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Buyer Support Services

Buying Agent, Quality Control, Shipping

Since January 2006 we offer buyer support services to buyers canvassing locally for handmade artisan products in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand. All our support services comprise fair trade practices related to manufacturing artisans and workshops.

Our services:

  • canvassing specific products or product lines
  • retainer service for canvassing and exporting specific products or product lines
  • hire of a vehicle with driver (or small motorcycle) and a thai/english speaking professional on per day basis
  • office support infrastructure with wireless LAN, phone and Thai/English speaking professionals
  • periodic manufacturing follow-up services and/or quality control
  • use of our discount agreements with major courier services
  • final quality control, export packaging, freight arrangements, documentation

Share in our knowledge of local products and supply chains, the local artisan and manufacturer marketplace, and our experience in new product development, export quality production and shipping.

Please inform us in advance of your visit, so that we can give our undivided attention.

Our services can be tailored to your specific needs and are available at reasonable fixed rates.

A small selection of products made in Thailand's countryside:

Wholesale Banana Tree Boxes, Thailand
Banana Boxes
Wholesale Floating Candles, Thailand
Floating Candles
Wholesale Mango Wood Candle Holders, Thailand
Mango Wood Candles
Wholesale Hand Fans, Thailand
Paper Folding Fans
Wholesale Soap Flowers, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Soap Flowers
Wholesale Hats and Folding Hats
Sisal Hats
Wholesale Jade Necklaces from Thailand
Jade Necklaces
Wholesale Parasols from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wholesale Artisan Silver Bracelets
Artisan Silver
Wholesale Mango Wood Vases from Thailand
Mango Wood Vases
Wholesale Twig Pencils and Dragons
Twig Pencils
Wholesale Motorcycle Wire Art
Wire Art

Language Abstracts

EN: Buyer Support Services in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand

Professional buyer support services and buying agent services for buyers canvassing handmade home and garden décor products in northern Thailand.

ES: Agente del Comprador en Chiang Mai y el Norte de Tailandia

Servicios de agente comprador para los compradores que adquieran productos de decoración para el hogar y productos de decoración de jardín hechas a mano en Chiang Mai y el norte de Tailandia.

This page was last updated on 5 February 2018.