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Mango Wood Candle Holders, Wholesale in Unique Shapes

from fruit trees    

Popular unique and diverse models of mango wood candle holders, handmade by highly skilled village artisans in northern Thailand. Models from elliptic cylinders to tapered conic shapes and from our modern popular "Hi Tech" designs to the classic gold hand painted candle holders. We believe that each of your customers will find their taste reflected in either one or the other of these popular choices. And you will appreciate the low wholesale purchase price.

These mango wood candle holders are available under our house trademark CAMA™ Mango Wood Candles and Candle Holders, or if you prefer, simply without branding.

Wholesale Cubic and Disc Mango Wood Candle Holders

Wholesale Round Frame Mango Wood Candle Holders

Wholesale Diverse Shapes Gold Painted Mango Wood Candle Holders

Wholesale Disc and Goblet Mango Wood Candle Holders, Tea Light Holders

CAMA™ Candle and Candle Holders is an international trademark by JEDI International, Ltd.

Order Information

Manufacture and Product Details


For dimensions and weights details please click on each of the above images. The large image shows size and weight details.


Raw material for these candle holders is exclusively wood from mango fruit plantations that are being renewed. Use of these candle holders does not affect tropical forests and may be considered environmentally friendly.

Colours and Designs:

Most popular colors for the above models are brown, maroon and black. We can apply any color, design, carving or painting of any shown item on other items throughout our mango wood collection. For other colors, designs, carvings or paintings, please let us know. You can also assemble your own sets of items using specific designs. Designs can also be applied to mango wood vases, for creation of matching candle holders and vases sets.

Manufacturing Time:

These items are exclusively made to order. We need approximately fourteen days production time for 100-300 pieces, approximately eighteen days for 500 pieces.


These handmade items will exhibit some variability from specifications in dimensions, weights and hand carved and hand painted design patterns. Each piece is different.


Tea lights are not included in standard volume, weight and price details. A wide variety of handmade tea lights is available for your choice.


Labels may consist of the CAMA™ Mango Wood Candles and Candle Holders trademark, your trademark or no trademark. For customs purposes all items are marked "Handmade in Thailand".

Product and Shipping Packaging

Item Packaging:

Items are standard wrapped in Saa wrapping paper and newsprint paper. Packaging in attractive gift boxes is optionally available. Please contact us for details.

Batch Packaging:

According to your order. These mango wood candle holders can also be packaged with other items.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton.

Gift Packaging:

We have gift packages available. These include presentation in pleasing mulberry paper or silk lined boxes in a variety of colors. Tea lights can be included. Custom gift messages or labels can be included. With gift packaging these items make very good staff relations gifts for festive occasions such as anniversaries and Christmas. Contact us for details.

Shipping Details

Ships From:

Ships Ex Workshop, Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Shipping Methods:

Couriers DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS. Postal mail, air freight, sea freight CIF, FOB. Shipping may be arranged by you, your agent or by us.

Shipping Cost:

Based on your enquiry details of order volume, destination and arrival deadline, we calculate and inform you of the most economic shipping costs.

Shipping Suggestion:

We regularly ship mango wood candle holders by courier. A higher ROI can be achieved by using slow (net 30-38 days, gross 44-52 days) sea freight. Sea freight consignment minimum economic volume is 1-2 cubic meters (or about 350-750 pieces). Contact us for shipping costs and suggestions.

Minimum Order and Wholesale Price

Wholesale Price:

Please » contact us for a manufacturer wholesale price quote, mentioning model numbers and quantities. Item price quotes are ex workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is up to 5 pieces per shape and design pattern with a total MOQ of 20-30 pieces. Different MOQ applies for gift packaging options.


Please contact us if you are interested in these items and wish order samples.

Wholesale Price Diverse Shapes Mango Wood Candle Holders
Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
RCD101 - Set SML 10 8.14 USD 36 x 31 x 40 0.0446 5.000 6.500 7.440
TCD101 - Set SML 10 8.14 USD 36 x 31 x 40 0.0446 5.000 6.500 7.440
CUC101 25 2.64 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 6.000 7.500 4.840
FCC101 25 2.00 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 4.000 5.500 4.840
RSP101 25 8.25 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 25.000 26.500 20.630
REP101 25 6.39 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 25.000 26.500 20.630
YYP101 25 4.50 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 10.000 11.500 4.840
ROL101 20 8.25 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 24.000 25.500 20.630
ROC101 20 8.25 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 24.000 25.500 20.630
RCP103 25 2.32 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 7.500 9.000 4.840
FCP103 30 2.00 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 3.600 5.100 4.840
PIP103 25 6.39 USD 45 x 40 x 35 0.0630 13.750 15.250 10.500
PLP103 25 6.39 USD 45 x 40 x 35 0.0630 7.500 9.00 10.500
HGP103 25 5.75 USD 45 x 40 x 35 0.0630 5.000 6.500 10.500
TUC108 25 2.00 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 4.500 6.000 4.840
FBC110 25 3.25 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 10.500 11.500 4.840
LGP101 25 3.57 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 3.750 5.250 4.840
HGC114 25 5.75 USD 45 x 40 x 35 0.0630 5.000 6.500 10.500
TWP101 25 6.39 USD 55 x 45 x 50 0.1238 25.000 26.500 20.630

Prices are ex works. The minimum order quantity is 20-30 pieces comprising up to 5 designs/model numbers. Please note that the above details are without tea lights, which we quote separately.

