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Wholesale Silver Bracelets and Necklaces

We present our line of both modern and traditional ethnic silver bracelets and necklaces, handmade by northern Thai silversmiths. The blue, green and red decorations are made of hardened enamel, a traditional silver decorating method used by northern Thailand silversmiths. Our own LANNASIL brand, .925 sterling silver, northern Thailand artisans direct.

Silver Bracelets, Silver Enamel Bracelets, 925 Sterling Silver Wholesale

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Silver Bracelets Ex Workshop Wholesale Price/Export Price Northern Thailand Direct:

Samples Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers

Please contact us for ex workshop export prices, samples and event packages, suggested shipping quotes, directly from northern Thailand.

Northern Thai modern and ethnic Lanna Silver:

Abstract and Languages:

EN: Wholesale Silver Bracelets and Necklaces directly from Northern Thailand

Silver bracelets and silver necklaces in modern and traditional ethnic inspired style. Wholesale silver bracelets directly from silversmiths in northern Thailand. On this page:

DE: Grosshandel Silber Armbänder, Halsketten, Kolliers direkt aus Nord Thailand

Silber Armbänder, Armreife, Silber Halsketten und Kolliers in modernem und traditionel ethnisch inspiriertem Stil. Grosshandel silber Armbänder direkt von Silbnerschmieden in nord Thailand.

ES: Pulseras de Plata al Por Mayor Directamente de Tailandia Norteña

Las pulseras de plata venden al por mayor, collares de plata al por mayor en estilo moderno y en estilo inspirado étnico. Pulseras de plata al por mayor directamente de plateros en Tailandia norteña.

FR: Bracelets argentés en gros Directement de Thaïlande nordique

Bracelets argentés et colliers argentés en gros directement de Tha├»lande nordique dans le modèle moderne et inspiré ethnique.

NL: Groothandel Zilver Armbanden, Halskettingen direkt uit Noord Thailand

Zilver armbanden en zilver halskettingen in moderne en tradtitioneel ethnisch geinspireerde stijl. Groothandel zilver armbanden direct van zilversmeden in noord Thailand.

PT: Braceletes e Colares de Prata por Atacado Diretamente de Tailândia do Norte

Os brincos de prata vendem por atacado e exportam diretamente de Tailândia. Mão feita por artesões de prata rurais.

Photography Silver Bracelets by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 16 November 2016.