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Wholesale Cotton Waterproof Hand Parasols, Oiled Cotton Umbrellas

Cotton Waterproof Parasols, Oiled Cotton Umbrellas
Wasserfeste Baumwollschirme, Geölte SonnenSchirme, Regenschirme
Parasoles y Sombrillas de Algodón Impermeabilizado, Sombrillas Aceitados
Parasols de Coton Imperme´abilise´s, Parapluies Huilés
Ombrelloni Cotone Impermeabilizzate, Ombrelli Oliati
Waterdichte Katoen Parasols, Geoliede Paraplu's
Bomull Parasoller Impregnerte, Oljet Paraplyer
Guarda-Sóis de Algodão Impermeabilizado, Guarda-Chuvas Oleada

Oiled cotton umbrellas are made with a hand crafted waterproof cotton canopy and a strong bamboo frame. Choose a canopy in plain colors, stripes or with a design motif. Made to your order.

This Thai traditional cotton waterproof umbrella functions as both a parasol for sun protection an umbrella for effective raincover.

Contact us if you are interested in this item and wish to receive more information:

Factory Direct Oiled Cotton Umbrellas

Customization, promotional logo's, or matching with other products, is our specialty.

Canopy Design Patterns

We have around 75 canopy design patterns ranging from traditional to modern. Please request our canopy design catalog through our contact page. Here are some popular examples.

Please note that the design patterns for the large PARASA-501 patio and garden umbrellas can also be applied to these hand umbrellas. Tell us your own creative design and we'll make it!

Order Information

Cotton Waterproof Parasols - Oiled Cotton Umbrellas - are waterproofed through a leather oiling process. This traditional hand crafting process gives the umbrella canopy quite a solid, parchment-like feel. At times this may give rise to confusion with "paper parasols" and "paper umbrellas". Also, oiled cotton umbrellas have a similar appearance and feel as "Oiled Paper Umbrellas", while oiled cotton umbrellas are sturdier and longer lasting than their oiled paper cousins.

Sizes: Cotton Waterproof Parasols - Oiled Umbrellas

Oiled, Cotton Waterproof Parasols are available in three main sizes, small PARASA-10X-70, medium PARASA-10X-85 and large PARASA-10X-100, as well as custom sizes. The last two digits represent the parasol open width in centimeters:


Item Sizes and weights are approximates. Diameter shows the widest width while open, height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top.


open Ø 70 cm, approx. height 62 cm
0.300 kg

open Ø 28 inch, approx. height 24 inch
10.60 ounce


open Ø 86 cm, approx. height 72 cm
0.450 kg

open Ø 34 inch, approx. height 28 inch
15.90 ounce2


open Ø 102 cm, approx. height 75 cm
0.750 kg

open Ø 40 inch, approx. height 30 inch
26.50 ounce

Construction and Materials


Bamboo frame with wood-string mechanism, wooden handle. Leather-oil waterproof cotton canopy. Also sometimes referred to as "oiled paper umbrella" due to its parchment-like texture.


Please see our » Color Chart for all standard colors. Custom colors can be specified according to Pantone uncoated/coated color catalog specifications, or with web RGB or HEX color standards.


Our oiled, cotton waterproof parasols look good in plain colors as well as with hand painted design patterns. Some of our patterns are shown above. The design patterns shown for our rayon and actual, non-waterproof paper parasols are also available for these Thai traditional parasols. Our full design collection contains more then 75 distinct design motifs. Please contact us for the catalog.

Price & Packaging Details


Ex Workshop, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Please note that prices are subject to change.

Item Packaging:

Clear plastic sleeve per individual item.

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Actual carton dimensions may vary from standard dimensions shown below.

Ships from:

Country of Origin: Thailand.

Wholesale Price

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm m3 kg kg kg
PARASA-101-70 48 10.50 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-101-85 36 11.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-101-100 24 12.90 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

PARASA-102-70 48 10.50 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-102-85 36 11.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-102-100 24 12.90 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

PARASA-103-70 48 14.50 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-103-85 36 15.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-103-100 24 16.90 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

Above are typical configurations - for different configurations and quantities, please contact us.

Above prices are based on our standard color chart and exclude special colors gold, silver and black. Please contact us for these special colors.

We need up to about 5-7 days production time for sample volumes.

Fastest shipping time is 3-5 days, slowest shipping time is 42-84 days, most economic sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter volume with approximately 28-42 shipping days.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. Please mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, and suggest you our lowest cost shipping method for your quantity and deadline.

