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Friday, 01 August 2014

Cotton Waterproofed Garden Parasols and Sun Umbrellas

Gartenschirme und Sonnenschirme - Parasols de Jardin - Parasole del Giardino e del Patio
Bistro en Tuin Parasols - Hagen og Patio Parasols - Parasóis do Jardim - Parasoles del Jardín

PARASA-501 Thai traditional garden parasols at a wedding party in the United Kingdom

Customer photo: PARASA-501 at a wedding party in the United Kingdom

Thai Traditional garden Parasol PARASA-501

Escape the heat in style. PARASA-501 is our Asian, Thai traditional parasol, currently quite popular in Europe with several containers per season. Asian finesse, simple, straight, elegant lines. Classy. Strong bamboo, handmade by skilled artisans. The cotton cover is made water resistant by a traditional method of impregnating with leather-oil, now combined with synthetic paint, and a number of local natural ingredients. Contact us if you believe your customers might appreciate the atmosphere and shade brought by our Thai traditional garden parasols.

PARASA-501-200 Vermilion with , Bamboo Base, Thai traditional garden parasol, manufacturer artisans, exporter wholesale directly from Thailand
- JediCreations flagship garden parasol -
Thai Traditional
Cotton, Waterproofed Garden Parasol
with optional Bamboo Base

PARASA-501 with BBase

PARASA-501 Frame: Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and bamboo garden umbrellas manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand PARASA-501 Top: Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and bamboo garden umbrellas manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand
PARASA-501-250 White Stripes: Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and bamboo garden umbrellas manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand PARASA-501-200 White: Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and bamboo garden umbrellas manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand PARASA-501 Manufacture: Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and bamboo garden umbrellas manufacturer, exporter, wholesale directly from Thailand

The images: our handmade Asian, Thai traditional cotton waterproofed garden parasols. The left full size image shows "vermilion" plain solid color, one of our most popular colors. The inserts on the right side show "white" canopy details, "vermilion" PARASA-501-250 with stripes, and plain solid "white" PARASA-501-200. For additional colors, please see our » Color Chart.

PARASA-501 is attractive in solid colors and with design patterns. Some of our new design patterns:

BE-101 Footprints on the beachDesign Code BE-101:Footprints on the beach

BE-102 Flying at the beachDesign Code BE-102:Flying at the beach

BE-103 Beach shadeDesign Code BE-103:BE-103 Beach shade

HE-101 Nice heart on natureDesign Code He-101:Nice heart on nature

RB-101 Rainbow before rain againDesign Code RB-101:Rainbow before rain again

SE-101 Flying in sunriseDesign Code SE-101:Flying in sunrise

View more of our parasol design patterns » Design Patterns.

Type PARASA-501: Garden parasol made of cotton, waterproofed with leather oil. Frames are made of bamboo with wood and string mechanisms. The parasol pole is made of two sections, the main pole with the canopy attached and the extension pole. There is a separate foldable tripod bamboo base. The parasol comes standard with a practical unbleached natural cotton carry bag and carrying strap.

The matching bamboo base is optional. It can be used for both Thai traditional cotton waterproofed parasols (PARASA-501) and the cotton canvas parasols (PARASA-601). Our wooden bases are also available.

Practical Applications for Cotton Waterproofed Garden Parasols PARASA-501

Our PARASA-501 is an ideal patio parasol and garden sun umbrella for every day use to generate cool shade wherever the sun shines. Made of natural bamboo and specially treated cotton it is not a heavyweight and it is easy to carry and to set up. PARASA-501 not only protects you, your friends and your family from searing sun shine in your garden or on your patio but they are also great to bring on the family picknick, camping, fishing trip. Also it will undeniably shape your outdoor surroundings with a special decorative cachet. This is why consumers often purchase not one but several items at the same time.

