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Wholesale Cotton Waterproof Hand Parasols, Oiled Cotton Umbrellas

Cotton Waterproof Parasols, Oiled Cotton Umbrellas
Wasserfeste Baumwollschirme, Geölte SonnenSchirme, Regenschirme
Parasoles y Sombrillas de Algodón Impermeabilizado, Sombrillas Aceitados
Parasols de Coton Imperme´abilise´s, Parapluies Huilés
Ombrelloni Cotone Impermeabilizzate, Ombrelli Oliati
Waterdichte Katoen Parasols, Geoliede Paraplu's
Bomull Parasoller Impregnerte, Oljet Paraplyer
Guarda-Sóis de Algodão Impermeabilizado, Guarda-Chuvas Oleada

Oiled cotton umbrellas are made with a hand crafted waterproof cotton canopy and a strong bamboo frame. Choose a canopy in plain colors, stripes or with a design motif. Made to your order.

This Thai traditional cotton waterproof umbrella functions as both a parasol for sun protection an umbrella for effective raincover.

Contact us if you are interested in this item and wish to receive more information:

Factory Direct Oiled Cotton Umbrellas

Customization, promotional logo's, or matching with other products, is our specialty.

Canopy Design Patterns

We have around 75 canopy design patterns ranging from traditional to modern. Please request our canopy design catalog through our contact page. Here are some popular examples.

Order Information

Cotton Waterproof Parasols - Oiled Cotton Umbrellas - are waterproofed through a leather oiling process. This traditional hand crafting process gives the umbrella canopy quite a solid, parchment-like feel. At times this may give rise to confusion with "paper parasols" and "paper umbrellas". Also, oiled cotton umbrellas have a similar appearance and feel as "Oiled Paper Umbrellas", while oiled cotton umbrellas are sturdier and longer lasting than their oiled paper cousins.

Sizes: Cotton Waterproof Parasols - Oiled Umbrellas

Oiled, Cotton Waterproof Parasols are available in three main sizes, small PARASA-10X-70, medium PARASA-10X-85 and large PARASA-10X-100, as well as custom sizes. The last two digits represent the parasol open width in centimeters:


Item Sizes and weights are approximates. Diameter shows the widest width while open, height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top.


open Ø 70 cm, approx. height 62 cm
0.300 kg

open Ø 28 inch, approx. height 24 inch
10.60 ounce


open Ø 86 cm, approx. height 72 cm
0.450 kg

open Ø 34 inch, approx. height 28 inch
15.90 ounce2


open Ø 102 cm, approx. height 75 cm
0.750 kg

open Ø 40 inch, approx. height 30 inch
26.50 ounce

Construction and Materials


Bamboo frame with wood-string mechanism, wooden handle. Leather-oil waterproof cotton canopy. Also sometimes referred to as "oiled paper umbrella" due to its parchment-like texture.


Please see our » Color Chart for all standard colors. Custom colors can be specified according to Pantone uncoated/coated color catalog specifications, or with web RGB or HEX color standards.


Our oiled, cotton waterproof parasols look good in plain colors as well as with hand painted design patterns. Some of our patterns are shown above. The design patterns shown for our rayon and actual, non-waterproof paper parasols are also available for these Thai traditional parasols. Our full design collection contains more then 75 distinct design motifs. Please contact us for the catalog.

Price & Packaging Details


Ex Workshop, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Please note that prices subject to change.

Item Packaging:

Clear plastic sleeve per individual item.

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Actual carton dimensions may vary from standard dimensions shown below.

Ships from:

Country of Origin: Thailand.

Wholesale Price

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm m3 kg kg kg
PARASA-101-70 48 8.00 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-101-85 36 9.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-101-100 24 11.00 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

PARASA-102-70 48 8.00 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-102-85 36 9.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-102-100 24 11.00 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

PARASA-103-70 48 12.00 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 16.8 18.8 20.7
PARASA-103-85 36 13.00 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 18.0 20.0 23.6
PARASA-103-100 24 15.00 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 15.6 17.6 20.3

Please note that above prices are based on our standard color chart and exclude special colors gold, silver and black. Please contact us for these special colors.

We need up to about 5-7 days production time for sample volumes.

Fastest shipping time is 3-5 days, slowest shipping time is 42-84 days, most economic sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter volume with approximately 28-42 shipping days.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. Please mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, and suggest you our lowest cost shipping method for your quantity and deadline.

Wholesale Parasols and Umbrellas - Sun and Rain Protection:

Language Abstracts

EN: Cotton Waterproof Parasols, Thai Traditional Parasols, Oiled Cotton Parasols

Manufacturer Wholesale of Oiled Cotton Umbrellas, Waterproof Cotton Parasols, with a bamboo frame, made with a leather oiling process. Also, albeit incorrectly, referred to as oiled paper umbrellas. In solid colors, stripes, with or without design pattern. Customizations and personalizations with personal and company logos are our specialty. These parasols function as protection against the sun and the rain. They are ideal at the beach, pool, on the street and for festivals and special occasions, such weddings with open air activities. Ideal sales for importers, retail shops, on-line retail, event organizers, café's, restaurants and hotels. Manufacturer wholesale, made to order, only.

