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Trademarks and Brand Name

Protected Trademarks by JEDI International, Ltd.

The following trademarks are fully owned by JEDI Internernational, Ltd. and have been in use since each of the relevant product lines and items were first established. The may be used exclusively by Jedi International Ltd.'s explicit permission.

A JEDI International, Ltd. trademarked and branded item originates exclusively from JEDI International, Ltd. and stands for highest, consistent quality, with production according to fair trade practices, and the highest customer value. Our trademarks are intended to protect the integrity and quality of our products for buyers and end-customers and to support specific promotion and marketing of our quality handmade products world-wide.

Use of our trademarks is generally granted to long-term customers under specific conditions such as, for example, exclusive country distributorship agreements.

Our trademark rights consist of, but not limited to the trademarked names (brand names) as mentioned here and/or throughout our web site(s), and are valid in capitalised and non-capitalised versions, with or without spaces or hyphenations. The following listing may not be a complete, exhaustive listing. Other trademarks may be listed elsewhere:

JediCreations™ Village Crafts and Home Décor, JediCreations™ Handmade Village Crafts and Home Décor
AsiaCreations™ Village Crafts and Home Décor, AsiaCreations™ Handmade Village Crafts and Home Décor

ALIEN™ Wire Art Figures
BATAB™ Bamboo Trays
BOGI™ Gift Boxes
FOON™ Animals, Charactes, Figures, Pencils, Dragons
CAMA™ Mango Wood Candles and Candle Holders
CERAGA™ Garden Ceramics
DAMA™ Mango Wood Home Decor and Accessories
FANSER™ Fashion Accessories
HABA™ Handbags
HABABA™ Bamboo Handbags, HABA BA™ Bamboo Handbags, HABA-BA™ Bamboo Handbags
HABACO™ Coconut Shell Handbags, HABA CO™ Coconut Shell Handbags, HABA-CO™ Coconut Shell Handbags
HABAPA™ Palm Handbags, HABA PA™ Palm Handbags, HABA-PA™ Palm Handbags
HABARU™ Rush Handbags, HABA RU™ Rush Handbags, HABA-RU™ Rush Handbags
HABASI™ Sisal Handbags, HABA SI™ Sisal Handbags, HABA-SI™ Sisal Handbags
INSET™ Incense Sets
INSTIC™ Incense Sticks
INCONE™ Incense Cones
JAJA™ Jade Jewelry and Accessories
MOTO™ Wire Art Motorcycles
PARASA™ Parasols, including Handheld Parasols, Garden Parasols, Patio Parosols, Beach Parasols, Traditional Parasols and similar
PARASA™ Umbrellas, including Handheld Umbrellas, Garden Umbrellas, Patio Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas, Traditional umbrellas and similar
PARASA™ Sun Umbrellas, including Handheld Sun Umbhrellas, Garden Sun Umbrellas, Patio Sun Umbrellas, Traditional Sun Umbrellas and similar
PLAMA™ Placemats, Place Settings
SAACA™ Saa Paper Greeting Cards, Saa Paper Gift Cards, Sa Paper Greeeting Cards, Sa Paper Gift Cards
SAAPAK™ Packaging Accessories, SAAPAK™ Packaging Boxes, SAAPAK™ Packaging Containers, SAAPAK™ Packaging, SAAPAK™ Packages
VAMA™ Mango Wood Vases

Mango wood vases in specific designs and/or shapes:

ALABAS™ Mango Wood Vases, AMPHO™ Mango Wood Vases, BICON™ Mango Wood Vases, CYLIN™ Mango Wood Vases, CYLTA™ Mang Wood Vases, CYLWI™ Mango Wood Vases, CYLTU™ Mango Wood Vases, FLUTE™ Mango Wood Vases, GOBEL™ Vases, GOLF™ Mango Wood Vases, JUG™ Mango Wood Vases, HAVOL™ Mango Wood Vases, LAVOL™ Mango Wood Vases, OMBYX™ Mango Wood Vases, OLPE™ Mango Wood Vases, VESSEL™ Mango Wood Vases, VASM™ Mango Wood Vases

WICHI™ Wind Chimes
WOTAB™ Wooden Trays
WOCO™ Wood and Coconut Home Décor

Unauthorised use of our trademarks by third parties is not permitted.

Warning: Unauthorised use of our trademarks is illegal. Unauthorised use of our trademarks circumvents product quality standards. Unauthorised use makes wrongful use of promotion efforts incurred by the individuals in country distribution chains and by ourselves who actively promote our and our handmade village products and trademarks (brand names). Unauthorised use of our trademarks and our brand names confuses customers and illegally takes away our and our country distributors' rightful business and product sales. Unauthorised use of our trademarks is strictly forbidden and is persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

We are happy to answer any question, comment or suggestion you might have concerning our trademarks, and trademarks and brand names in general. In case you find any of our trademarks (or brand names) in use at other locations or web sites and are not sure if these are the authentic items, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to let you know. Contact us to purchase small or larger quantities of our trademarked items.

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Protected trademarks and brand names owned by JEDI International, Ltd., Chiang Mai, Thailand, and in use on thise web site.

DE: Handelsmarken, Handelsnamen

Geschützte Handelsmarken im Eigentum von JEDI International, Ltd., Chiang Mai, Thailand, und in Gebrauch auf diesen Internetseiten.

FR: Marques Déposées

Marques déposées protégées possédées par JEDI International, Ltd., Chiang Mai, Thailand, et en service sur ce site web.

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Beschermde handelsmerken in eigendom van JEDI International, Ltd., Chiang Mai, Thailand, en in gebruik op deze web site.

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