For similar reasons, PARASA-501 is also a popular practical and decorative item at outdoor and garden events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, barbeques, fund raisers... Not surprisingly, PARASA-501 is also used indoors, where it may spend less shade but radiate colorful positive atmosphere, tinged with a pinch of Asian mystique. PARASA-501 is less well suited for particularly windy areas, as it is designed to be relatively light weight, easy to carry, easy to set up and take down, while it doesn't use much storage space.

Details - Cotton Waterproofed Garden Parasols PARASA-501


Cotton, waterproofing, bamboo frame with wood-string mechanism, two section bamboo pole, cotton carry case with cotton carrying strap.


Can be chosen from a wide array of colors according to our » Color Chart... specifications. Custom color requirements can also be specified according to » Pantone (color guide: coated) or other color standards. Colors black, silver and gold are optional colors.


Please contact us for our parasol design patterns catologue (about 75 standard design patterns). Also, all design patterns for handheld cotton waterproofed, "chinese paper", "rice paper paper" and artificial silk (rayon) handheld parasols apply for garden parasols. We also add custom design patterns to the parasol cover. For details please see »Customise Your Parasol.


Extra long extension pole for additional height. Extra connector pin between extension and main pole. Intricate colorful weaving under the parasol canopy. For further point-of sales options, please contact us.


Prices are indicated without base. The matching base for this parasol is the foldable tripod bamboo base. The base requires about the same shipping volume and weight as the parasol. Wooden tripod bases or wooden quadrapod bases are also available.


We make this garden parasol in four standard sizes, as well as custom sizes.

Our Thai traditional cotton waterproofed parasols have a parchment-like texture and are often referred to as "paper parasols". PARASA-501 is used in Thailand mainly for protection from the sun but also as shelter from rain. It has been waterproofed with a leather oiling process. While these parasols are waterproofed, the natural water proofing is naturally not as durable as artificial fabrics such as plastics and other polyester materials. Good care will make this a long lasting parasol, rain or shine.

Dimensions - Cotton Waterproofed Garden Parasols PARASA-501


open Ø 1.25 m, approx. height 2.00 m, weight 2.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 50 inch, approx. height 77 inch, weight 4.4 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø 1.75 m, approx. height 2.12 m, weight 3.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 70 inch, approx. height 84 inch, weight 6.6 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø 2.03 m, approx. height 2.20 m, weight 3.6 kg (metric)
open Ø 80 inch, approx. height 87 inch, weight 7.9 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø 2.54 m, approx. height 2.68 m, weight 5.60 kg (metric)
open Ø 100 inch, approx. height 101 inch, weight 12.32 lbs (non-metric)

Custom Oversizes:


open Ø 3.05 m, approx. height custom, weight 14.7 kg (metric)
open Ø 120 inch, approx. height custom, weight 32.5 lbs (non-metric)


open Ø 4.06 m, approx. height custom, weight 20.0 kg (metric)
open Ø 160 inch, approx. height custom, weight 44.1 lbs (non-metric)

Height and weight details without bamboo base, which adds about 10 cm /4 inch to height and 4.0 kg /8.82 lbs to weight. Dimensions and weights may vary somewhat.


Price & Packaging Details - Cotton Waterproofed Garden Parasols PARASA-501


Price quotes in US Dollars, ex workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs, prices subject to change.

Item Packaging:

Unbleached natural cotton carry case with cotton strap

Item Label:

Handmade in Thailand

Box Packaging:

Standard multiply carton. Carton dimensions may vary from specifications.

Box Label:

Size code, carton number, color, quantity, weight, made in Thailand

Ships From:

Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.


Sample Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Event Organisers:




Carton Size

Carton Cub





6 items

32.50 USD

28 x 21 x 115 cm

0.0676 m³

12.0 kg

14.0 kg

11.3 kg


5 items

35.50 USD

29 x 29 x 115 cm

0.0967 m³

18.0 kg

20.0 kg

16.1 kg


5 items

39.50 USD

32 x 32 x 118 cm

0.1208 m³

21.6 kg

23.6 kg

20.1 kg


4 items

46.50 USD

29 x 29 x 138 cm

0.1161 m³

17.2 kg

19.2 kg

19.3 kg

Bamboo Base

5 items

15.50 USD

538 x 38 x 84 cm

0.1213 m³

20.0 kg

21.0 kg

20.2 kg

Please contact us for volume prices.

