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What's New

News, new products and what's happening at JediCreations, Sunisa Umbrella Workshop and Sansaket Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Jedicreations is now powered by wind energy Jedicreations - Powered by Wind Energy
22 January 2020

Yesss, the JediCreations website has moved to Gyron DC, a wind powered data center, arranged by our new host Kualo. Our parent JEDI is already on a solar powered server, at AISO. (Image by www.getdrawings.com/wind-energy-icon)

JEDI, Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, family, friends and villagers plant 2,800 trees Tree Planting
24 July 2019

JEDI and Sunisa Umbrella Workshop plant another 2,000 tree saplings on 8.5 acres, with an ample clearing in the middle. This time it is a combination of purchased and free government saplings. (Image by Sujin Jetkasettakorn, freedigitalphotos.net)

We've purchased a hybrid vehicle Hybrid Vehicle!
7 June 2019

We've purchased a hybrid vehicle. Yes, a hybrid, in the absence of affordable fully electric vehicles. And yes, it's second-hand (no loan!). With a dashboard reminiscent of Star Trek, we named it "Voyager"! (Image by Skyclick, flaticon.com)

JEDI's electric pickup trike charges on solar energy ELMO Electric Pickup Trike goes Solar
22 February 2018

ELMO is now charged by solar energy. With a Boost Converter Step Up Battery Charger connected to our solar system. Update April 2018: The charger, then its replacement failed. We need a different brand replacement: source 12-14v charging 5 batteries 12v 20A (sealed l/a gel). Contact us! (Image free by flaticon.com)

JEDI installs first solar panel Hydroponic goes Solar
26 January 2018

JEDI's first small solar system is installed, applied to our hydroponic lettuce garden. It's a poly-crystalline solar panel of 24 volt and 315 watt, a deep-cycle battery of 125 Ah, an Epever Tracer 30A MPPT controller, fuses, control app, and high-efficiency 12v water pumps. Works like a dream. (Image free by flaticon.com)

JEDI purchases first electric pickup trike ELMO Delivered
21 November 2017

Our first electric pickup trike arrives. A custom electric motor trike with a well-sized cargo area, ELMO ferries materials and components to and from suppliers in the vicinity. ELMO is quite an attention grabber! (Image free by flaticon.com)

JediCreations now uses Secure SSL/TLS on all pages Security
20 July 2017

In line with measures to increase internet and web site security, JediCreations switches over to fulltime SSL/TLS with https protocol. Your connection to our site is fully encrypted at all times. It's automatic, and there is no negative effect. We're as fast as ever. (Image free by findicons.com)

JEDI, Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, family, friends and villagers plant 1,800 trees Tree Planting
10 July 2016

JEDI and Sunisa Umbrella Workshop plant 1,000 tree saplings. Friends and villagers join in planting another 800 trees. Tree saplings are provided free-of-charge by the Government's Regional Plant Seedling Station. (Image by Sujin Jetkasettakorn, freedigitalphotos.net)

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop Moves to Sansaket Farm Sunisa Umbrella Workshop Moves to Sansaket Farm
15 June 2015

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop hires and trains additional craftspeople, and moves in with JEDI at Sansaket Farm. The move reduces overhead costs, makes it a breeze to work together and combine administrative tasks.

Jedicreations converts to add mobile friendliness Mobile Friendly Browsing
15 August 2014

We're adjusting our site for easy (and legible!) browsing with smartphones and tablets. The site is handwritten, so the conversion takes time. Enjoy Enabled for Mobile! (Image by clker)

Jedicreations mini wire art - bicycles, vespa's and choppers New Product: Mini Wire Art
6 December 2013

Today we introduce a new line of mini wire art: small choppers, vespa's, racing bikes and mountain bikes. Friendly small gifts at high quality and low price. Ask us about them while we still work on the mini wire art web page.

Jedicreations umbrellas in Penang Umbrellas in Batu Ferringhi, Penang
11 April 2013

On a short outing to Penang during the Thai New Year, Songkran, we came accross our umbrellas at a local beach restaurant. Colourful, friendly cachet at the seaside beach.