Wholesale Parasols and Umbrellas - Sun and Rain Protection:

Language Abstracts

EN: Cotton Waterproof Parasols, Thai Traditional Parasols, Oiled Cotton Parasols

Manufacturer Wholesale of Oiled Cotton Umbrellas, Waterproof Cotton Parasols, with a bamboo frame, made with a leather oiling process. Also, albeit incorrectly, referred to as oiled paper umbrellas. In solid colors, stripes, with or without design pattern. These bamboo umbrellas are manufactured on order in our own sister workshop. Customizations and personalizations with personal and company logos are our specialty. These parasols function as protection against the sun and the rain. They are also used for effective social distancing. They are ideal at the beach, pool, on the street and for festivals and special occasions, such weddings with open air activities. Ideal sales for retail shops, on-line sales, event organizers, hotels, restaurants, café's, and anyplace where it rains and the sun shines. Manufacturer wholesale, made to order.

ES: Parasoles y Sombrillas de Algodón Impermeabilizado, Sombrillas Aceitados

Fabricante Mayorista de Paraguas de Algodón Aceitado, Sombrillas de Algodón Impermeables, con marco de bambú, elaborado con un proceso de engrase de cuero. Ademús, aunque incorrectamente, se denominan paraguas de papel engrasados. En colores sólidos, rayas, con o sin patrón de diseño. Estos paraguas de bambú se fabrican bajo pedido en nuestro propio taller asociado. Las personalizaciones y personalizaciones con logotipos personales y de empresa son nuestra especialidad. Estos parasoles funcionan como protección contra el sol y la lluvia. También se utilizan para un distanciamiento social efectivo. Son ideales en la playa, piscina, en la calle y para festivales y ocasiones especiales, como bodas con actividades al aire libre. Ventas ideales para tiendas minoristas, ventas en línea, organizadores de eventos, hoteles, restaurantes, cafés y cualquier lugar donde llueva y brille el sol. Fabricante al por mayor, bajo pedido.

DE: Traditionelle Thai Sonnenschirme - Geölte Sonnenschirme aus Wasserfester Baumwolle mit Bambusrahmen

Hersteller Großhandel für geölte Baumwollschirme, wasserdichte Baumwollschirme, mit einem Bambusrahmen, hergestellt in einem Lederölverfahren. Auch, wenn auch fälschlicherweise, als geölte Papierschirme bezeichnet. In Volltonfarben, Streifen, mit oder ohne Designmuster. Diese Bambusschirme werden auf Bestellung in unserer eigenen Schwesterwerkstatt hergestellt. Anpassungen und Personalisierungen mit persönlichen und Firmenlogos sind unsere Spezialität. Diese Sonnenschirme schützen vor Sonne und Regen. Sie werden auch zur wirksamen sozialen Distanzierung eingesetzt. Sie sind ideal am Strand, am Pool, auf der Straße und für Feste und besondere Anlässe mit Open-Air-Aktivitäten, sowie Hochzeiten. Idealer Verkauf für Einzelhandel, Online-Verkauf, Veranstalter, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés und überall dort, wo es regnet und die Sonne scheint. Hersteller Großhandel, auf Bestellung gefertigt.

FR: Parasols de Coton Imperméabilisés, Thai Parasols Traditionnels, Parapluies Coton Huilés

Fabricant Commerce de gros de parapluies en coton huilé, parasols imperméables en coton, avec un cadre en bambou, fabriqués avec un procédé d'huilage du cuir. Aussi, bien que incorrectement, appelés parapluies en papier huilé. Dans des couleurs unies, des rayures, avec ou sans motif design. Ces parapluies en bambou sont fabriqués sur commande dans notre propre atelier jumeau. Les personnalisations et personnalisations avec des logos personnels et d'entreprise sont notre spécialité. Ces parasols fonctionnent comme une protection contre le soleil et la pluie. Ils sont également utilisés pour une distanciation sociale efficace. Ils sont idéaux à la plage, à la piscine, dans la rue et pour les festivals et occasions spéciales, comme les mariages avec des activités en plein air. Ventes idéales pour les magasins de détail, les ventes en ligne, les organisateurs d'événements, les hôtels, les restaurants, les cafés et partout où il pleut et le soleil brille. Fabricant en gros, fabriqué sur commande.

: שמשיות עמיד למים מכותנה, שמשיות מסורתיות תאילנדיות, שמשיות כותנה משומנות: EH

סיטונאי יצרנים של מטריות כותנה משומנות, שמשיות כותנה עמידות למים, עם מסגרת במבוק, עשויה בתהליך שימון עור. מכונה גם מטריות יפניות. כמו כן, אם כי באופן שגוי, המכונות מטריות נייר משומנות. בצבעים אחידים, פסים, עם או בלי דפוס עיצוב. מטריות הבמבוק הללו מיוצרות בהזמנה בסדנת אחותנו משלנו. התאמות אישיות והתאמות אישיות עם סמלי לוגו אישיים וחברה הם המומחיות שלנו. שמשיות אלה מתפקדות כהגנה מפני השמש והגשם. הם משמשים גם להתרחקות חברתית יעילה. הם אידיאליים בחוף הים, בבריכה, ברחוב ולפסטיבלים ואירועים מיוחדים, חתונות כאלה עם פעילויות באוויר הפתוח. מכירות אידיאליות עבור חנויות קמעונאיות, מכירות מקוונות, מארגני אירועים, מלונות, מסעדות, בתי קפה ובכל מקום בו יורד גשם והשמש זורחת. יצרן סיטונאי, נעשה לפי הזמנה.

