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Decorative Carved Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Containers

Hand carved soap flowers, in economical yet tastefully aesthetic plastic boxes. Twenty different flowers in many color variations, each soap flower presented on a Saa paper background. This series of soap flowers features a round or heart shaped plastic container with a removable lid. Carved soap flowers are decorative items, not intended for use as a soap. Contact us if you believe these soap flowers might be of interest to your customers and wish to receive more information:

Practical Applications for Carved Soap Flowers in Plastic Containers

Our unique hand carved soap flowers in plasticboxes are very popular add-on sales items in flower shops, make very good gifts at weddings, baby showers and the heart shape is very popular as a gift for Valentine's day, for mother's day and as a memorable sweet gift for many other occasion. Once received as a gift, aside from keeping the person who gave them close at heart, they make for ideal decorative items for any room in the home, on any surface that allows for decorations such as bookshelves, window sills, open cabinets, and also to liven up the bathroom. Your customers will usually keep the soap flower closed, while the plastic cover protects the soap flower and at the same time allowing you to enjoy the realistically colorful and finely carved flower. Soap flowers certainly not a standard gift item.

Order Information

Manufacture and Product Details Carved Soap Flowers in Plastic Containers


Soap, Saa paper decoration, plastic container.

Flower Types:

Approximately twenty finely carved flower types in variable color combinations. According to order we can make custom flowers and flower colors.


Scents vary. The fragrance is the normal fragrance of the soap used for carving the soap flower, which is slightly accented by the soap carving (or the larger surface resulting from the soap carving). The type and intensity of soap scents varies.Additional perfuming is optionally available, while perfuming effects are temporary (up to a few days).


Round or heart shaped spherical clear plastic containers.

Production Time:

Carved soap flowers are made to order. Generally, our artisans require about 10-14 days production time for sample volumes of 120/150 pieces. Standard orders are produced at higher rate.


These soap flowers are fully hand carved. Slight variations among identical flowers may occur from one soap flower to the oteher.


We can make custom flower designs according to your preferred natural or imaginative flower. Customisations may require an addtional one-time charge of 25.00-45.00 usd and may carry an addtional cost per piece, depending on the design.


This soap flower is handmade in two standard sizes, small and large. Sizes below include the dimensions of the plastic container. Round model SOAPFL-CP-101 is available in small and large size with small and large size soap flowers respectively. Generally custom sizes are possible, yet need to fit the available containers.New: heart shaped soap flower model SOAPFL-CP-102 is now available in both small and large sizes.Sizes may vary somewhat from the specifications given:

Dimensions Details - Hand Carved Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Container


sphere diameter Ø 5.0 x height 3.5 cm
20 gram

sphere Ø 2.00 inch x approx. height 1.38 inch
0.71 ounce


sphere diameter Ø 7.0 x height 5.0 cm
40 gram

sphere Ø 2.75 inch x height 1.96 inch
1.41 ounce


heart length 4.5 x width 3 x height 1.5 cm
20 gram

heart length 1.75 x width 1.18 x height 0.59 inch
1.41 ounce


heart length 7.0 x width 6.0 x height 2.0 cm
40 gram

heart length 2.75 x width 2.36 x height 1.96 inch
1.41 ounce

Packaging Details Hand Carved Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Container

Item Packaging:

Items are standard not packaged individually. Standard packaging is 10 items per shrink wrapped pack, 5 items long by 2 items wide. Other packaging configurations are available, please contact us.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications.

Wholesale Price Hand Carved Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Container

Wholesale Price:

Please contact us for a wholesale price quote, mentioning model numbers and quantities. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs.

Minimum Order:

Carved soap flowers in plastic hearts and spheres have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Total MOQ is 200 pieces assorted flowers in either hearts, spheres or equally combined.

Carved Soap Flowers in Plastic Containers

Samples Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
SOAPFL-CP101-S 100 2.00 USD 45 x 40 x 10 0.018000 2.00 3.00 3.00
SOAPFL-CP101-L 100 2.80 USD 45 x 55 x 15 0.044500 4.00 5.50 7.00
SOAPFL-CP102-S 200 1.96 USD 45 x 40 x 20 0.030000 4.00 5.00 6.00
SOAPFL-CP102-L 200 2.80 USD 45 x 55 x 30 0.070000 8.00 9.50 12.37

Shipping Details Hand Carved Soap Flowers

Ships From:

Ships Ex Workshop from Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand. Items are GSP categorised.

Shipping Methods:

Couriers DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS with 3-5 business days approximate door-to-door shipping time, Air freight approximately one week net shipping time. Sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter volume with approximatly 30-38 days net shipping time. We do not ship carved soap flowers by postal mail.

Shipping Cost:

Please contact us with your desired number of items so that we can prepare a specific shipping quote for the number of pieces you are interested in.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL volume prices. It is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, free on board or cost-insurance-freight according to your preference and, if desired, recommend the most appropriate delivery method.

Hand Carved Soap Flowers:

Abstract and Languages:

EN: Wholesale Hand Carved Soap Flowers in Clear Plastic Boxes

Uniquely decorative hand carved soap flowers presented in round plastic boxes and heart shaped plastic boxes. JediCreations, wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor; as manufacturer and exporter we are seeking importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, including in online sales, christmas markets and flea markets for our handmade decorative carved soap flowers in clear palstic containers; your real opportunities to benefit from unique Thai crafts exports and exports Thailand in your import business, wholesale business or retail business. On this page:

DE: Handgeschnitzte Seifenblumen in Durchsichtigem Plastikbehälter

Einzigartig dekorative, handgeschnitzte Blumenblüten aus Seife, presentiert in durchsichtige runde Plastikbehälter oder durchsichtige herzförmige Plastikbehälter. Blumenblüten handgeschnitzt aus echter Seife. JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk, ländliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur; als Hersteller und Exporteur suchen wir Importeure, Großhändler, und Einzelhändler im Import-Export, Großhandel, Einzelhandel sowie im online Verkauf, Weihnachtsmarkt und Flohmarkt für unsere exklusive handgeschnitzte Seifenblumen aus dem ländlichen Norden Thailands. Ihre reale Gelegenheit aus dem Export von Thai Handwerksartikeln und Export aus Thailand für Ihr Importgeschäft, Grosshandel oder Einzelhandelsgeeschäft Nutzen zu ziehen.

NL: Bloemen Zeepjes, Dekoratieve Zeep Bloemen in Ronde en Hartformige Plastic Doosjes

Dekoratieve bloemen zeepjes, vaak ook zeepbloemen of zeep bloemen genoemd, gepresenteerd in ronde doosjes van doorzichtig plastic en hartformige doorzichtige plastic doosjes. Handgesneden en gebeitetelde bloemen uit echte stukken zeep. JediCreations, groothandel, exporteur, producent van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur; in onze rol als thaise producent en exporteur zoeken wij importeurs, groothandelaren, kleinhandelaren in de import, groothandel, kleinhandel, ook in de online verkoop kerstmarkt en vlooienmarkt voor onze unieke mangohout kaarsen, mangohout kaarsen kandelaars, mongohout teelicht houders. Uw reële gelegenheid om van direkte import-export van Thaise ambachtartikelen en exports uit Thailand voor uw importzaak, groothandelsbedrijf or detailhandel nut te trekken.

Photography Hand Carved Soap Flowers by the JediCreations team.
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