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Banana Paper Greeting Cards - Handmade

Banana Paper Greeting Cards - Handgemachte Grußkarten aus Bananenpapier
Tarjetas de Felicitación Hecho con Papel Plátano - Cartes de Voeux de Papier Banane
Handgemaakte Wenskaarten van Bananenpapier - Cartões de Papel Banana

Get superbly designed, natural greeting cards made of banana paper, a quickly renewable resource. Our banana paper greeting cards are fully hand crafted from hand processed banana tree fibre. Truly attractive, natural greeting cards that speak for themselves. Wholesale for importers, retailers and event planners. Sample and wholesale prices are shown below. Please contact us for details and how to purchase.

Banana Paper Greeting Cards - Attractive Greetings, Renwable Resources, Fair Trade

Now you and your customers have the opportunity to send truly attractive greeting cards decorated dried flowers, twigs and embellishments, handmade by highly skilled women artisans of northern Thailand. Hand crafted with handmade banana paper from abundant local banana trees. Why use paper made of forest trees to send a greeting, when you can use paper from a fast growing banana tree? And at low price...

Order Information

Manufacture and Product Details


Each card approximately 12 x 16.5 cm, 17 gram or 4½ x 6½ inch,


The cards contain handmade banana paper, dried grasses, twigs, leaves, blossoms as shown. All natural. A plastic protection wrapper (not natural).


As above, please contact us for additional designs or your custom design.

Inner Leaf:

Each card has a white/cream colour mulberry paper inner for your greeting message. It is not permanently affixed to the card. The inner leaf shows a dried twig decoration that generally provides a match for the outer card design.

Production Time:

All banana greeting cards are made to order by women artisans of our neighbouring village. Please allow for preparation and production time of approximately 7 days for 25-50 pieces and 10-14 days for 100-200 pieces.


All handmade items, including these banana paper cards show variability in dimension and design patterns.


"Handmade in Thailand" sticker on the protection wrapper. No further marks or labels.


Item Packaging:

One card and matching envelope are packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

Batch Packaging:

Batch packaging according to order size.


Standard multiply carton.

Gift Packaging:

Available. Please contact us.

How to Ship

Ships From:

Ships Ex Works, Northern Thailand. CoO: Thailand.


Items can be shipped by all major courier services, postal mail, air freight and sea freight LCL and FCL.

Shipping Cost:

We calculate and inform you of suggested, most economical shipping cost based on your specific enquiry quantity.


For samples quantities, postal air mail with 10-14 days, and economic air mail (SAL) with 28-35 days shipping are economic options. However we regularly ship greeting cards also by courier and sea freight. Contact us for suggestions.

Wholesale Price and How to Order

Wholesale Price:

Please make an enquiry for a wholesale price quote, with model numbers and quantities. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand.

Minimum Order:

Minimum orders according to samples packages below, with low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5 pieces per design for each of the samples packages below.

Wholesale Price /Export Price Ex Workshop Northern Thailand:

Samples Packages

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
BA101-128 24 1.89 USD 25 x 17 x 9 0.0038 0.550 1.350 0.640
BA101-128 50 1.79 USD 30 x 21 x 11 0.0069 1.100 1.900 1.160
BA101-128 100 1.69 USD 36 x 31 x 13 0.0145 2.200 3.000 2.420
BA101-128 200 1.49 USD

36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 4.400 5.200 4.840

View our complete selection greeting cards:

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Banana Paper Greeting Cards

Handmade banana paper greeting cards, wholesale for importers, retailers and event planners. Made with quickly renewable natural resources. Forget texting for a moment. Send a real-life greeting in a uniquely friendly and creative way.

EN: Großhandel Bananen-Papier Grußkarten

Handgemachte Bananenpapier Grußkarten, Großhandel für Importeure, Händler und Veranstaltungsplaner. Hergestellt aus schnell nachwachsenden natürlichen Ressourcen. Vergessen SMS für einen Moment. Senden Sie einen Real-Life Gruß in einer einzigartig freundlichen und kreativen Art und Weise.

ES: Al Por Mayor Tarjetas de Felicitación Hecho con Papel Plátano

Tarjetas de felicitación hechas a mano con papel plátano, al por mayor para los importadores, los minoristas y los organizadores de eventos. Hecho con recursos naturales rápidamente renovables. Olvídese de los mensajes de texto por un momento. Envíe un saludo de la vida real de una manera singularmente amable y creativo.

FR: En Gros Cartes de Voeux de Papier Banane

Cartes de voeux faites à fait main de papier banane, en gros pour les importateurs, les détaillants et les organisateurs d'événements. Fabriqué avec des ressources naturelles renouvelables rapidement. Oubliez envoyant un instant. Envoyez une salutation de la vie réelle d'une manière unique convivial et créatif.

NL: Groothandel Wenskaarten van Bananenpapier

Handgemaakte bananenpapier wenskaarten, groothandel voor importeurs, detailhandel en event planners. Gemaakt van snel hernieuwbare natuurlijke grondstoffen. Vergeet sms'en eens een keertje. Stuur een real-life groet in een unieke, vriendelijke en creatieve manier.

PT: Atacado Cartões de Papel Banana

Cartões artesanais de papel de banana, por atacado para importadores, varejistas e organizadores de eventos. Feito com recursos naturais rapidamente renováveis. Esqueça mensagens de texto por um momento. Envie um cumprimento da vida real de uma forma única amigável e criativa.

Photography Greeting Cards by the JediCreations team.
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