IT: Ombrelloni Cotone Impermeabilizzate, Ombrelli Oliati

Produttore all'ingrosso di ombrelli in cotone oliato, ombrelloni in cotone impermeabile, con telaio in bambù, realizzati con un processo di oliatura della pelle. Inoltre, anche se in modo errato, indicati come ombrelli di carta oleata. In tinta unita, righe, con o senza motivo decorativo. Questi ombrelli di bambù sono prodotti su ordinazione nel nostro laboratorio gemello. Personalizzazioni e personalizzazioni con loghi personali e aziendali sono la nostra specialità. Questi ombrelloni fungono da protezione contro il sole e la pioggia. Sono utilizzati anche per un efficace distanziamento sociale. Sono ideali in spiaggia, in piscina, per strada e per feste e occasioni speciali, come i matrimoni con attività all'aria aperta. Vendite ideali per negozi al dettaglio, vendite on-line, organizzatori di eventi, hotel, ristoranti, bar e ovunque piova e il sole splende. Produttore all'ingrosso, su ordinazione.

JP: 卸売、コットン防水日傘は、タイの伝統的な日傘、タイで、メーカーコットン日傘をオイルド

革の給油プロセスで作られた、竹のフレームを備えた油を塗った綿の傘、防水綿のパラソルの製造業者の卸売。 日本の傘とも呼ばれます。 また、間違っていますが、油を塗った紙傘と呼ばれます。 単色、ストライプ、デザインパターンの有無にかかわらず。 これらの竹傘は、私たちの姉妹工場で注文を受けて製造されています。 個人および会社のロゴを使用したカスタマイズとパーソナライズは、私たちの専門です。 これらの日傘は、太陽と雨に対する保護として機能します。 それらはまた効果的な社会的距離を置くために使用されます。 彼らはビーチ、プール、通りで、そしてお祭りや特別な行事、例えば野外活動を伴う結婚式に理想的です。 小売店、オンライン販売、イベントオーガナイザー、ホテル、レストラン、カフェなど、雨が降って太陽が輝く場所ならどこでも理想的な販売です。 メーカー卸売、オーダーメイド。

NL: Traditionele Thai Parasols in Waterfast Katoen

Fabrikant Groothandel in geoliede katoenen paraplu's, waterdichte katoenen parasols, met een bamboe frame, gemaakt met een leerolie proces. Ook wel Japanse paraplu's genoemd. Ook wel, zij het foutief, geoliede papieren paraplu's genoemd. In effen kleuren, strepen, met of zonder designpatroon. Deze bamboe parasols worden op bestelling vervaardigd in ons eigen zusteratelier. Aanpassingen en personalisaties met persoonlijke en bedrijfslogo's zijn onze specialiteit. Deze parasols dienen als bescherming tegen zon en regen. Ze worden ook gebruikt voor een effectieve sociale afstandhouding. Ze zijn ideaal voor op het strand, bij het zwembad, op straat en voor festivals en speciale gelegenheden, zoals bruiloften met openluchtactiviteiten. Ideale verkoop voor winkels, online verkoop, organisatoren van evenementen, hotels, restaurants, cafés en overal waar het regent en de zon schijnt. Fabrikant groothandel, op bestelling gemaakt.

PT: Guarda-Sóis de Algodão Impermeabilizado, Guarda-Chuvas Oleada

Fabricante grossista de guarda-chuvas de algodão oleado, guarda-sóis impermeáveis de algodão, com estrutura em bambu, confeccionados com processo de unção de couro Também conhecido como guarda-chuvas japoneses. Além disso, embora incorretamente, são chamados de guarda-chuvas de papel oleado. Em cores sólidas, riscas, com ou sem desenho. Estes guarda-chuvas de bambu são fabricados por encomenda na nossa própria oficina irmã. Customizações e personalizações com logotipos pessoais e empresariais são nossa especialidade. Essas sombrinhas funcionam como proteção contra o sol e a chuva. Eles também são usados para um efetivo distanciamento social. São ideais na praia, na piscina, na rua e para festas e ocasiões especiais, como casamentos com atividades ao ar livre. Vendas ideais para lojas de varejo, vendas on-line, organizadores de eventos, hotéis, restaurantes, cafeacute;s e qualquer lugar onde chove e o sol brilhe. Atacado do fabricante, feito sob encomenda.

Photography Oiled Cotton Umbrellas by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 9 February 2021.