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Carved Soap Flower Types, Designs and Color Patterns

Carved Soap Flower Types, Designs and Color Patterns - Seifenblumen Blumenarten und Farben
Tipos y Diseños de las Flores del Jabón, Patrones del Color
Types et Conceptions de Fleurs de Savon et Modèles de Couleur
Tipi e Disegni di Fiori del Sapone e Modelli di Colore
Bloemenzeepjes Bloemsoorten en Kleuren - Typer og Design Såpeblomster og Farger Mønstre
Tipos e Projetos de Flores do Sabão e Testes Padrões da Cor

Our hand carved soap flowers are available in the following flower blossom types, designs and color patterns. We can customise color patterns according to you or your customers' preferences. Colors may vary and if desired you can choose specific color patterns. We also make custom blossoms.

Custom Colors and Communicating Colors:

The flower types and designs shown above indicate currently popular color combinations as well as colors preferred by our artisans. Your consumer market may prefer different and seasonal color sets and color combinations. We manufacture according to your and your market's color preferences.
You can communicate colors to us in terms of the color used in the above flower designs, or colors used in the soap flowers of our four main soap flower sections. You can also use several other color definition methods such as Pantone® ("coated/uncoated" color-guide), or tell us your preferred colors using Color Chart with X11 Color Keywords with the corresponding "hex" code numbers, or send us any web page address containing your preferred colors. You can also emails us photographs with your preferred colors or send us actual color samples. In some cases the processing of custom colors may incur a 22.50 usd color setting charge. We do not guarantee a scientifically precise match, but in practice we are able to catch your preferred color very closely. The service charge (if required) is applied after you confirm your order (or your order for samples).

Custom Flower Designs:

In addition to the above flower types and designs, our artisans may be in a position to hand carve your preferred custom design. Processing custom flower types may incur a 45.00 usd custom design charge for each design. The service charge (if required) is applied after you confirm your order (or your order for samples).

Soap Flower Spheres:

Each soap flower is packaged in its individual hand painted or embossed sphere. For unique sphere designs, or custom sphere designs please see the » Overview Soap Flowers ... or the appropriate details sections.

Individual Product Packaging:

Each soap flower with its encasing sphere is standard packaged in a sturdy hard carton box lined with natural, renewable Saa paper, with a removable lid. While the lid fits quite well on the box, a decorative natural hemp string is supplied with each package that can be tied at point of sales:
a colorful selection of attractive, natural mulberry paper boxes

Hand Carved Soap Flowers:

Abstract and Languages:

EN: Carved Soap Flower Types, Designs and Color Patterns

Designs and color patterns for our hand carved soap flowers, hand crafted by northern Thai village artisans from natural renewable materials. On this page:

ES: Tipos de las Flores del Jabón, Diseños de las Flores del Jabón y Patrones del Color de las Flores del Jabón

Tipos, diseños y patrones del color de las flores del jabón para nuestras flores del jabón hechas por los artesanos tailandeses norteños de la aldea de los materiales naturales reanudables.

DE: Seifenblumen Blumenarten und Farben

Blumenarten und Farben für unsere handgeschnitzten Seifenblumen hergestellt durch Handwerker in nord thailändischen Dörfern aus erneuerbaren Rohstoffen und Materialien.

FR: Types de Fleurs de Savon, Conceptions des Fleurs de Savon et Modèles de Couleur

Conceptions des fleurs de savon et modèles de couleur pour nos fleurs de savon faites par les artisans thaïs nordiques de village des matériaux renouvelables naturels.

IT: Tipi di Fiori del Sapone, Disegni dei Fiori del Sapone e Modelli di Colore

ODisegni dei fiori del sapone e modelli di colore per i nostri fiori del sapone fatte dagli artigianale tailandesi nordici del villaggio dei materiali naturali rinnovabili.

NL: Zeep Bloemen Bloemsoorten en Kleuren

EBloemsoorten en kleurpatronen voor onze zeep bloemen geproduceert door ambachtslui in noord Thailandse dorpen met vernieuwbare grondstoffen en materiaal.

NO: Typer Såpeblomster, Design av Såpeblomster, Farger Mønstre

Design av sSåpeblomster, farger mønstre for vår såpeblomster laget ved nordlig Thai landsby håndverkfolk fra fornybar naturlig stoff.

PO: Tipos de Flores do Sabão, Projetos de Flores do Sabão, Testes Padrões da Cor

Tipos de flores do sabão, projetos de flores do sabão, testes padrões da cor, para nossas flores do sabão feitas produzido por artesãos tailandeses do norte de aldeia de materiais renováveis naturais.

Photography Hand Carved Soap Flowers by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 28 November 2016.