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Chinese Checkers

The aim of the game is to be the first to player to move all ten pegs across the board and into the triangle opposite. The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner.

Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four or six players. For the six player game, all pegs and triangles are used. If there are four players, play starts in two pairs of opposing triangles and a two player game should also be played from opposing triangles. In a three player game the pegs will start in three triangles equidistant from each other. Each player chooses a colour and the 10 pegs of that colour are placed in the appropriately coloured triangle.

Wooden Board Games: Wholesale Chinese Checkers (small), manufacturer exports directly from Thailand - CHINESE-CHECKERS-S Chinese Checkers - Small:

Options: peg colors
Materials: common Monkeypod wood
Process: hand made
Cover: protects the game or serves as base
Instructions: standard in English
Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.6 x 2 cm or 4.06 x 3.39 x 0.79 inch
Weight: 110 gram or 3.88 oz
Packing: shrink wrapped

Items per standard carton:
Standard carton gross weight:
Standard carton volume:

Purchase of this item will benefit the economic welfare and standard of living of artisans and rural villagers in northern Thailand.