ES: Parasoles y Sombrillas de Algodón Impermeabilizado, Sombrillas Aceitados

Comercio al por mayor fabricante de Paraguas Algodón Aceitado; Sombrillas Impermeables de Algodón, con un marco de bambú, hecha con un proceso de aceitado cuero. También, aunque de forma incorrecta, se refirió a los paraguas de papel como aceitados. En colores sólidos, rayas, con o sin patrón de diseño. Las personalizaciones con logos personales y de empresa son nuestra especialidad. Estas sombrillas funcionan como protección contra el sol y la lluvia. Son ideales en la playa, la piscina, en la calle y para fiestas y ocasiones especiales, tales bodas con actividades al aire libre. Ventas Ideal para los importadores, tiendas al por menor, venta al por menor en línea, organizadores de eventos, cafés, restaurantes y hoteles. Venta al por mayor del fabricante, hecho a la orden, solamente.

DE: Traditionelle Thai Sonnenschirme - Geölte Sonnenschirme aus Wasserfester Baumwolle mit Bambusrahmen

Hersteller und Großhandel traditionelle, geölte Sonnenschirme und Regenshirme mit Bambusrahmen. Unsere Schirme sind handgefertigt aus wasserfester Baumwolle, behandelt mit Lederöl. Auch, aber unzutreffend, bekannt als Geölte Papierschirme. In Uni-Farben, Streifen, mit oder ohne Design Muster. Schirme mit Firmenlogos und persönlichen Logos, sowie kundenspezifische Anfertigungen sind unsere Spezialität. Diese traditionelle Schirme sind geignet als Sonnenschutz und Regenschutz. Ideal in der Fussgägerzone, auf der Strasse, am Freibad, am Strand, und für besondere Gelegenheiten, wie eine Hochzeit in Freien. Für Großhandel, Einzelhandel, Event-Planer, und Verkauf bei Cafees, Restaurants, Biergärten und Hotels.

FR: Parasols de Coton Imperméabilisés, Thai Parasols Traditionnels, Parapluies Coton Huilés

En gros par le fabricant de Parapluies de Coton Huilés, Parasols de Coton Imperméable, avec un cadre en bambou, faites avec un processus de lubrification de cuir. En outre, à tort cependant, appelé Parapluiés de Papier Huilés. Dans des couleurs unies, rayures, avec ou sans modèle de conception. Personnalisations avec des logos personnels et de sociétés sont notre spécialité. Ces parasols fonctionnent comme protection contre le soleil et la pluie. Elles sont idéales à la plage, la piscine, dans la rue et pour les fêtes et les occasions spéciales, telles les mariages avec des activités de plein air. Ventes Idéal pour les importateurs, les magasins de détail, commerce de déétail en ligne, organisateurs d'événements, des cafés, des restaurants et des hôtels. En gros par le fabricant, à la commande, uniquement.

IT: Ombrelloni Cotone Impermeabilizzate, Ombrelli Oliati

Commercio all'ingrosso di produttore di cotone oliato ombrelli, ombrelloni cotone impermeabile, con una struttura di bambù, realizzato con un processo di pelle oliatura. Inoltre, anche se in modo non corretto, denominato ombrelli di carta come oliati. In tinta unita, a righe, con o senza modello di progettazione. Personalizzazioni con loghi aziendali e personali sono la nostra specialità. Questi ombrelloni funzionano come protezione contro il sole e la pioggia. Sono ideali in spiaggia, piscina, per strada e per i festival e le occasioni speciali, come matrimoni con attività all'aria aperta. Vendite ideali per gli importatori, negozi al dettaglio, vendita al dettaglio on-line, organizzatori di eventi, bar, ristoranti e alberghi. Produttore all'ingrosso, su ordinazione, solo.

JP: 卸売、コットン防水日傘は、タイの伝統的な日傘、タイで、メーカーコットン日傘をオイルド


NL: Traditionele Thai Parasols in Waterfast Katoen

Producent en groothandel van traditionele, geoliede hand parasols en paraplu's, handgemaakt met bamboe en watervast katoen, behandeld met leerolie; met of zonder design beelden op de bedekking; speciale productie, en parasols en paraplu's met persoonlijke logo's en firma logo's zijn onze specialiteit. Deze traditionele parasols en paraplu's zijn geschikt voor zon en regen, op straat, aan het strand, bij het buitenbad, maar ook voor speciale evenementen zoals bruiloften. Voor groothandel, kleinhandel, en verkoop bij cafe's, restaurants en hotels.

PT: Guarda-Sóis de Algodão Impermeabilizado, Guarda-Chuvas Oleada

Atacado do fabricante de guarda-chuvas, guarda-sóis de algodão oleada, algodão impermeável, com um quadro de bambu, feito com um processo de lubrificação de couro. Além disso, ainda que de forma incorreta, refere o guarda-chuvas de papel como oleada. Em cores sólidas, listras, com ou sem padrão de design. Customizações e personalizações com logotipos pessoais e da empresa são a nossa especialidade. Estes chapéus-de-funcionar como proteção contra o sol ea chuva. Eles são ideais para a praia, piscina, na rua e para festas e ocasiões especiais, tais casamentos com actividades ao ar livre. Vendas Ideal para os importadores, lojas de varejo, varejo on-line, organizadores de eventos, cafés, restaurantes e hotéis. Fabricante atacado, feito na hora, apenas.

Photography Oiled Cotton Umbrellas by the JediCreations team.
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