Minimum wage
Minimum Wage Increases
1 January 2013

The minimum wage rises from 180 THB in March 2012 to 300 THB in January 2013. The increase is an earlier political campaign promise. While a minimum wage rise has been due, the sharp increase strongly affects labour intensive production enterprises - and more so in rural areas. China, Indonesia, Vietnam also see increases. (Image by free.clipartof.com)

Jedi responsible for Sunisa Umbrella Factory sales, ChiangMaiUmbrellas.com JediCreations Takes on Sunisa Umbrella Workshop's Sales
15 June 2012

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop has tasked JediCreations' parent, Jedi International to handle its local and international sales. JediCreations and Sunisa Umbrella Workshop customer services and product shipping will be combined, using Jedi's low shipping contract rates. Sunisa also establishes its new factory web site.

Jedicreations at the Mae Sa Elephant Camp JediCreations Visits Mae Sa Elephant Camp
19 March 2011

JediCreations staff, Sunisa Umbrella Factory staff and family members make an outing to Mae Sa Elephant Camp, a well maintained elephant camp where every elephant has its own dedicated mahout. A memorable visit while the elephants enjoyed the attention, too.

Share and save - shared sea-freight shipping for US customers Share and Save - Shared Sea-Freight Shipping to the USA
7 June 2010

JediCreations introduces shared sea-freight shipping for US customers. Hopefully soon, other areas can follow. As we now regularly ship to the US by sea-freight we have pioneered a method for all our customers to benefit. While previously not viable - now even small consignments can save and go by sea-freight.

Ubuntu - Linux for human beings. JediCreations switches to Linux - Ubuntu
15 May 2010

Planned for about a year, Jedi has made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu. After more than a year of familiarisation with open source user applications like OpenOffice, Thunderbird and Firefox on Windows, and using the same applications in Ubuntu, the switch came easy. "It's fresh and easy to handle" our Executive Director found - until you need to do something complicated, of course. Fortunately, our Technical Director has the answers.

University of Göteborg - Faculty for Design and Crafts visit and "workshop" with JediCreations and artisans Swedish Design School Visits JediCreations
5 March 2010

JediCreations just completed hosting University of Göteborg's School for Design and Crafts on a three day visit to artisans in Santonhaen and Tonpao villages. As part of the program, the teachers, students and artisans participated in a one and-a-half day workshop to develop and create new products that are based on prevailing artisan skills and local, environmentally...

Brelli® Umbrellas and Parasols with Style - Transparent with UV Protection The Brelli® - Transparent, Protective, Practical Designer Umbrella
18 November 2009

Designed and marketed by Pam & Co., New York, and produced in JediCreations' sister workshop, the Brelli® combines exquisite artisan bamboo carving with designer looks and high grade UVA/UVB protection. Strong wind resistance. Fully biodegradable in anaerobic and aerobic landfill conditions. For » more...

Wedding Fans - Service charge for small packages has been reduced. JediCreations Reduces Customers' Small Order Costs
16 October 2009

To alleviate customer costs for small orders, JediCreations today lowered the definition of a small order by 25% from 200.00 usd to 150.00 usd. At the same time the service charge for small orders is lowered by almost a third from 35.00 to 25.00 usd. JediCreations expects the change to benefit customers interested in folding hand fans and other items that often serve as give-aways.

JediCreations in SMEs Today JediCreations- Featured Exporter in SMEs Today Magazine!
18 December 2008

SMEs Today runs a two page story on JediCreations this month, featuring our approach to bringing Thai handicrafts into the global market place. Managing director Ms Supaporn Pochuay shares insights into growing a small company with global reach, and providing income opportunities to local artisans. Also headlined is the global financial crisis, which seriously affects all exporters, artisans, workers and families.

