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Wholesale Paper Parasols - Saa Paper /Mulberry Paper

Parasoles De Papel Al por Mayor - Parasols De Papier En Gros
Parasole Di Carta All'Ingrosso - Großhandel Papiersonnenschirme, Hersteller Direkt
Groothandel Papier Parasols - Parasóis De Papel Por Atacado

Our popular off-white "pressed flowers" parasols, featuring genuine dried pressed flowers and leaves within the Saa paper. The pressed flowers make for a stunning effect when the sun shines on the parasol. Also our fast-moving Saa paper parasols in batik colours combined with handpainted shapes. All colours and designs can be made to match our Saa paper folding hand fans. Contact us if you are interested in these items or wish to receive more information.

Paper Parasols

Order Information

Sizes: Saa Paper Parasols in Pressed Flowers & in Batik Colours

Saa paper parasols are available in six sizes: very small and party sizes PARASA-220-25, PARASA-220-50, PARASA-220-60, standard small PARASA-220-70, medium PARASA-220-85 and large PARASA-220-100. We also make custom sizes. Size is measured as the fully open canopy diameter in centimeters. The model number's last two digits represent the size.


Item Sizes and weights are approximates. Diameter shows the widest width while open, height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top.


open Ø 25 cm, approx. height 27 cm
0.100 kg

open Ø 10 inch, approx. height 10.5 inch
3.53 ounce


open Ø 50 cm, approx. height 47 cm
0.200 kg

open Ø 20 inch, approx. height 18½ inch
7.05 ounce


open Ø 60 cm, approx. height 53 cm
0.250 kg

open Ø 24 inch, approx. height 21 inch
8.82 ounce


open Ø 70 cm, approx. height 62 cm
0.300 kg

open Ø 28 inch, approx. height 24 inch
10.60 ounce2


open Ø 85 cm, approx. height 72 cm
0.400 kg

open Ø 34 inch, approx. height 28 inch
14.10 ounce


open Ø 100 cm, approx. height 75 cm
0.450 kg

open Ø 40 inch, approx. height 30 inch
15.90 ounce

Paper Umbrella Construction and Materials


Saa paper, bamboo frame with wood-string mechanism, wooden handle. Waterproofing is not available for these Saa paper parasols.


Batik style colours. Batik colouring is a hand crafting technique, and no one colour series is the same. For your order, we can approximate the colour combinations shown above. Additional standard colour combinations are also available. We can also customise colour to your preferred colour combinations.
Similarly, the pressed flowers parasols show certain differences in the content and arrangement of the pressed flowers.


Designs for Saa paper parasols in batik colours are understood as the hand painted patterns on top of the batik colour combinations, or on top of the pressed flowers surface.


Colours and patterns of Saa paper parasols can be matched with colours and design patterns of our folding hand fans. Matching requires a minimum order quantity of 50 sets. It is possible to order a smaller quantity of parasols to matched hand fans with a small customisation charge.

Price & Packaging Details


Ex Workshop, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Please note that prices are subject to change. Prices for sample packages are shown below.

Item Packaging:

Clear plastic sleeve per individual item.

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Actual carton dimensions may vary from standard dimensions shown below.

Ships from:

Nothern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Wholesale Paper Parasols - in Saa Paper with Pressed Flowers or in Batik Colours

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm m3 kg kg kg
PARASA-22X-25 150 2.00 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 22.5 24.5 20.7
PARASA-22X-50 100 3.50 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 20.0 22.0 20.7
PARASA-22X-60 50 3.90 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 12.5 14.5 20.7
PARASA-22X-70 48 4.50 USD 44x44x64 0.1239 14.4 16.4 20.7
PARASA-22X-85 36 5.50 USD 44x44x73 0.1413 16.2 18.2 23.6
PARASA-22X-100 24 6.20 USD 40x40x76 0.1216 14.4 16.4 20.3

"Paper Parasol with Pressed Flowers" PARASA-241 is the same wholesale price as "Paper Parasols with Batik Colours" PARASA-22X.

We also have a broad selection of plain colours Saa paper parasols available. Please contact us.

We require about 5-7 days production time for sample quantities. The fastest shipping time is 3-5 days, slowest shipping time is 42-84 days. Sea freight quantities starting at 1 cubic meter volume take approximately 28-42 days.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your preferred quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, free on board or cost-freight according to your preference and, if desired, recommend the most appropriate delivery method.

