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Wholesale Wire Art Aliens

High quality modern Wire Art. Available to you at very low prices, wholesale from manufacturing in northeastern Thailand. Wire art Aliens, warriors in various stances, brandishing sword, blade, crossbow, tri-fork, chain, automatic blaster... Intriguing, decorative, and high quality wire art, and it's wholesale! These aliens will stop your customers in their tracks for a quick inspection and play.

The Wire Art Alien features are pliable, so your customers can bend them and their tools and weapons into many different poses. They are available in two size and price categories. Contact us for wholesale availability if you are interested to retail these products in your area:

ALIEN-100 Series - Large

All Alien bodies are about the same size. Stance and configuration of weapons determine the image scale.

ALIEN-200 Series - Small

All Alien bodies are about the same size. Stance and configuration of weapons determine the image scale.

Wire Art Aliens - Handmade, Fair Trade Items

What do we mean by this? Firstly, the items are handmade. All steps and the final assembly is done fully by hand. The production of these aliens predominantly requires craftsmanship skills that few people possess or are able to acquire. Artisans also specialise in the production of certain models. if an artisan is not available, the production of his/her specialised model may become an issue. Secondly, JediCreations works in tandem with artisan manufacturers. We ensure that artisans receive a fair price for their work, that women enjoy equal employment opportunity, work by children is prohibited and general safety regulations are adhered to. The manufacturing artisans are independent craftspeople working in their home workshops and receive a fair price for their quality products.

Wire Art Aliens Wholesale - Sales and Gift Applications

Our wire art aliens are ideal gifts for the man or woman who appreciates a beautifully crafted piece of decor with science fiction allure. Great to play with, change the position of the stance, arms and defensive positions. Please note our aliens are not aggressive but merely take up defensive positions and can be arranged in groups. They can also be arranged with and seated on motor bikes. While our wire art aliens they are not Englishmen, these could be perfectly Legal Aliens in New York! This makes them great for record shops, video stores, book shops and street sales. Our wholesale aliens wire art are ideal revenue generating sales items in record shops, book shops, collectible and gift shops, or for promotional give-away's.

Order Information

Wire Art Aliens Wholesale - Product and Manufacture Details


15 different models ALIEN-100 - above we show 7 models.
15 different models ALIEN-200 - above we show 2 models. The smaller ALIEN-200 generally follow similar designs as their larger cousins.


Steel wire, plastic linings, craftsmanship.


As shown in various colors (black, blue, green, red, violet, white, clear), colors vary per individual piece. Orders are usually in assorted colors.


Two size categories: Large (ALIEN-100) and small (ALIEN-200). Larger or smaller sizes are available upon request.Important: Generally the sizes of large aliens are about the same for all models, the same goes for the small models. The above size indications per model vary due to weapon heights, lengths and widths, as well as the current stance (standing tall or crouching low). Of course, both weapons and individual stances can be adjusted.


According to customer request.

Production Time:

Aliens are made to order. We require about 10-14 days manufacturing time for 200 pieces. Current capacity is about 1,000 - 1,500 pieces per month. Increase is possible with sufficient lead time.


These items are handmade. There are color variations and there may be slight construction variations within a model.

Wire Art Aliens Wholesale - Packaging, & Shipping Details

Item Packaging:

Items are individually packaged in a protective plastic wrap bag.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications. Aliens can be cross packed among models and with any of our other items.

Wholesale Wire Art Aliens - MOQ, Price & Shipping

Minimum Order:

50 Pieces with three maximum of different models.


Samples prices are per piece when ordering 50 pieces. Please contact us for other quantities.


Ex Works, place of origin Chiang Mai, Thailand. We prepare a separate shipping quote to fit your order.

Volume /Weight:

Wire art aliens are relatively lightweight and voluminous, with "dimensional weight" higher than gross weight; for small consignments, postal mail is more economical. For sea freight, 1CBM carries approximately 500 pieces assorted items ALIEN-100 Series, or 800 pieces ALIEN-200 Series.


We can suggest the most economic shipping options based on your preferred quantity, destination and delivery deadline.

Wire Art Aliens, Wholesale Direct
Sample Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
ALIEN-100 Series 10 9.75 USD 55 x 45 x 40 0.0990 13.75 15.25 16.50
ALIEN-200 Series 10 5.46 USD 45 x 40 x 35 0.0630 13.80 15.30 10.50

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples and volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, shipping location and preferred delivery date. You will receive our price quotation including shipping costs.

Wire Art - Uniquely Creative Artistic Value

Abstract and Languages:

EN: Export and Wire Art Aliens Wholesale

Export and wholesale offer of exquisitely unique handmade wire art Aliens. These wire art aliens are hand crafted by highly skilled northeastern Thai village artisans with steel wire and colorful plastic linings. On this page:

DE: Drahtkunst Alien Großhandel

Handgemachter Drahtkunst Alien Großhandel, Import/Export. Hergestellt durch hochqualifizierte Handwerker in nordost thailändischen Dörfern. JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller dörfliches Handwerk und Wohnkultur; als Exporteur und Hersteller suchen wir Importeure, Großhändler, und Einzelhändler im Import-Export, Großhandel, Einzelhandel oder Internet Handel.

NL: Draadkunst Aliens Groothandel

Handgemaakte draadkunst aliens groothandel, import/export. Geproduceert door hoogvaardige ambachtslui in noordoost Thailandse dorpen. JediCreations, producent, exporteur, groothandel van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur; in onze rol als thaise producent en exporteur zoeken wij importeurs, groothandelaren, kleinhandelaren in de import, groothandel en detailhandel, online of offline.

Photography Wire Art Aliens by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 20 December 2016.