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Wholesale Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards with Rubber Tree Leaves

We invite you to browse our artisan wholesale selection of greeting cards handmade with of Mulberry paper. Tastefully designed and decorated with leaves of the rubber tree and bouquets of dried flowers, twigs, herbs and weeds. Contact us if you are interested in these mulberry greeting cards for sales in your area, and if you wish to receive more information.

Event and Retail Applications for our Handmade Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards

Our handmade, decorated mulberry paper greeting cards are ideal as invitation cards for festive occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries as well as for special greetings for friends and loved ones or a special thank you note. Our handmade cards will show that you take extra care in selecting a unique handmade card that is certainly not available in your supermarket's hallmark section.

Order Information

Hand Manufacture Details


Standard greeting card details are without greeting texts; the sender will add her or his own greeting text on the inside leaflet. When ordering, you can specify texts such as "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", "Invitation", "Wedding Invitation" "For Mom" and other greetings. These are made by hand writing according to your order. Optionally we can add Name and Date for wedding cards. Note that this goes for all our greeting cards!


Standard size for the greeting card is 10 x 15 cm or 4 x 6 inch; approximate net weight for card, envelope and plastic liner is approx. 15 gram or 0.53 oz.

Insert Page:

Small inserted page attached (glued) to the card at the upper edge of the inserted page. The relatively small size of the insert makes it easy to add a short greeting and you don't leave a lot of space blank! We can also make custom insert pages.


The greeting cards are made in all standard colorus.. See our » Colour Chart ... In case a specific color is not available we can arrange individual mulberry paper production runs. This may increase MOQ's and/or incur customisation cost.


Handmade Saa (Mulberry) paper, natural rubber tree leaves, handmade small bouquets from dried flowers, twigs and herbs and weeds.


We can make custom design variations, change the size, color, position of the insert leaf, attach, for example a wedding program, a food menu or any other text.

Packaging Details


Ex Workshop, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Shipping cost separate. Please contact us for details. Sample price is listed below. Price details are subject to change without notice.

Item Packaging:

Individual plastic liner per card, unless arranged otherwise.


Standard plastic label attached to individual plastic liner "JC handmade in Thailand".

Set Packaging:

Standard protective plastic packaging containing 24 pieces; this may vary.

Shipping Box:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions vary according to quantity.

Ships From:

Country of Origin Thailand.

Greeting Cards Wholesale Price and How to Order

Minimum Order:

Minimum orders according to samples packages below, with low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 6 pieces per design for each of the samples packages below.

Wholesale Price:

For samples and a wholesale price quote please make a wholesale equiry. Please specify model numbers and quantities.

Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards Ex Works Wholesale Price, Export Prices:
Samples Packages for Retail Customers and Importers

Item Quantity Samples Carton CBM NetW GrossW DimW
Item code # Items Price/Item cm kg kg kg
RL001-105 25 1.79 USD 25 x 17 x 9 0.0038 0.550 1.350 0.640
RL001-105 50 1.69 USD 30 x 21 x 11 0.0069 1.100 1.900 1.160
RL001-105 100 1.59 USD 36 x 31 x 13 0.0145 2.200 3.000 2.420
RL001-105 200 1.39 USD 36 x 31 x 26 0.0290 4.400 5.200 4.840

Artisans need about 7 days lead and manufacturing time for 25-50 pieces and 10-14 days for 100-200+ pieces. Higher volumes can be made relatively faster. Our handmade mulberry paper greeting cards are quite lightweight and smaller quantities are easily shipped by postal mail, express mail or courier. For sea freight, 1CBM can carry approximately 4,000 cards.

Please contact us for technical details, customisation options and volume pricing information, please do include your intended quantity, destination and arrival date, so that we can send you a price quotation with the best shipping method.

Creative. Renewable Materials. Wholesale Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards:

Language Abstracts

EN: Wholesale Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards, Decorated with Rubber Tree Leaves

Handmade Mulberry paper greeting cards decorated with and rubber tree leaves and small bouquets of dried flowers, twigs, herbs and weeds, handmade by local village manufacturer artisans from natural, renewable materials. Contact us if you are interested in these mulberry paper cards for your import, wholesale, retail or online shop.

DE: Großhandel Wunschkarten und Grußkarten aus Maulbeerpapier mit Dekorativen Gummibaumblättern

Maulbeerpapier Glückwunschkarten und Grußkarten, dekoriert mit Gummiblatt, handgemacht durch lokale dörfliche Handwerker aus natürlichen, erneuerbaren Materialien; Maulbeerpapier, oder Maulbeerbaumpapier, wird aus der sich erneuernden Rinde des Maulbeerbaumes hergestellt. Nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf wenn Sie sich für diese Maulbeerpapier Karten für Ihr Importgeschäft, Grosshandel, Einzelhandel oder Online Geschäft interessieren.

NL: Groothandel Wenskaarten van Moerbeipapier, Gedkoreert met Rubberboom Bladeren

Moerbeipapier Wenskaarten, gedekoreerd met rubberboom bladeren, handgemaakt door lokale plattelands ambachtslui met natuurlijke en vernieuwbare materialen. Moerbeipapier wordt per hand uit de zich vernieuwende bast van de Moerbeiboom gemaakt. Het zou dus eigenlijk Moerbeiboombastpapier moeten heten! Neemt U contact met ons op als U voor Uw importzaak, groothandel, detailhandel of online handel interesse in onze moerbeipapier wenskaarten hebt.

Photography Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards by the JediCreations team.
Page last updated on 12 December 2016.