Please contact us for further information, quotes for samples with suggested shipping methods, or prices of higher quantity orders here. We reply to you by email within 24-48 hours.

Create Atmosphere - Day and Night. Mango Wood Candles & Candle Holders.

Language Abstracts

EN: Diverse Unique Shapes Mango Wood Candle Holders

Diverse shapes mango wood candle holders for tealights, in unique shapes from modern to traditional, including diverse models that are part of our special fall 2008 designs. As with all our mango wood items, these are made of wood originating from agro-industrial plantations. So, the purchase and use of these highly decorative candle holders will not affect natural forestation. They are also made under fair trade conditions. With very low prices based on manufacturer export wholesale conditions directly from the source in northern Thailand. Why buy in Bangkok when you can purchase from the source? It's probably worthwhile to show our diverse mango wood candle holders to your customers in the Christmas season. On this page:

ES: Sostenedores de Vela de Madera del Mango Único Diverso de las Formas

Los sostenedores de vela de madera del mango diverso de las formas para el té se encienden, en formas únicas de moderno a tradicional, incluyendo los modelos diversos que son parte de nuestros diseños especiales de la caída 2008. Como con todos nuestros artículos de madera del mango, éstos se hacen de la madera de plantaciones agroindustriales. Asíí pues, la compra y el uso de estos sostenedores de vela altamente decorativos no afectarán a la replantación forestal natural. También se hacen bajo condiciones comerciales justas. Con los precios bajos muy basados en venta al por mayor de la exportación del fabricante condiciona directamente de la fuente en Tailandia norteña. ¿Por qué compra en Bangkok cuando usted puede comprar de la fuente? Es probablemente de mérito demostrar este sostenedores de vela de madera del mango diverso de las formas a sus clientes, por el tiempo de la Navidad, así como el año entero.

DE: Diverse Einmalige Formen Mangoholz Kerzenhalter

Diverse einmalige Formen Mangoholz Kerzenhalter für Teelichter, in verschiedenen Formen vom modern bis traditionell, inklusive verschiedene Modelle unserer Herbst 2008 Kollektion. Wie all unsere Mangoholz Produkte, werden diese aus Holz agro-industrieller Plantagen hergestellent. Der Kauf hat also keinen Einfluss auf originale natürliche Bewaldung. Sie werden auch im Rahmen Fairen Handels hergestellt. Mit sehr niedrigen Preise zu Export/Grosshandelskonditionen direkt von der Quelle in nord Thailand. Warum in Bangkok kaufen wenn es Sie auch direkt von der Quelle kaufen können? Sicherlich wird es sich lohnen unsere verschiedenen Mangoholz Kerzenhalter vor der Ihren Kunden vorzustellen. Nicht nur Weihnachtszeit!

FR: Supports de Bougie en Bois de Mangue Unique Diverse de Formes

Les supports de bougie en bois de mangue diverse de formes pour bougies à thé, dans des formes uniques de moderne à traditionnel, y compris les modèles divers qui font partie de nos conceptions spéciales de la chute 2008. Comme avec tous nos articles en bois de mangue, ceux-ci sont faits de bois à partir des plantations agro-industrielles. Ainsi, l'achat et l'utilisation de ces supports de bougie fortement décoratifs n'affecteront pas la reforestation normale. Ils sont également faits dans des états de commerce juste. Très les prix bas étant basé sur la vente en gros d'exportation de fabricant conditionne directement de la source en Thaïlande nordique. Pourquoi achat à Bangkok quand vous pouvez acheter de la source ? Il est probablement intéressant de montrer ces la mangue diverse les supports de bougie en bois à vos clients, pendant le temps de Noël, aussi bien que l'année entière.

NL: Diverse Unieke Vormen Mangohout Kaarsenkandelaars

Wij presenteren onze collectie van mangohout kaarsen houders in brug design in sets van drie stuks, direkt uit noord Thailand. Handgebeiteld door ambachtsvrouwen en mannen op het platteland van noord Thailand van mangohout afkomstig van vernieuwende mango plantages. De nieuwe designs brug vorm mangohout kaarsen houders zijn eventueel zeer goed geschikt voor de komende herfst, winter en kerst dagen. Zij zijn ook in cadeau verpakkingen verkrijgbaar. Bestelt U vroegtijdig om productie wachttijden te vermijden en om gunstigere verzendingsmethodes the gebruiken. - Overigens spreken wij ook nederlands !

PO: Suportes de Vela de Madeira da Manga Original Diversa das Formas

Os suportes de vela de madeira da manga diversa das formas para o chá iluminam-se, em formas originais de moderno a tradicional, incluindo os modelos diversos que são parte de nossos projetos especiais da queda 2008. Como com todos nossos artigos de madeira da manga, estes são feitos da madeira das plantações agro-industriais. Assim, a compra e o uso destes suportes de vela altamente decorativos não afetarão a arborizaçõo natural. São feitos igualmente sob circunstâncias de comércio justas. Com os preços muito baixos baseados na venda por atacado da exportaçõo do fabricante condiciona diretamente da fonte em Tailândia do norte. Por que compra em Banguecoque quando você puder comprar da fonte? É provavelmente de valor mostrar este suportes de vela de madeira da manga a seus clientes, por o tempo do Natal, assim como o ano inteiro.

Photography of Mango Wood Candle Holders in Unique Shapes by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 14 December 2016.