BRC Series: Wholesale Mango Wood Arched Bridge Candle Holders, manufacturer artisans direct, northern Thailand New Fall Winter 2008 Mango Wood Candle Holders Collection
1 August 2008

A stunning collection of mango wood candle holders. Rivalling anything you have seen so far. Be the first, order early, use slow shipping, prepare your promotion and increase sales and ROI for these new items that *will* be a consumer hit. For » more...

up to 70 pieces NEW thai traditional parasols available in USA Available in USA: up to 70 Garden Parasols
25 July 2008

New for use or resale. Bamboo Garden Sun Umbrellas PARASA-501-200, open diameter appox 80 inch, choice of 6 popular colors. Available stock in the USA for direct purchase or for your customers, with local USA shipping. Contact us to enquire for single or lot quantity of these elegant southeast Asian garden sun umbrellas. For » more...

Similar to the items recently sold in the the UK (below), but brand new. SOLD 7 Aug 2008

13 thai traditional parasols available in UK by customer Available in UK: 13 Garden Parasols
24 February 2008

Our customer in UK is selling her JediCreations garden parasols used one time in her wedding. Contact us if you are interested in 13 pieces PARASA-501-200 in white. For » more... SOLD 24 May 2008

wholesale twig pencils, manufacturer artisans, JediCreations New Product Line: Foon™ Twig Pencils
24 February 2008

Our new line of artisan made twig pencils with artistic Foon decorations. Handmade of local, renewable and natural materials. Northern Thailand direct, from our atisans' home-based workshops. For » more...

wholesale coconut shell handbags, manufacturer, Thailand exporter, JediCreations New Product Line: Coconut Shell Handbags
27 November 2007

We present our artisan's coconut shell handbags in nine models. Fully handmade of local, renewable and natural materials, except the zipper. Northern Thailand direct, from our atisans' home-based workshops. For » more...

wholesale mango wood vases, manufacturer exports directly from Thailand, JediCreations New Product Line: Mango Wood Vases
6 October 2007

Our new mango wood vases collection of more than 200 items, six colors, glossy or matte. Exceptional designs. Environmentally neutral, made of Mango fruit tree wood. For » more...

artist paintings in acrylic - manufacturing artisans, exporter, wholesale supplier directly from northern Thailand, JediCreations New Product Line: Artist Paintings in Acrylic
24 August 2007

The new collection of paintings by Chiang Mai artist Bua Buri on Chiang Mai scenes, country scenes. Also a number of beach and ocean scenes made on his vacation. These are the first of a more extensive collection. For » more...

jade necklaces and colliers - manufacturing artisans, exporter, wholesale supplier directly from Thailand, JediCreations New Product Line: Exquisite Handmade Jade Necklaces
01 August 2007

A brand new collection of affordable and eye-catching jade necklaces in three categories. Exceptionally crafted by northern Thai village artisans. For » more...

Hand carved Soap Flower Types, Designs and Colors - Manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand Flower Season About to Start - New Selection of Flower Types and Colors!
24 March 2007

A new and unique selection of soap flower types to choose from, as well as your own choice of two tone or single color patterns. Exceptionally crafted by our village artisans. Made to order for your customers for this flower season. For » more...

Help sponsor the Santonhaen soccer tournament Santonhaen Soccer Tournament 2006 - at JediCreations
9 September 2006

JediCreations is sponsoring the Santonhaen Inter-Village Soccer Tournament this year by making available the multi-purpose area at the old Santonhaen School* and making a number of small improvements for the occasion. Cheers for the Santonhaen Team in the week of 1 October 2006! Like to sponsor? Sponsorships are available, » contact us.(Image: courtesy of visualparadox)

Click for larger image Spring-Summer Season 2007 - Parasols and Sun Umbrellas
1 September 2006

The spring-summer season 2007 for flagship Thai traditional parasols and sun umbrellas has started. Our container production is filled until mid October. Enquiring now for three containers or five boxes standard » patio parasols or customized » hand parasols will help ensure that your stocks will be on hand without the last minute rush. This is a good time to stock up with low cost FCL or LCL sea freight shipping.