We currently need up to about 10-12 days production time for sample quantities, and up to about 45 days net production time for container sized volumes.

Fastest shipping time is about 3-5 business days, slowest shipping time is 42-84 days, economic sea freight quantities for commercial shipments start at about 2 cubic meters volume (depending on size about 80 units without base /about 40 units with base) and have an approximately net transit time of about 28-42 days.

Feel free to contact us for technical and shipping details, samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation ex works, free on board or cost-insurance-freight according to your preference and, if desired, recommend the most appropriate delivery method.

Garden Parasols:

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Abstract and Languages:

EN: Asian, Thai Traditional Garden Parasols and Sun Umbrellas made of Bamboo and Waterproofed Cotton

Asian, Thai traditional garden parasols and sun umbrellas handmade with bamboo frame and waterproofed cotton treated with a leather oiling proces. They are also known as paper parasols. In plain solid colors or with design pattern. JediCreations, wholesale, exporter, manufacturer of handmade village crafts and home decor; as manufacturer and exporter we are seeking importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, garden centers, including in online sales, christmas markets and flea markets for our elegant Asian garden parasols and sun umbrellas; On this page:

DE: Asiatischer, Thai traditioneller Gartenschirm, Sonnenschirm, Gartensonnenschirm, Bambus mit wasserfester Baumwolle

Handgemachter Asiatischer, Thai traditioneller Gartenschirm, Sonnenschirm, Gartensonnenschirm mit Bambusrahmen und Baumwolle mit Lederöl behandelt. Insbesondere geignet als Schattenspender für den Garten, die Terrasse und die Veranda, aber auch für Straßencafees, Straßenrestaurants und sowie füralle weitere Restaurants, Hotels und Cafees unter der Sonne; JediCreations, Grosshandel, Exporteur, Hersteller handgemachter Handwerksartikel, Hauseinrichtung und Wohnkultur; als Hersteller und Exporteur suchen wir Importeure, Großhändler, und Einzelhändler im Import-Export, Großhandel, Einzelhandel, Gartenzentrum, sowie im online Verkauf, Weihnachtsmarkt, Flohmarkt und Gelegenheitsmarkt für unsere Gartenschirme, Sonnenschirme und Gartensonnenschirme. Ihr Import direkt aus der Sonnenschirm Hochburg Thailands, Bo Sang, San Kamphaeng, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai für Ihr Importgeschäft, Grosshandel, Einzelhandelsgeschäft oder Gartenzentrum. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf.

NL: Aziatische, Thaise traditionele tuin parasols, bistro parasols, bamboe parasols met watervast katoen

Handgemaakte Aziatische, Thaise traditionele tuin parasols, bistro parasols, markt parasols, zon parasols van bamboe en geolied katoen. Onze parasols zijn zeer geschikt als strand parasols voor strand verkoop, strand hotels, strand restaurants en strand cafees, en ook zeer geschikt voor alle andere hotels, restaurants en cafees onder de zon; JediCreations, groothandel, exporteur, producent van lokale ambachtsartikelen, huisinrichting en woon cultuur; in onze rol als thaise producent en exporteur zoeken wij importeurs, groothandelaren, kleinhandelaren in de import, export, groothandel, kleinhandel, tuincentra, ook in de online verkoop, kerstmarkt, vlooienmarkt en gelegenheidsmarkt voor onze traditionele tuin parasols, bistro parasols en bamboe parasols van watervast katoen. Uw import direct uit het centrum van Thaise parasol productie, Bo Sang, San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai voor uw importzaak, groothandelsbedrijf, detailhandel or tuincentrum. Neemt U contact met ons op.

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