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Friday, 23 April 2021

New: Drop Shipping - Support for Retailers

On a limited trial basis, we are now in a position drop ship certain items.

What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop shipping is the retailing practice where a retailer sells items and a wholesaler or the manufacturer sends the items directly to the end customer.

Its main advantage lies in the retailer not needing to keep physical stocks and not needing to go through the process of actually packing and sending materials. This is done by a third party, that is a wholesaler or the manufacturer who keeps stock on hand.

In case you like to find out more, Wikipedia has a good » description of drop shipping.

New Service

JediCreations now has importers and wholesalers in a number of countries who are in a position to drop ship within their country. If your country is one of these, drop shipping may be possible. As this is a new service we are still limiting the types of available product lines and specific product options for drop shipping.

Limited Trial

Drop shipping requires a certain degree of coordination between the selling retailer and the drop shipping wholesaler, importer or manufacturer. All parties need to ensure that the items for sale are actually in stock and ready to deliver to the end customer when the sale occurs.

JediCreations assists the coordination of retailers, wholesalers, importers and ourselves to fully and systematically ensure that all items offered through drop-shipping are in stock. We help verify the presence of sufficient inventory for drop shipping items. To ensure a smooth start, we prefer to take a slow, but very sure approach to supporting and providing high quality drop shipping services.

Related Services

We also also offer a range of product images to go with our drop shipping trial.

Contact us to Participate

If you are interested to participate in our new drop shipping service, please contact us.
Trial spots are limited.

If you like to participate as a supplying importer, distributor or wholesaler, please see our importer/distributor information.

JediCreations » Make an Enquiry 

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Abstract and Languages:

EN: Information on Wholesale Drop Shipping Options, Manufacturer Exports Direct for Handmade Village Crafts and Home Decor

Drop shipping enbles retailers to sell items without the requirement of stocking them or packing and sending them. This is done by a local wholesaler or the manufacturer. The number of product lines, options and retailer spots for this new service are limited at this time.

DE: Information zum Direktversand und Streckengeschäft fuer handgemachte Handwerksartikel, Hauseinrichtung und Wohnkultur.

Direktversand, auch Streckengeschäft genannt, ermögl;icht es Einzelhändlern, besonders im Internet online Verkauf, Artikel zu verkaufen ohne sie zu lagern oder selbst einpacken und versenden zu müssen. Diese Vorgänge werden durch Dritte, eventuell einem Grosshändler oder durch den Hersteller geregelt. Bei JediCreations führen wir Direktversrand bzw. Streckengeschäft im deutschsprachigen Raum gerade neu ein. Darum sind die Produktlinien, Modelle, Grössen und Farben, und letztendlich die freien Stellen fÜr Einzehändler zu diesem Zeitpunkt mit dabei zu sein, begrenzt. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf.

NL: Informatie over Directe Verzending en DropShipping voor Handgemaakte Ambachtsartikelen, Huisinrichting en Woon Cultuur.

Directe Verzending oftewel DropShipping maakt het detailhandelaren en particulieren, in het bijzonder in de internet online verkoop, mogelijk artikelen te verkopen zonder ze zelf te moeten opslaan, inpakken en versturen. Deze verrichtingen worden door derden, eventueel een groothandelaar of de producent geregelt. Bij JediCreations voeren wij de Directe Verzending oftewel DropShipping in Nederland nieuw in. Daarom arom zijn de productlijnen, modellen, maten en kleuren, en uiteindelijk de vrije plaatsen voor detailhandel en particulieren op dit moment begrensd. Neemt U contact met ons op.

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