Wholesale Parasols and Umbrellas - Sun and Rain Protection:

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Paper Parasols, Manufacturer Artisans Direct

Jedicreations offers wholesale paper parasols. Our parasols are hand made in plain and batik coloured Saa paper, including dried pressed flowers parasols in various light colours. They are manufactured by artisans in our village and surrounding villages. JediCreations is a wholesale supplier, an exporter and a manufacturer of hand made village crafts and home decor; we follow fair trade principles. Are our Saa paper parasols suitable for import, distribution, wholesale or retail sales in your area? On this page:

DE: Angebot Großhandel Papiersonnenschirme, Hersteller Handwerker Direkt

JediCreations bietet Grosshandel Papiersonnenschirme, handgemacht mit einer breiten Palette einfarbigen Farben, bunten Batikfarben oder getrockneten, gepressten Blüten, direkt von lokal herstellenden Handwerkern. Sie werden durch Handwerker in unserem Dorf und umliegenden Dörfern aus umweltschonender Maulbeerbaumrinde hergestellt. JediCreations Grosshandel, Exporteur, und Hersteller von handgefertigten Dorfshandwerk und Heimdekor. Wir verfolgen Prinzipien des "Fairen Handels". Eignen sich unsere Papiersonnenschirme vielleicht auch für Import, Großhandel, oder Einzelhandel in Ihrer Umgebung?

ES: Parasoles De Papel Al por Mayor

Jedicreations ofrece los parasoles de papel al por mayor. Nuestros parasoles son mano hecha en colores llanos y en el papel coloreado batik de Saa, incluyendo los parasoles presionados secados de las flores en varios colores ligeros. Nuestros parasoles de papel son fabricados por los artesanos en nuestra aldea y aldeas circundantes. JediCreations es un surtidor al por mayor, un exportador y fabricante de los artes hechos mano de la aldea y de la decoración casera; seguimos los principios comerciales de la feria. ¿Son nuestros parasoles de papel de Saa convenientes para la importación, la distribución, la venta al por mayor o las ventas al por menor en su área?

FR: Parasols De Papier En Gros

Jedicreations offre les parasols de papier en gros. Nos parasols sont main faite dans des couleurs plates et en papier de Saa coloré par batik, y compris les parasols serrés secs de fleurs dans diverses couleurs légères. Nos parasols de papier sont fabriqués par des artisans dans notre village et villages environnants. JediCreations est un fournisseur en gros, un exportateur et un fabricant des métiers faits main de village et du décor à la maison ; nous suivons les principes commerciaux de foire. Nos parasols de papier de Saa sont-ils appropriés à l'importation, à la distribution, à la vente en gros ou aux ventes au détail dans votre secteur ?

IT: Parasole Di Carta All'Ingrosso

Jedicreations offre il parasole di carta all'ingrosso. Il nostro parasole é mano fatta nei colori normali ed in carta da Saa colorata batik, compreso il parasole premuto secco dei fiori in vari colori chiari. Il nostro parasole di carta è prodotto dagli artigianale nel nostri villaggio e villaggi circostanti. JediCreations è un fornitore all'ingrosso, un esportatore e un fornitore di mestieri del villaggio fatti mano e di decorazione domestica; seguiamo i principii commerciali della fiera. È il nostro parasole di carta di Saa adatto ad importazione, a distribuzione, a commercio all'ingrosso o a vendite al dettaglio nella vostra zona?

NL: Groothandel Papier Parasols

JediCreations biedt groothandel papier parasols, handgemaakt met een brede keuze van eenkleurige parasols tot bonte batik kleuren of degroogde bloemenparasols, direct van locaal producerende ambachtslui. De ambachtspersonen in ons dorp en in omliggende dorpen vervaadigen een brede variatie van Saa papier parasols uit milieuvriendelijk papier dat van de korst van de moerbijboom vervaardigt is. JediCreations groothandel, exporteur, en fabricant von handgemaakte dorpsambacht en woon cultuur; wij volgen princiepes van faire handel. Zijn onze papier parasols geschikt voor import, distributie, groothandel or kleinhandel in Uw gebied?

PT: Parasóis De Papel Por Atacado

Jedicreations oferece parasóis de papel por atacado. Nossos parasóis são mão feita na planície e papel colorido batik de Saa, também parasóis pressionados secados das flores em várias cores claras. Nossos parasóis de papel são manufaturados por artisans em nossas vila e vilas circunvizinhas. JediCreations é um fornecedor por atacado, um exportador e um fabricante de ofícios feitos mão da vila e do decor home; nós seguimos os princípios de com ércio da feira. São nossos parasóis de papel de Saa apropriados para a importação, a distribuição, a venda por atacado ou vendas de varejo em sua área?

Photography by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 22 August 2014.