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Friday, 19 September 2014

Coconut Shell Handbags, Wholesale Direct

Al Por Mayor Bolsos de la Cáscara del Coco de Tailandia Norteña
Kokosnuß Handtaschen Großhandel aus Nord Thailand
Groothandel Handtassen van Kokosnoot Noord Thailand

Our handmade coconut shell handbags made of locally sourced, renewable, natural coconut shell. A fashion accessory made of environmentally friendly material and exceptionally good looks. Sensibly priced, your customers will appreciate carrying a fashionable handbag that is natural and contributes to environmental conservation. Handmade by home working artisans and craftspeople in northern Thailand. We and our artisans appreciate your feedback. To order our coconut shell handbags wholesale, please contact us.

Coconut Shell Handbags Wholesale

Practical Applications for Coconut Shell Handbags

Making fashion objects from coconut shell, and indeed handbags, is a craft long practice in many parts of the world, including northern Thailand where coconut trees remain abundant. Our artisans' coconut shell handbags combine the creative spirit and craftsmanship of the artisans of our area, and the use of local, renewable, natural materials that go into their manufacture by hand. When your customers choose our fashionable and well-designed coconut shell handbags over plastic designer handbags they choose to show their environment that they care for natural and renewable materials and prefer a handmade product made by independent, small family workshop artisans over plastic based factory produced items. That is quite a statement - with a trendy coconut shell handbag.

Manufacture and Product Details


Body of natural coconut shell, handles of softwood. Some synthetic materials are used: plastic zipper, nylon liner and string fasteners, CO106 uses a synthetic strap. A fuller natural version (natural cotton liner, hemp string fasteners, natural leather straps) is available starting January 2008.

Handbag Designs:

The handbags are shown with explicit permission (and request) by the artisans who craft them. We accept orders for custom handbags. For further information please contact us.


All size indications are length (longest measurement), width (next measurement in the same horizontal plane) and height (for the body of the bag). Dimensions do not include handles or straps. As these handbags are handmade, actual sizes may vary somewhat.

Production Time:

Coconut shell handbags are made to order. Generally, our artisans require about 10-12 days production time for 20 pieces. For larger orders, additional craftspersons may be available.


Slight variations in coconut degree of grain and color may occur for individual and bags and from one handbag to another.


Item Packaging:

Handbags are packaged in soft mulberry paper and individual dust protecting plastic bags.

Carton Packaging:

Standard multiply carton.

Coconut Shell Handbags Wholesale Price

Wholesale Price:

Please contact us for a wholesale price quote, mentioning model numbers and quantities. Quotes are Ex Workshop northern Thailand, excluding shipping and transaction costs.

Minimum Order:

Coconut shell handbags have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Total MOQ is 20 pieces with 3 or more pieces per product code.

Shipping Details for Handbags

Ships From:

Ships Ex Workshop from Northern Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand.

Shipping Methods:

Couriers DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, postal mail and freight options are available.

Shipping Cost:

Please contact us with your desired number of items so that we can prepare a specific shipping quote for the number of pieces you are interested in.

Our coconut shell handbags are ideal for cross packaging with other items.

Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details, samples and volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date. We will send you a price quotation including shipping costs.

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Handmade Village Crafts, Wholesale Coconut Shell Handbags, Manufacturer Exports directly from Northern Thailand

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Abstract and Languages:

EN: Coconut Shell Handbags Wholesale - directly from northern Thailand

JediCreations offers coconut shell handbags wholesale, handmade of renewable, natural materials in northern Thailand. Our handbags are made by skilled local village artisans, craftswomen and craftsmen in mostly home-based, small, family workshops. Based on our personal working relationships with the artisans, our coconut shell handbags undergo continuous quality control while in production and before export packaging, professional documentation and shipping. As a wholesaler, manufacturer and exporter of handmade, village-based artisan crafts and home decor accessories made predominantly of local, renewable, natural materials we seek you - importers, wholesalers, retailers, to market our specific line of coconut shell handbags in your specialised area.

ES: Al Por Mayor Bolsos de la Cáscara del Coco - directamente de Tailandia norteña

JediCreations ofrece los bolsos al por mayor de la cáscara del coco, mano hecha de materiales reanudables, naturales en Tailandia norteña. Nuestros bolsos son hechos por los artesanos, la artesana y los artesanos locales expertos en hogar-basado, pequeño, talleres de la familia. De acuerdo con nuestras relaciones de funcionamiento personales con los artesanos, nuestros bolsos de la cáscara del coco consiguen control de calidad continuo mientras que en la producción y antes de empaquetar de la exportación, de la documentación profesional y de enviar. Como un comerciante, un fabricante y exportador de artes y mano casera de los accesorios de la decoración hechos por los artesanos aldea-basados hecho predominante de materiales locales, reanudables, naturales, le estamos intentando - los importadores, comerciantes, minoristas, para poner nuestra línea específica de los bolsos de la cáscara del coco en su área especializada.

DE: Kokosnuß Handtaschen Großhandel

JediCreations Großhandel Kokosnuß Handtaschen, handgefertigt aus natürlichen, erneuerbaren Rohstoffen in nord Thailand. Unsere Handtaschen werden durch erfahrene lokale Handwerker und Handwerkerinnen zumeist in kleinen, familienbetriebenen Heimwerkstätten hergestellt. Aufgrund unserer persönlichen Arbeitsverhältnisse mit unseren Handwerkern erfahren unterliegen unsere Handtaschen aus Kokosschale durchgehende Qualitätskontrollen während der Herstellung und vor Exportverpackung, professioneller Dokumentation und Versand. Als Großhandel, Hersteller und Exporteur handgemachter dörlicher Handwerkserzeugnisse und Einrichtungsgegenstaende, hergestellt grossteils aus lokalen erneuerbaren, natürlichen Rohstoffen, suchen wir Sie - Importeure, Großhandel, Einzelhandel, um unsere specifische Produktlinie Kokosnuß Handtaschen auf Ihren Markt zu bringen.

NL: Groothandel Handtassen van Kokosnoot

JediCreations groothandelsaanbieding handtassen uit kokosnoot, hangemaakt van natuurlijke, vernieuwbare materialen van noord Thailand. Onze handtassen worden door ervaren lokale ambachtelijke specialisten in voornamelijk kleine familie werkplaatsen gemaakt. Door onze persoonlijke verhouding met deze ambachtsmannen en ambachtsvrouwen ondergaan onse kokosnoot handtassen doorgaande kwaliteitskontrole tijdens de productie en vóór professionele verpakking, exportdocumentatie en transport. In de rol van groothandel, exporteur en producent van handgemaakte dorpelijke ambachtsproducten en woninginrichting, voornaamelijk geproduceert van lokale, vernieuwbare natuurlijke materialen, zoeken wij U - importeurs, groothandel, kleinhandel om onze productlijn van kokosnoot handtasse in uw specifiek gebied op de markt te brengen.

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