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Wholesale Market Umbrellas - Waterproof

The PARASA-701 is handmade with a wooden frame and a waterproof synthetic poly-oxford canvas canopy. With the use of hardwood and the thick artificial fabric of the polyester family, this parasol is the strong heavy-duty item in our family of parasols.

Contact us if you are interested to receive more information.

Handmade garden umbrellas and market umbrellas in two standard sizes, various colors with or without design motif. Our image shows "cream" color.

Type PARASA-701: Heavy duty market, beach and garden umbrella with a canopy made of synthetic poly- oxford waterproof canvas fabric. Frames and mechanism are made of wood. An optional double string pulley in the canopy makes set up and set down easier. Two section wooden pole, with a chromed steel connector for the canopy pole. Separate foldable wooden base. Cotton carry case with strap.

The wooden tripod base is interchangeable for all our parasols including our leather-oiled cotton umbrellas (PARASA-501) and our canvas umbrellas (PARASA-601). Optionally we also have a four-legged base available.

Order Information

Sizes - Market Umbrellas, Heavy-Duty Garden Umbrellas - PARASA-701

The hardwood market umbrella is available in two standard sizes. Custom sizees can be made on request.


Sizes and weights below are approximates. The diameter shows the canopy width while open, the height indicates the distance from the bottom of the handle to the upper edge of the top ferrule.


open Ø 2.00 m, approx. height 2.50 m, weight 10.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 79 inch, approx. height 98.5 inch, weight 22.0 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø 2.44 m, approx. height 2.73 m, weight 14.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 96 inch, approx. height 107.5 inch, weight 31.0 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø + m, approx. height + m, weight 14.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 96 inch, approx. height 107.5 inch, weight + lbs (non-metric)

Height and weight details without wooden base, which adds about 5 cm (2 inches) to height and 4.0 kg (8.82 lbs) to weight. Dimensions and weights may vary somewhat.

Construction - Market Umbrellas, Heavy-Duty Garden Umbrellas - PARASA-701


Waterproof synthetic polyester oxford canvas fabric, wooden frame with wooden mechanism, two section wooden pole with chromed connector on the canopy's pole. Double string pulleys in the canopy for easy canopy folding. Foldable wooden tripod base with two leather stabiliser straps, cotton carry case with cotton carrying strap.


Nine poly-oxford fabric colors are available for this parasol. White, cream, red, green, burgundy, violet, yellow, blue, navy blue.


Hand painted design motifs on the poly-oxford canopy.


Market umbrellas are available with or without base. Shown prices are without base. The matching base for the market umbrella is the foldable tripod hardwood base. The base requires about the same shipping volume and weight as the umbrella. Wooden quadruped bases are also available.

Packaging - Market Umbrellas, Heavy-Duty Garden Umbrellas - PARASA-701

Item Packaging:

Cotton carry case with cotton strap

Item Label:

Handmade in Thailand

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications.

Box Label:

Size code, carton number, color, quantity, weight, made in Thailand

Ships From:

Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Wholesale Price Market Umbrellas, Heavy-Duty Garden Umbrellas

Samples Packages for Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers, at factory direct wholesale:

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm m3 kg kg kg
PARASA-701-200 1 88.00 USD 22x22x147 0.0711 12.5 15.0 14.2
PARASA-701-250 1 98.00 USD 25x25x147 0.0919 14.0 16.5 18.3
PARASA-701-300 1 118.00 USD 30x30x175 0.1575 18.0 19.0 31.5
Wooden Base


30.00 USD






Wholesale prices in US Dollars, factory direct, ex workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs. Prices are subject to change.

Please contact us for volume prices.

We need up to about 5-7 days production time for sample volumes.

Fastest shipping time is 3-5 days, slowest shipping time is 42-84 days, most economic sea freight quantities start at 1 cubic meter volume with approximately 28-42 shipping days.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, free on board or cost-insurance-freight according to your preference and, if desired, recommend the most appropriate best delivery method.

Garden Umbrellas and Patio Parasols - Sun and Rain Protection:

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Market Umbrellas and Hardwood Garden Umbrellas, Waterproof

Manufacturer and wholesale of Market Umbrellas and Garden Umbrellas in hardwood frame with canopy made of poly-oxford fabric. Heavy-duty, fully waterproof. Directly from Thailand manufacturer.

DE: Hersteller Marktschirme und Hartholz-Gartenschirme, Wasserdicht

Hersteller und Großhandel Marktschirme und Gartenschirme in Hartholzrahmen mit Baldachin aus Poly-Oxford-Gewebe. Heavy-Duty, komplett wasserdicht. Direkt aus Thailand.

ES: Mayorista de Paraguas Mercado y Paraguas Jardín

Fabricante y mayorista de Paraguas Mercado y Paraguas Jardín en marco de madera con dosel de tela oxford poli. De alta resistencia, totalmente impermeable. Directamente desde el fabricante Tailandia.

FR: Fabricant et Gros - Parapluies Marché et Parasols de Jardin

Fabricant de gros et de Parapluies Marché et Parasols de Jardin en bois de feuillu avec auvent en tissu poly-oxford. Robuste, entièrement étanche. Directement à partir du fabricant Thaïlande.

IT: Produttore e e All'ingrosso - Ombrelli di Mercato e Ombrelli da Giardino

Produttore e vendita all'ingrosso di Ombrelli di Mercato e Ombrelloni da Giardino in cornice di legno con baldacchino in tessuto poliestere oxford. Resistente, completamente impermeabile. Direttamente dal produttore Thailandia.

NL: Fabrikant, Groothandel Markt Paraplu's en Tuin Paraplu's

Fabrikant en groothandel van Markt Paraplu's en Tuin Paraplu's uit hardhout met kap gemaakt van Poly-Oxford stof. Heavy duty, volledig waterdicht. Rechtstreeks, fabrikant Thailand.

PT: Fabricante e Grossista de Guarda-Chuvas Mercado e Guarda-Chuvas Jardimem

Fabricante e grossista de Guarda-Chuvas Mercado e Guarda-Chuvas Jardimem moldura de madeira com dossel feito de tecido poli oxford. Pesados, totalmente à prova d'água. Diretamente do Tailândia fabricante.

Photography by the JediCreations team.
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