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Color Charts for Parasols and Umbrellas

Our color charts show available standard colors for Thai tradtional parasols PARASA-100 and PARASA-500 series, rayon artificial silk parasols PARASA-400 series, cotton canvas garden parasols PARASA-600 series and waterproof poly-oxford market umbrellas PARASA-700 series.

These web-based color charts represent a reasonably accurate approximation of our standard colors. Still, please bear in mind that the colors you view here or may be printing from this page may vary from the actual parasol colors due to a number of factors. These include our conversion to somewhat simpler web colors, human color perception, the viewing angle to an LCD monitor, computer monitor color settings and rendition, printer and ink cartridge brands, quality and quirks.

Color Chart - Thai Traditional Parasols PARASA-100 & 500

Standard colors for Thai traditional cotton waterproofed parasols and sun umbrellas, hand parasols models PARASA-101, PARASA-102, PARASA-103 and all garden parasols PARASA-501.

We show the color names as assigned by the paint manufacturer. These names may not in all cases represent an accurate description of a given color, i.e vavid blue is actually green, etc. The first number is our internal reference number, the second number shows our approximation of the Pantone (coated) color guide. Colors that could not be clearly identified using Pantone code are marked "Pcnf".

own mix

Lemon Yellow
726 - 116 C

Princess Blue
783 - 310 C

Blue Bell White
728 -573 C

Pearl White
707 - Pcnf

Apricot White
723 - 7401 C

Fast Yellow
712 - 124 C

Bright Blue
705 - 3115 C

740 - 7486 C

Lagoon Blue
708 - 5523

Lily White
724 - 7507 C

757 - 138 C

Marine Blue
788 - 313 C

Zircon Blue
711 - 3390 C

742 - 422 C

Rose White
725 - 7506 C

733 - 166 C

Royal Blue
789 - 2925 C

Lime Green
796 - 7489 C

Pearl Gray
792 - 5497 C

721 - 7507 C

730 - 7417 C

Ocean Blue
784 - 7461 C

Spring Green
799 - 363 C

Dove Gray
787 Pcnf

Oxide Yellow
772 - 1255 C

781 - 485 C

Prussian Blue
703 - 301 C

Sparkling Green
747 - 3288 C

Blue Gray
795 - Pcnf

743 - 168 C

786 - 200 C

746 - 288 C

Apple Green
718 - 349 C

Earth Gray
765 - PCG 11C

Cocoa Brown
745 - 476 C

Deep Pink
706 - 214 C

Blue Bird
758 - 2767 C

Vavid Blue
782 - 3298 C

756 - 426 C

Teak Brown
759 - 439 C

713 - 2580 C


Olive Green
766 - 3435 C


Not shown: Gold and silver. Parasols in gold, silver and black are higher priced than above standard colors because they are more work intensive.

Color Chart - Rayon, Artificial Silk Parasols and Hand Fans

For rayon artificial silk parasols PARASA-400 and rayon artificial silk hand fans FANHA-300.


372 C

685 C

695 C

285 C

2665 C

7404 C

021 C

021 C

805 C

806 C

203 C

2975 C

3005 C

2756 C

330 C

349 C

3258 C


Color Chart - Cotton Canvas Parasols PARASA-600

Standard colors for cotton canvas garden parasols and patio umbrellas - PARASA-600.


172 C

199 C

239 c

2716 C

640 C

7482 C

7486 C

Color Chart - Poly Oxford Parasols /Market Umbrellas PARASA-700

Standard colors for poly oxford garden parasols and market umbrellas, PARASA-701.


172 C

1505 C

7512 C

165 C

185 C

187 C

Dark Red
194 C

188 C

1685 C

1675 C

139 C

2885 C

288 C

286 C

312 C

7543 C

562 C



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Custom Colors and Communicating Colors:

We also manufacture in custom colors.

When communicating colors in terms of Pantone®, please use the "coated/uncoated" color-guide, also for textile-like materials. (We have the coated/uncoated Pantone catalog (codes ending in "C" and "U", we do not have the the textile catalogs.)

You are also welcome to tell us your prefered colors in any other form, you can send us actual color samples, email photographs with your preferred colors, send us web page addresses that contain your preferred colors.

Processing custom colors may incur a 45.00 USD color setting charge per color. We do not guarantee a scientifically precise match, but in practice we are able to catch your preferred color very closely. The service charge is applied after you confirm your order, or your order for samples.

For over 75 parasol design patterns, with hand painted traditional, contemporary and modern graphics for the parasol canopy, please request our catalog through our enquiry page.

Wholesale Parasols and Umbrellas - Sun and Rain Protection:

Additional Color Resources:

Pantone® Color Guide

An international standard for color definitions. However, not everyone is familiar with this standard, and not all paint brands and shops have mixing procedures for this standard. Also, color guides are not free, and former web based Pantone conversion tables to other standards now refer to Pantone's own conversion program at a price. (opens in new window).

Color Chart and Hexadecimal Conversion

University of Melbourne, Information Division, Web Centre: Hexadecimal color conversion chart (opens in new window).

Color Chart with Color Keywords

140 Internet color names with conversions to several other systems including Pantone. (opens in new window).

Language Abstracts

EN: Color Charts Parasols and Sun Umbrellas

Color chart and guide for our Thai traditional cotton waterproofed parasols and sun umbrellas, hand parasols, garden parasols, wedding parasols and patio umbrellas produced by northern Thai village artisans from natural renewable materials. JediCreations, wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor; as manufacturer and exporter we are seeking importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, including in online sales, christmas markets and flea markets for our hand parasols, garden umbrellas and patio umbrellas; your real opportunities to benefit from Thai crafts exports and exports Thailand in your import business, wholesale business or retail business.

NL: Kleuren voor Parasols

Kleuren voor Thai traditionele bamboe parasols uit watervast katoen, geproduceert door ambachtslui in noord Thailandse dorpen met vernieuwbare grondstoffen en materiaal. JediCreations, groothandel, exporteur, producent van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur; in onze rol als thaise producent en exporteur zoeken wij importeurs, groothandelaren, kleinhandelaren in de import, groothandel, kleinhandel, ook in de online verkoop, kerstmarkt en vlooienmarkt voor onze thai traditionele bamboe parasols uit watervast katoen. Uw reële gelegenheid om van direkte import-export van Thaise ambachtartikelen en exports uit Thailand voor uw importzaak, groothandelsbedrijf or detailhandel nut te trekken.

DE: Farbauswahl Sonnenschirme und Regenshirme

Farben und Farbauswahl für Thai traditonelle Bambus Handschirme, Bambus Gartenschirme und Bambus Sonnenschirme mit wasserfestem Baumwollbezug hergestellt durch Handwerker in nord thailändischen Dörfern aus erneuerbaren Rohstoffen und Materialien. JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur; als Hersteller und Exporteur suchen wir Importeure, Großhändler, und Einzelhändler im Import-Export, Großhandel, Einzelhandel sowie im online Verkauf, Weihnachtsmarkt und Flohmarkt für unsere traditonelle Bambus Handschirme, Bambus Gartenschirme und Bambus Sonnenschirme mit wasserfestem Baumwollbezug. Ihre reale Gelegenheit aus dem Export von Thai Handwerksartikeln und Export aus Thailand für Ihr Importgeschäft, Grosshandel oder Einzelhandelsgeschäft Nutzen zu ziehen.

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