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Wholesale Arched Bridge Mango Wood Candle Holders

Made from replaced mango fruit trees.

We present our design selection of our popular arched bridge CAMA Mango Wood Candle Holders. Good for all seasons, while especially nice in autumn and winter. All new, natural looking designs using environmentally responsible wood, mango wood as personally ascertained by our team. As with all our items, you order directly from the northern Thailand countryside, wholesale directly from the source. Contact us if you believe your customers might be interested in these beautifully designed and well crafted items.

Hand Carved, Arched Bridge Mango Wood Candle Holders

Arched Bridge Carved Mango Wood Candle Holders, Wholesale

Arched Painted Mango Wood Candle Holders, Wholesale

CAMA™ Candles and Candle Holders is an international trademark by JEDI International, Ltd.

Practical Applications for our Arched Bridge Mango Wood Candle Holders

These mango wood candle holders are hand crafted by our neighbour northern Thailand artisans under principles of Fair Trade. They are made with locally sourced mango tree wood that originates from renewing mango tree orchards, and thus pose no threat to natural rainforests or replanted forestation. While we show our new design themes in our classic arched bridge set shapes, our regular customers know that our design motifs are available also in a large number of other shapes. Our selection is specifically designed to enhance your customers' cozy, warm winter home atmosphere. These candle holders give candle light for both festive family atmosphere and cozy romantic evenings. As with many things in life, it's the atmosphere that counts. And you can create it...

Order Information

Manufacture and Product Details


Each set consists of three pieces. Two types are available. Type A is slightly larger and the smallest candle holder of the three-piece set has an arch. Type B is slightly smaller and the smallest piece is solid, without an arch. Dimensions below are longest Length x Width (Depth) x Height. Savings on BRC Type B lies mainly with shipping methods that go by weight.

Item Dimensions:

TYPE A (larger):
- Large, approx: 20.5 x 6.5 x 10 cm, 260 gram or 8 x 2½ x 4 inch, 10 ounce
- Medium, approx: 15 x 6.5 x 7.5 cm, 140 gram or 6 x 2½ x 3 inch, 5 ounce
- Small , approx: 10 x 6.5 x 4 cm, 60 gram or 4 x 2½ x 1½ inch, 2 ounce

TYPE B (smaller):
- Large, approx: 18 x 6 x 9 cm, 180 gram or 7 x 2½ x 3½ inch, 6.4 ounce
- Medium, approx: 12.5 x 6 x c cm, 140 gram or 6 x 2½ x 3 inch, 5 ounce
- Small , approx: 7 x 6 x 3.5 cm, 60 gram or 2¾ x 2½ x 1¼ inch, 2 ounce


All items are made of pure mango wood, hand carved, hand painted and hand finished.


new collection designs Ivy Gourd Leaf, Rubber Leaf, Lotus Blossoms, Sea Shells, Magic Rings, Starry Nights, Long Kisses, Poffertjes, InteGrated, Netscape, Extroverted, Riviera, Biarritz, Missisippi, Contour, as well as carved and painted designs. Customisations are also possible.

Production Time:

All mango wood candle holders are made to order. Generally, our artisans require about 14 days production time for 100-300 pieces, about 18 days for 500 pieces


As these mango wood candle holders are hand crafted, carved and hand painted, sizes can vary somewhat and the design carvings and finish may show variability as well.

Not Included:

Tea lights are not included in standard price, volume and weight specifications. To include tea lights, please detail color and shape options in your enquiry.


CAMA™ Mango Wood Candles and Candle Holders are available with CAMA™ Trademark, your trademark or in neutral version (no trademark). All items are marked "Handmade in Thailand"

Product Packaging

Item Packaging:

Sets of three L-M-S pieces are packaged together. Set packaging consists fine mulberry wrapping paper, and newsprint paper. Alternatively, for presentation as a ready-made gift item, gift set packaging is optionally available. Please contact us for details.

Batch Packaging:

Batch packaging according to customer order. These mango wood candle holders can also be packed with any of our other items.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton.

Gift Packaging:

For staff or business relations gifts, gift packaging of individual sets is optionally available. Gift packaging is different from the above standard export packaging method. Gift package presentation is in an attractive silk lined or mulberry paper lined box with a decorative ribbon. Tea lights can be included. Custom company or gift labels can be included. Contact us for details.

Shipping Details

Ships From:

Ships Ex Works, Northern Thailand. CoO: Thailand.


All major courier services, postal mail, air freight and sea freight LCL and FCL.


We calculate and inform you of suggested, most economical shipping cost based on your specific enquiry quantity, or you appoint your preferred freight forwarder.


These items ship regularly by both courier and sea freight. Sea freight minimum is 1 cubic meter and economic recommendation is 2 cubic meters. Sea freight takes up to about 44-52 days. Courier is generally 3-5 days to your doorstep. Contact us for further details and professional recommendations.

Minimum Order and Wholesale Price

Minimum Order:

Arched bridge type mango wood candle holders sets have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5 pieces per design with total MOQ of 25 pieces.

Wholesale Price:

Please contact us for a wholesale price quote, mentioning model numbers and quantities. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Below are sample prices.

Wholesale Price Arched Bridge Mango Wood Candle Holders
Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
BRC Set Type A 25 5.89 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 15.000 16.500 20.630
BRC Set Type B 25 5.89 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 14.500 16.000 20.630

Ex workshop prices, minimum 25 pieces including up to 5 models. Tea lights are not included in the above price, weight and volume specifications.