Click for larger image Floating Candles in Flowers Designs - New Items!
7 August 2006

Our new addition of wholesale floating candles in flowers designs orchid, pumeria and rose, single and two-tone colors. Exceptionally crafted by our village artisans. Two types, delicate and durable. Do you prefer both?. For » more...

printable product catalog pages Printable Product Catalog Pages
15 July 2006

We have now completely renewed our product catalogue section, based on customer suggestions. It consists of online pages specifically created for easy printing or saving to your computer. The page sections are available on request, feel free to » contact us.

Click or foon frogs Foon™ Characters - New Items!
15 April 2006

New Foon Characters. Currently they consist of frogs, dragons and cartoony characters. Soon we will have more of them available, especially the dragons, and we are open for suggestions. For » more...

world currencies and oilprices fluctuate Dollar falls - Oil Prices Rise
5 April 2006

US talk related to China's currency, the sale of Thailand's Shin Corp to Singapore may be key reasons for bringing the US Dollar down and the THAI Baht up. At the same time oil prices are rising. Together with our artisans, fellow exporters and customers we hope the situation may be temporary.

Click for a larger view of this mango wood candle Mango Wood Candles - New Items!
17 January 2006

We have now also expanded our handmade line of Mango Wood Candles. Some items are still shown in the "workshop setting", these will be displayed better soon. We invite you to have a look at our 30 new sets and items, many available in two types, several sizes and a multitude ... » more...

Click for a larger view of this mango wood candle - JediCreations presents our new and expanded line of bamboo candles Bamboo Candles - New Items!
14 January 2006

With the New Year we are expanding our bamboo candles with another 19 further new models, each available in natural and various other colors and sizes. Specific scents are ... » more...

JediCreations parasols for sale in after successful use Wedding Parasols in Action
27 June 2005

View an example of our Saa paper wedding parasols in action. After successful use at the wedding a portion of these parasols (in four custom color shades) is available directly from our customer. Our customer's web site offers... » more (link deactivated) SOLD July 2005

JediCreations staff presenting new parasol design pattern: bamboo on yellow. New Design Patterns for Cotton Waterproofed Parasols
1 May 2005

One of our newest design patterns "Bamboo on Yellow" shown by JC staff. For hand held waterproofed umbrellas and garden patio umbrellas. With low cost sea freight, ETA is currently around end of June. Contact us for details ... » more...

Available from production overrun - Garden Parasols Garden Umbrellas Production Overrun - 50 Pieces Available
28 March 2005

Due to slight production overrun: 50 pieces PARASA-501-35 (70" or 170 cm diameter), with or without bamboo base. Colour ensign blue: click left image and see parasol weaving in left background. Contact us for details, product specs ... » more... SHIPPED 7 April 2005

Help Tsunami vicitms and relatives rebuild their life Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
28 December 2004

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all who have lost friends and loved ones in the southern Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster two days ago. We at JediCreations mourn the loss of friends and former colleagues, some of whom were working and others vacationing at Khao Lak, Thailand.

8 January 2005
Your donation will help support the survivors' needs. Along with many other volunteers, we have been assisting in our areas of expertise. We apologize for delays that may have occurred in the past week. While we continue support, we're back to full operations on Monday 10 January 2005.

Handmade jelly candles with undersea sea-scape motif, manufacturer exports wholesale directly from Thailand Handmade Jelly Candles
7 December 2004

Jelly candles with undersea sea-scape motif. In various sizes, stand alone, in sets, also with metal stands, available in colorful gift boxes and multi-packs ... Note: Jelly Candles are currently discontinued. » more...

Price stability benefits for usd and euro-zone buyers, at least until the end of 2004,  manufacturer exports wholesale directly from Thailand Dollar Falls - our Prices Stable - Until Year's End?
6 December 2004

With steady prices so far, the recent sharp drop in the US Dollar may require us to re-assess our usd quoted product and shipping prices next year. In the meantime, enjoy our exceptionally reasonable prices...

Low-cost hats made of bamboo fiber, manufacturer exports wholesale directly from Thailand More Hats Handmade from Bamboo Fibre
30 November 2004

More hats in the lower cost bamboo fiber segment. Standard available in medium size, custom sizes according to your specifications. Different styles available according to ... » more...

