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Foon™ Twig Pencils


Lápices de la Ramita con las Dragones y Figuras Coloridas
Ast-Beleisifte mit Drachen und Figuren
Tak Potloden met Draken en Figuurtjes

Our hand made twig pencils are made of locally sourced, natural small twigs and branches. They are each decorated with uniquely artistic Foon™ Figures, made by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen working in their rural home workshops. You'll find these figures perched on the upper part of the pencil, there are Chamelions, Dragons, Lizards, Sharks, even a Moai from the Easter Islands.

Foon™ Twig Pencils

New Models, July 2008: Foon™ Twig Pencils

Practical Applications for Hand-Sculpted Twig Pencils

A selection of our uniquely artistic twig pencils made with locally sourced natural twigs and handmade colorful figures perched on the twig pencil ends. Cool gifts for everyone, for home use, office use, school use. Some of our retailer customers have informed us that their customers also use them as decorations for planters, so that the little animals appear to emerge from a small branch under the plants and flowers. We can also add text to the pencils, so with your slogan or company name, they can serve as memorable promotional items. All in all they are both useful and nifty. Long lasting and very low cost for a great effect.

Order Information

Twig Pencils Manufacture and Product Details


Twig Pencils are standard in one size which ranges from about 18-22 cm (7-9 in) length, including the Foon figure, pencil thickness is about 1.5-3 cm (½-1¼ in) without the Foon figure. As these pencils are made with natural twigs and branches, and the Foon figures are handmade, so actual sizes may vary somewhat.

Item Dimensions:

approx. length 18-22 cm with figure, width 1.5-3 cm without figure, 37-63 gram
apporx. length 7-9 inch with figure, width ½-1¼ Foon figure, 1.3-2.2 ounce


Pencils are made of small wooden twigs and branches, the figures are made of natural Foon™ material.

Twig Pencil Designs:

Displayed Foon™ Figure design styles are chameleon, cockatoo, dragon, elephant, frog, iguana, imafish, lizard, moai, monkey, shark, turtle. Three other designs not shown are COBRA-01, FROG-02, MOAI-2. Customisations are also possible.

Production Time:

All Foon pencils are made to order. Generally, our artisans require about 14 days production time for 100 pieces, about 18 days for 500 pieces


As natural twigs and branches are used, the sizes can vary according to prevailing availability. The foon figures are handmade, so each piece is somewhat unique and colors may be variable with artisan discretion unless customer requests otherwise.


Item Packaging:

Foon Twig Pencils individually packaged in clear plastic sleeves, unless otherwise requested.

Batch Packaging:

Batch packaging according to customer order and can also be packaged with other items.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton.

Wholesale Price

Wholesale Price:

Please contact us for a wholesale price quote, mentioning model numbers and quantities. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs.

Minimum Order:

Twig pencils have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 10 pieces per design with total MOQ 100 pieces.

Shipping Details

Ships From:

Ships Ex Workshop, Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Shipping Methods:

Couriers DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS. Postal mail options, air freight, sea freight CIF, FOB.

Shipping Cost:

Please let us know your preferred order quantity so that we can prepare a specific shipping quote for the number of pieces you are interested in.

Wholesale Twig Pencils, Manufacturer Artisans Direct

Samples Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
FOONTWIP 300 1.50 USD 40 x 40 x 30 0.0480 13.500 14.500 9.600
FOONTWIP 500 1.30 USD 44 x 44 x 75 0.1452 22.500 23.500 29.040

Hand-sculpted Foon™ Figures:

Abstract and Languages:

EN: Artfully Hand-sculpted Foon™ Twig Pencils

Artfully hand-sculpted Foon pencils, manufacturer artisans wholesale, made of wooden twigs and branches, crafted by local northern Thai village artisans from natural renewable materials. JediCreations, wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor; as producer and exporter we are seeking importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, including in online sales, christmas markets and flea markets for our artfully handmade Foon twig pencils, wholesale, made of wooden twigs and branches. On this page:

DE: Handgeformte dekorative Foon™ Ast-Beleisifte mit Drachen und anderen Figuren, aus Holzästchen

Künstlerisch handgeformte, dekorative Foon™ Ast-Bleistife aus Holzästchen, verziert mit farbigen Figuren Chamelion, Cockatoo, Drachen, Elefant, Frosch, Iguana, Fisch, Salamander, Affe, Hai, Schildkröte. Oben nicht gezeigt sind Frosch 2, Moai 2, und die Kobra. Wir können diese Ast-Bleisifte koennen auch mit Text versehen (siehe Hai), die Ast-Bleistifte sind somit auch als Werbegeschenke gut geeignet. Sie werden hergestellt von Handwerkern in nord thailändischen Dörfern aus erneuerbaren Rohstoffen und Materialien. JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur; wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage für unsere in Handarbeit hergestellten dekorativen Foon™ Ast-Bleistife aus Holzästchen und Verzierungen für Ihren Importhandel, Einzelhandel, Internethandel, oder als Werbegeschenk Ihrer Firma.

NL: Kunstig Handgemaakte Foon™ Tak Potloden met Draken en andere Figuurtjes, van Houten Takjes

Kunstige Foon tak potloden, gemaakt van houten takjes versierd met kleurrijke Figuurtjes Chamelion, Cockatoo, Draak, Olifant, Kikker, Iguana, Vis, Salamander, Aap, Haai, Schildpad. Niet afgebeeld zijn Kikker 2, Moai 2 en de Cobra. Wij kunnen deze tak potloden ook van tekst voorzien (zie Haai), onze tak potloden zijn daarmee goed geschikt voor relatiegeschenken. Onze tak potloden worden zijn volledig hangemaakt door lokale dorpelijkse ambachtslui hier in noord Thailand, met gebruik van lokale, vernieuwbare materialen. Wij verheugen ons op uw aanvraag voor onze ambachtelijk gemaakte decorative Foon™ tak potloden op houten takjes met versieringen voor uw importzaak, groothandel, detailhandel, internethandel of als relatiegeschenk van uw bedrijf.

Photography Hand-sculpted Foon™ Twig Pencils by the JediCreations team.
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