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Friday, 23 April 2021

Suggest a Home Decor Web Site for Review

We display web site reviews of web sites that show similar or related content to ours in order to assist our customers in their search for the items they are looking for. The reviews that we decide to show are chosen foremost for their relevance to our customers and content quality.

We may have somewhat of a preference for real-life, brick-and-mortar based sites and people, and we always look for a meaningful description of who and where you, the site operator, are. Also, we expect the operators of web sites that we decide to display to uphold the same product quality and service standards as we do.

If you believe your site to be appropriate for display on our pages, please send us your suggestion. We prepare all reviews and place all site displays manually and personally. Based on our criteria, we may or may not include your web site. In case you find that a review contains incorrect information, or if you wish us to remove a review, do let the editor know.

You are very welcome to mention our site on your blog, social network or web site. The JediCreations team highly appreciates your much needed help in promoting our web site to interested users. To mention our site, feel free to formulate a description of your own that you consider fitting. Alternatively here are a few additional text suggestions.

We do not review or display web sites with unrelated content, gambling, explicitly adult content, non-original, impolite, made for advertising, or spammy content, and we reserve the right to edit, move or remove web site mentions at any time.

Chantalak Raksawankun
Reviews Editor, JediCreations

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