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Wholesale Bamboo Candles

Bambuskerzen - Bougies en Bambou
Candele di Bambù - Bamboe Kaarsen - Bamboo Lys
Velas de Bambu - Velas de Bambú

Our popular collection of creatively decorative bamboo candles & candle holders, handmade in northern Thailand. Many models displayed below with one item are actually available in up to four standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. Wholesale, B2B only, at low minimum order quantities. Contact us to prepare your season's retail portfolio. We are also happy to assist you with shipping questions.


The candle wax is fixed into the bamboo. After the original candle has run its course, the bamboo of most candles is sufficiently wide to accommodate a standard tea light, for prolonged use.

Minimum Order Quantity

These bamboo candles are available wholesale at 24 pieces minimum order with minimum 6 pieces per model.


Note that they are handmade, natural items, with bamboo being a relatively quickly renewable natural resource. Due to their nature, bamboo candles may show variations in dimensions and weights with up to about plus/minus 1 cm (½ inch) variance.

We hope you like our handmade bamboo candles! We believe your customers will appreciate them too.

Feel free to contact us for prices, volume, weight and other information, or to send us a comment.

Our featured selection of Wholesale Candles and Candle Holders:

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Bamboo Candles and Bamboo Candle Holders

Wholesale bamboo candles and decorative bamboo candle holders, handmade by village artisans in northern Thailand, with natural, renewable, local materials. JediCreations, wholesale, manufacturer exports of "handmade village crafts and home decor".

ES: Velas de Bambú y Porta Velas de Bambú por Mayor

Velas por mayor de bambú y porta velas de bambú decorativos, hecho a mano por artesanos del pueblo en el norte de Tailandia, con materiales naturales y renovables, locales. JediCreations, al por mayor, las exportaciones del fabricante de artesanías hechas a mano y las aldeas decoración para el hogar.

DE: Großhandel Bambuskerzen und Bambuskerzenständer, Bambuskerzenhalter

Großhandel Bambus Kerzen und dekorative Bambus Kerzenhalter. Ländliches Handwerk aus Nord-Thailand, hergestellt mit natürlichen, erneuerbaren, heimischen Materialien. JediCreations, Großhandel, Hersteller Export von Handwerk und Wohnkultur.

FR: Bougies de Bambou et Bougeoirs de Bambou en Gros

Bougies et bougeoirs de bambou en gros. Fabriqués à la main par des artisans de village dans le nord de la Thaïlande, préparés avec des matériaux locaux renouvelables naturelles. JediCreations, en gros, les exportations du fabricant de L'Artisanat du Village et de la Décoration Fait à la Main.

IT: Candele di Bambù e Portacandele Bambù all'Ingrosso

Candele e portacandele bambù all'ingrosso. Fatti a mano da artigiani del villaggio nel nord della Thailandia, a base di materiali locali, naturali e rinnovabili. JediCreations, commercio all'ingrosso, le esportazioni produttore di Artigianato Villaggio e Decorazioni per la Casa Fatti a Mano.

JP: 卸売竹のキャンドルや竹のキャンドルホルダー

卸売竹のキャンドルや竹のキャンドルホルダー 竹キャンドルや竹のキャンドルホルダー、卸売のみ。手は、自然、再生可能な、地元の素材で作られた、タイ北部の村の職人によって作ら。 JediCreations 、卸売、メーカーの輸出 手作り村の工芸品や家の装飾

NL: Groothandel Bamboe Kaarsen en Bamboe Kandelaars

Bamboe kaarsen en bamboe kandelaars, alleen groothandel. De hand gemaakt door landelijke ambachtslieden in het noorden van Thailand, gemaakt met natuurlijke, duurzame, lokale materialen. JediCreations, groothandel, fabrikant uitvoer van handgemaakte landelijke ambachten en home decor.

PT: Atacado Velas de Bambu e Castiçais de Bambu

Velas de bambu e castiçais de bambu, atacado apenas. Feitas à mão por artesãos rurais no norte da Tailândia, feitos com materiais renováveis, naturais locais. JediCreations, as exportações atacado, fabricante de feitas à mão artesanato rural e decoração da casa.

Photography Bamboo Candles and Candle Holders by the JediCreations team.
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