Bamboo candles with rubber tree leaf, manufacturer exports wholesale directly from Thailand Bamboo Candles
29 November 2004

Handmade bamboo candles in single and double bamboo notch versions and various sizes. Currently available in three colors, natural... » more...

Sisal, palm, rush and bamboo sun hats Palm Fiber, Rush Fiber and Bamboo Fiber Hats
26 November 2004

Handmade ladies and gents hats in natural fibers added to the successful line of sisal fiber hats. Hats are now available in three distinct... » more...

Soap flowers in lacquered mango wood boxes with hand painted patterns Soap Flowers in Lacquered Mango Wood Boxes
25 November 2004

Handmade carved soap flowers, now with lacquered spherical boxes made of mango wood wit a removable lid, hand painted in various natural patterns... » more...

Soap flowers in clear pastic boxes with removable lid Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Boxes
23 November 2004

Handmade carved soap flowers, now also in clear plastic boxes with removable lid. Also in a heart shaped box - definitely something for Valentine's day - large volume shipping to USA about 45 days, just in time if you order now... » more...

Soap flowers in styled coconut wood boxes Soap Flowers in Styled Coconut Wood Boxes
22 November 2004

Handmade carved soap flowers, now also in decoratively styled spherical coconut wood boxes with covers. This is a preview and detailed descriptions will follow soon... » more...

Bamboo & Mango Wood Candles & Candle Holders Bamboo & Mango Wood Candles & Candle Holders
22 November 2004

New decorative candles and candle holders handmade of renewable natural bamboo and mango wood. Hand decorated, hand carved and hand painted with innovative patterns. This is a preview and main content will follow soon... » more...

* Santonhaen School: The school's pupils were moved to nearby Maekhu School as a cost savings measure more than 5 years ago. The premises of Santonhaen School have dilapidated ever since. Since June 2006 JEDI International, Ltd. rents the school premises from the city government. We have installed our hand fan frame production workshop and conduct quality control, packing and shipping preparation at the premises. In the afternoons, the multi-purpose field is available to the village community for recreation and leisure activities.

Opportunity for Importers, Distributors and RetailersImporters and Distributors:

We are alwas on the lookout for country representatives for our products. Do contact us if you are interested. » more

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News and new developments of interest at JediCreations. Wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor; as manufacturer and exporter we are seeking importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, including online sales, trade shows, exhibits, Christmas markets and flea markets for our handmade exclusive products from northern Thailand produced with natural, renewable materials; your real opportunities to benefit from unique Thai crafts exports and exports Thailand in your import business, wholesale business or retail business. On this page:

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Neuigkeiten und neue Entwicklungen bei JediCreations. Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk, ländliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur; als Hersteller und Exporteur suchen wir Importeure, Großhändler, und Einzelhändler im Import-Export, Großhandel, Einzelhandel sowie im online Verkauf, Ausstellungen, Weihnachtsmarkt und Flohmarkt für unsere exklusive hangemachte Produkte aus dem ländlichen Norden Thailands, hergestellt aus natürlichen, erneuerbaren Materialien. Ihre reale Gelegenheit aus dem Export von Thai Handwerksartikeln und Export aus Thailand für Ihr Importgeschäft, Grosshandel oder Einzelhandelsgeeschäft Nutzen zu ziehen.

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Nieuws en nieuwe ontwikkelingen bij JediCreations. Groothandel, exporteur, producent van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur; in onze rol als thaise producent en exporteur zoeken wij importeurs, groothandelaren, kleinhandelaren in de import, groothandel, kleinhandel, ook in de online verkoop, tentoonstellingen, kerstmarkt en vlooienmarkt voor onze unieke handgemaakte producten uit noord Thailand geproduceert met natuurlijke, vernieuwbare materialen. Uw reële gelegenheid om van direkte import-export van Thaise ambachtartikelen en exports uit Thailand voor uw importzaak, groothandelsbedrijf or detailhandel nut te trekken.

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