brelli is also popular for special events and as a co-branded item. We personalize and customize the Brelli with your logo on the canopy or on the carry bag.

Also, special non-toxic paint is available to paint the canopy. This is especially fun for creative kids. At the same time the Brelli fully retains its functional use for rain and sun protection.

Manufacture and Product Details


The Brelli® is available in four sizes.


As of 1 June all wholesale purchases use a revised sizing structure:

The Brief Brelli remains the same, all other size names move up one notch. XS becomes S, S becomes M, and M becomes L. Details are below.

Item Sizes and weights are approximates. Diameter shows the widest width while open, height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top:


open Ø 71 cm, approx. height 36 cm, 270 gram
open Ø 28 inch, approx. height 14 inch, 9.50 oz

XS now:

open Ø 88 cm, approx. height 61 cm, 450 gram
open Ø 35 inch, approx. height 24 inch, 15.85 oz

S now:

open Ø 94 cm, approx. height 65 cm, 500 gram
open Ø 37 inch, approx. height 25.5 inch, 17.60 oz

M now:

open Ø 117 cm, approx. height 72 cm, 600 gram
open Ø 46 inch, approx. height 29 inch, 21.20 oz


The Brelli® frame is of 100% highly selected, hand carved bamboo. The canopy is made of transparent film made in the US, with full UV screen and designed to fully biodegrade in aerobic and anaerobic landfill conditions. Other parts are natural rubber and a limited amount of soft/medium strength wood originating from rural, agricultural (non-forest) sources.


The Brelli® is strong. The medium-sized Brelli endures wind strength three times stronger than the breaking point of a standard umbrella: Brelli wind tunnel tests 40 mph (opens in a new window).

Production Time:

The production and lead time for 200 pieces is approximately 7-14 days.


All items are fully handmade. Dimensions may vary somewhat from given specifications.


Brelli® is a registered trademark item. Each Brelli is accompanied by a round hang tag, stating: the Brelli® logo, "Biodegradable plastic with Bamboo Frame", "100% Biodegradable", "Handmade in Thailand", and "99% UVA & UVB Protection". Each Brelli is shipped with an instruction leaflet, the "Brelli Letter".

Customized, Personalized, Promotions:

Promotional slogans and logo's, personalizations and customizations can be made according to your preference. Logo's can appear on the transparent canopy, the high quality cotton canvas bag or the umbrella pole.


The Brelli is widely mentioned in the press media and has been enthusiastically reviewed in a large number magazines and online web sites, from Elle Fashion to Reuters and Time news magazines. Importers, distributors, retailers and end-consumers can expect to benefit from the Brelli's continuing exposure in international and national press, worldwide.


The Brelli® is internationally patented and trademarked.


Item Packaging:

All Brelli's are shipped with a high quality 100% cotton, branded Carry Case. Individual carton packaging per item (for resending) is optional.

Shipping Packaging:

Custom packaging combining your preferences and lowest shipping cost to your destination.

Shipping Details

Country of Origin:


Ships from:

Ex Workshop from Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand.

Shipping Methods:

Freight: Air freight, sea freight CIF, FOB. Couriers: DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS. Postal mail: All methods.

Shipping Cost:

We usually make a recommendation for most economical shipping cost based on the number of items, deadline, and destination country. Shipping can be arranged by customer or by us.

Drop shipping:

The Brelli® is available for drop shipping in northern America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Contact us for details.

Lower Minimum Order for Brelli Factory Direct Price

Minimum order quantity is 36 pieces of mixed models, sizes and colors. Please contact JediCreations here or Sunisa Umbrella Workshop for Brelli Umbrellas, Wholesale, Factory Direct prices.

Wholesale Parasols and Umbrellas - Sun and Rain Protection:

Language Abstracts

EN: Brelli®, Pink Brelli® and Sun Brelli® Umbrellas

Our new selection clear and tinted transparent umbrellas and parasols - manufacturer direct wholesale. Designer looks, people and environment friendly, maximum UVA/UVB/UVC protection, fully biodegradable in anaerobic and aerobic landfills. Handmade by skilled village artisans in rural northern Thailand. We and our artisans employ highest standard fair trade practices in the production of the Brelli®.

DE: Brelli®, Pink Brelli® and Sun Brelli® Schirme

Unsere neue Auswahl transparenter Sonnenschirme - Großhandel direkt vom Hersteller. Designer Look, mensch- und umweltfreundlich, maximaler UVA/UVB/UVC Schutz. Biogradierbar in anaerobischen und aerobischen Müllablagen. Handgefertigt durch erfahrene Handwerker im ländlichen norden Thailands. In der Produktion des Brelli®, folgen wir und unsere Handwerker dem höchsten Standard des fairen Handels.

NL: Brelli®, Pink Brelli® and Sun Brelli® Parasols en Paraplu's

Onze nieuwe selectie transparante parasols - groothandel direct van de producent. Mooi design, mens en milieu vriendelijk, mximale UVA/UVB/UVC bescherming. Biologisch afbreekbaar in anaerobische en aerobische afval stortplaatsen. Handgemaakt door ervaren ambachtslui in het landelijke noorden van Thailand. In de productie van de Brelli® volgen wij en onze ambachtslui de hoogste standaard van faire handel.

Photography by the Brelli team in New York.
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