Please contact us for details, samples quotes including suggested shipping methods, export quantity quotes. Directly from northern Thailand artisans.

Create Atmosphere - Day and Night. Mango Wood Candles & Candle Holders.

Language Abstracts

EN: Hand Carved, Arched Bridge Mango Wood Candle Holders

We present our favourite selection of arched, bridge type, wholesale mango wood candle holders in sets of three pieces, manufacturer artisans direct from northern Thailand. Crafted by local northern Thai village artisans from mango wood originating from renewing mango wood plantations. These new design arched bridge mango wood candle holders are well suited for the coming festive winter season. According to their shape, these mango wood candle holders are sometime referred to as arched, arc or bridge candle holders. There are good reasons to order early! On this page:

ES: Tallada Mano Sostenedores de la Vela de Madera del Mango Puente Arqueado

Presentamos nuestra selección de tipo arqueado del puente, sostenedores de vela de madera del mango al por mayor. Están disponibles en los sistemas de tres pedazos; los artesanos del fabricante de la aldea dirigen de Tailandia norteña. La madera del mango origina de plantaciones de renovación de madera del mango. Estos sostenedores de vela de madera arqueados nuevo diseño del mango del puente son ideales para la estación festiva del invierno que viene. Debido a su forma, estos sostenedores de vela de madera del mango se refieren alguna vez según lo arqueado, arco o los sostenedores de vela del puente. Es una buena idea ordenar temprano y evitar embotellamientos de la producción, y disfruta de métodos más baratos del envíío.

DE: Handgeschnitzte Kerzenhalter aus Mangoholz in Brückendesign

Wir präsentieren unserere Mangoholz Kerzenhalter in in 3-er Sets Brückendesign, direkt aus nord Thailand. Handgeschnitzt durch Handwerkerinnen und Handwerker in nord Thailand's Dörfern aus Mangoholz erneuernder Mango Plantagen. Die neuen Designs unserer Mangoholz Kerzenhalter sind sicherlich sehr gut geeignet für die kommende Herbst, Winter und Weihnachtszeit. Auch in Geschenkverpackung erhältlich. Bestellen Sie frühzeitig um spätere Herstellungsengpässe zu vermeiden und preisgünstige Versandarten zu geniessen. - Übrigens sprechen wir auch deutsch !

FR: Bougeoirs en Bois de Mangue en Forme de Pont Arqué Vente en Gros

Nous présentons notre choix de bougeoirs en bois de mangue en forme de pont arqué, vente en gros. Ils sont disponibles dans les ensembles de trois morceaux. Ceux-ci sont fabriqués par des artisans locaux du village du nord de la Thaïlande, et fabriqués avec du bois de mangue provenant de plantations de manguiers, où les arbres sont remplacés. Le bois de mangue provient des plantations de renouvellement en bois de mangue. Ces bougeoirs en bois de mangue arqués nouvelle par conception de mangue de pont sont idéaux pour la prochaine saison de fête d'hiver. En raison de leur forme, ces bougeoirs en bois de mangue désigné autrefois sous le nom de arquer, arc ou supports de bougie de pont. C'est une bonne idée de passer commande tôt et d'éviter des goulots de production, et apprécie des méthodes meilleur marché d'expédition.

IT: Candelieri Ponti ad Arco Fatte di Mango Legno - All'Ingrosso

Vi presentiamo la nostra selezione preferita di arco, tipo di ponte, legno di mango portacandele in gruppi di tre pezzi, il commercio all'ingrosso. Realizzato da artigiani locali del villaggio del nord tailandese dal legno di mango provenienti dal rinnovo delle piantagioni di legno di mango. Questi nuovi supporti di candela di legno progettazione ponte ad arco di mango sono adatti per la prossima stagione invernale di festa. Secondo la loro forma, queste legno di mango portacandele sono talvolta indicati come ad arco, arco o ponte portacandele. Ci sono buone ragioni per ordinare in anticipo!

NL: Handgebeitelde Mangohout Kaarsen Houders Brug Vorm

Wij presenteren onze collectie van mangohout kaarsen houders in brug design in sets van drie stuks, direkt uit noord Thailand. Handgebeiteld door ambachtsvrouwen en mannen op het platteland van noord Thailand van mangohout afkomstig van vernieuwende mango plantages. De nieuwe designs brug vorm mangohout kaarsen houders zijn eventueel zeer goed geschikt voor de komende herfst, winter en kerst dagen. Zij zijn ook in cadeau verpakkingen verkrijgbaar. Bestelt U vroegtijdig om productie wachttijden te vermijden en om gunstigere verzendingsmethodes the gebruiken. - Overigens spreken wij ook nederlands !

PO: A Mão Cinzelou, Suportes de Vela de Madeira da Manga da Ponte Arqueada

Nós apresentamos nossa seleção do tipo arqueado da ponte, suportes de vela de madeira da manga por atacado. Estão disponíveis nos jogos de três partes; os artesões do fabricante da vila dirigem de Tailândia do norte. A madeira da manga origina das plantações de renovação da madeira da manga. Estes projeto novo suportes de vela de madeira arqueados da manga da ponte são ideais para a estação festiva de vinda do inverno. Por causa de sua forma, estes suportes de vela de madeira da manga são referidos algum dia como arqueados, arco ou suportes de vela da ponte. É uma boa idéia requisitar cedo e evitar gargalos da produção, e aprecia uns mé todos mais baratos do transporte.

Photography of Mango Wood Arched Bridge Candle Holders by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 14 December 2016.